Xbox Insider Suggests Indiana Jones Game Will Not Be Exclusive

Xbox Insider Suggests Indiana Jones Game Will Not Be Exclusive

Today, Bethesda announced a new Indiana Jones game in development at Machine Games, a reveal that seemingly came out of nowhere. However, with Microsoft’s Bethesda acquisition in the works but not finalized, it’s raised some questions about whether or not the Indiana Jones game will be an Xbox exclusive. While there are still no definitive answers to those questions, one Xbox Insider has weighed in.

Klobrille, who is known for Xbox information, chimed in shortly after the Indiana Jones announcement. Labeling some of their reactions as “random thoughts,” Klobrille stated that the game “is one of the ‘case-by-case’ multiplatform games” that Xbox alluded to after announcing the Bethesda acquisition. Those games are essentially projects that will still appear on platforms outside of the Xbox ecosystem, despite Microsoft owning Bethesda.

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In a separate tweet responding to VGC’s Andy Robinson, Klobrille agreed with the sentiment PlayStation’s silence on the announcement is likely because PlayStation doesn’t know if the game will be coming to its consoles or not yet. Microsoft’s Bethesda acquisition hasn’t been finalized, so the company likely isn’t that involved with Indiana Jones. With the game likely starting development before the Bethesda acquisition, whatever licensing agreement Bethesda has for Indiana Jones may compel the game to appear on all possible platforms, though that’s purely speculation.

That would make Indiana Jones being an exclusive game doubtful, but certainly not impossible. If the game is early on in development, there’s a good chance that the platforms it will release on still haven’t been finalized, and Indiana Jones does seem like a good candidate for a multiplatform game, considering how well known the property is. As an exclusive, Microsoft could use it to compete against Uncharted games, but it’s not clear if Machine Games even wants to make a game similar to Uncharted.

There won’t be any updates on the Indiana Jones game for some time, so fans shouldn’t hold their breath for major information drops or platform confirmations just yet. Bethesda has a lot of games in the works right now, many of which are higher-profile than what Indiana Jones will likely end up being. For now, fans just have to wait and see what the future holds.

Whether or not Microsoft tries to keep the game exclusive most likely depends on pre-existing agreements between Bethesda and other companies, if there are any. Even if there aren’t, Microsoft and Bethesda may decide exclusivity isn’t the best move. At the very least, though, fans will likely get access to it on launch day through Xbox Game Pass.

An Indiana Jones game is in development.

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