Warzone: 10 Underrated Season 1 Loadouts That Are Actually Good

Warzone: 10 Underrated Season 1 Loadouts That Are Actually Good

Warzone weapons are currently not balanced due to the fact that the DMR is still dominant and many of the Cold War weapons are not viable. Raven has tweeted that they are listening to the community and will make changes to improve the user experience. After the inevitable second nerf to the DMR, players will have to find new weapon combinations to use in Warzone. It is also rumored that the MAC-10 will be nerfed again, and players will finally be able to use different classes in Warzone.

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The AMAX, MAC-10, and the two MP5s will be the meta weapons after the second nerf to the DMR. However, there are a number of loadouts that are underrated and will be effective in Warzone.

10 Fennec And Stoner

The Fennec received a damage range buff the day before the Cold War integration, and it is one of the fastest TTK guns up close. With its high fire rate and improved damage values, it will be as good as the MP5 or MAC-10 in many scenarios. Players will have issues with the Fennec’s ammo capacity, so the gun is probably best in solos or duos. The Fennec is a great weapon for players that enjoy close quarters combat. The Stoner has great damage values and controllable recoil. Unfortunately, many of the attachments on the gun do not work as intended. Once the attachments get fixed, the Stoner could overtake the Bruen as the best LMG in the game.

9 Uzi And Scar

Both the Uzi and the Scar have been under the radar weapons since Warzone‘s launch. With the right attachments, the guns are very competitive in Warzone. The base Uzi is not very powerful, but if players equip the Uzi with the FSS Carbine Pro barrel and .41 AE 32-Round Mags, it is one of the best SMGs in the game. The Uzi will only have a 32 round magazine, so it suffers the same downsides as the Fennec. In solos and duos, the Uzi is a great underrated weapon.

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The Scar received a small buff several months ago, and the weapon will down enemies quickly if players hit their shots. Because of its moderate recoil, players may have trouble keeping their sight on target. For players with excellent aim, the Scar is a great weapon to try out.

8 M13 And MP7

The M13 has been a versatile and easy to use weapon since the games launch. Many players do not use it because it requires a lot of shots to kill, but the gun has an incredibly fast fire rate. It will compete with the best assault rifles in the game if players hit their shots. The MP7 has always been a great secondary weapon in Warzone, and new leaks have revealed that it actually has better range values than in multiplayer. It is one of the simplest guns to use and is one of the best weapons in medium range gunfights.

7 PKM And Sniper

Many Warzone players overlook the PKM because of its mobility and slow reload time. However, the gun has one of the best TTKs in the game at medium range. If players choose to make the gun more mobile and pair it with a long range weapon like the Kar-98k, it can be a dominant weapon in Battle Royale. Warzone players should use the Snatch Grip, Tac Laser, and Stippled Grip Tape to improve mobility and ADS speed.

6 Bruen And Diamatti

The Diamatti is powerful enough as a single pistol to be used as a close range secondary. It will compete with many of the SMGs in the game at close range and is a great way for players to get ghost with their first loadout. The Bruen nerf impacted the gun’s accuracy, especially with the 60 round magazine. Players should swap the 60 round mags for the Tac Laser, and equip either a long range sight or rubberized grip tape to improve recoil control.

5 Grau And Sniper

The Grau is still a great weapon to use in the game because of its controllable recoil pattern. The Grau’s theoretical time to kill is quite low, but in reality the Grau stacks up well against other weapons because it is so easy to control. With great iron sights on the Grau, players can use rubberized grip tape to improve recoil control even more.

4 PP19 Bizon And FiNN LMG

Both of these weapons are middle of the pack when it comes to damage ranges and TTK. However, the Bizon and FiNN both have easy to control recoil and large ammo capacities. Players that have used the floor loot Bizon know how accurate the gun is, and with an 84 round magazine, taking on multiple enemies is easier. Accuracy is key with the Bizon and the FiNN, but both weapons will surprise players that use them.

3 Oden And P90

The Oden and P90 have been underrated and overlooked weapons in Warzone, primarily because of their recoil. The Oden kills enemies very quickly, but its slow fire rate and bouncy recoil pattern punishes players that fail to hit their shots. Warzone players should give the gun a chance, it is much better than players might think. Players with the Manzanilla blueprint should consider using the iron sights, which frees up a slot for recoil control or ADS speed.

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The P90 is good, but it has slightly more recoil than the other Modern Warfare SMGs. With a little practice, the P90 can be as good as the MP5 if used correctly.

2 RAM-7 And Sniper

Even with the introduction of the FFAR and Groza, the RAM-7 is still one of the best guns to use at close to medium ranges. Instead of using the VLK 3x optic, players should use rubberized grip tape and remove the optic. With a sniper and the RAM with improved recoil control, players will have the advantage over longer ranged assault rifles with less damage and more powerful assault rifles with more recoil.

1 M4 And AUG

The M4 has slowly drifted down the list of the most popular guns in Warzone. At the game’s launch, the M4 was considered the best in the game. Players realized that recoil control was as important as damage and fire rate, and many players moved on the the M13, Grau, Kilo, and Bruen. It is still a great assault rifle to use in the game, but players should use rubberized grip tape to improve recoil control and consider taking off the optic to free up another attachment slot. The AUG is another weapon that was used in the first few seasons of the game and dropped off thereafter. With a small magazine, the AUG is best used in solos and duos. Despite what many people think, the AUG is viable with the right attachments.

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