15 Best House Mods In Skyrim Special Edition, Ranked  | Game Rant

15 Best House Mods In Skyrim Special Edition, Ranked | Game Rant

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is undoubtedly one of the best RPG titles of all time. When the game released in November of 2011, players were blown away by the vast world, breathtaking landscapes, and engaging questlines. When Bethesda released Skyrim Special Edition, it breathed new life into the game for the modding community to take advantage of. This included a wealth of housing mods that went far beyond and above what the standard vanilla experience had to offer.

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These mods allow players to live like virtual Kings and Queens in a variety of abodes both humble and grandiose. This list has been expanded on to provide a few more options for the latest Skyrim modders looking for that perfect domicile to put their feet up after a long day of “Fus Ro Dah’ing” foes off the cliffside. Here’s a total of fifteen that represent some of the best.

Updated on January 13th, 2021 by Derek Draven: We have expanded this article to include five more beautiful house mods for players who simply aren’t satisfied with what the vanilla Skyrim experience has to offer. Most of these mods are lore-friendly, and either introduce new homes in completely unique locations around the province of Skyrim or serve to overhaul existing areas in the game. Whatever the case, it’s clear that the modding community has strived to create the most comfortable and prestigious homes to help elevate the Skyrim experience to its fullest level. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it also goes a long way to drawing the player into the immersion of the game, and making them a part of the world at large.

15 Haven Bag

The Haven Bag adds an entire home in a bag that players can keep in their inventory, which is added when the mod is activated. Players can access it by selecting the bag in their inventory and using it. The Haven Bag comes with some basic amenities, a few crafting stations, and a bed to rest on.

The house is exited by reactivating the bag in the inventory, whereby players will find themselves back in Skyrim. They will not be able to take their followers inside the home, which means it’s best suited for players who prefer to go solo throughout the province.

14 White River Priory – SE Port

This classic house mod gets the Special Edition treatment thanks to mod author noyjr. It’s perfect for would-be monks and celibate adventurers who need a little faith in their lives since it’s built as a priory instead of a traditional player home. Still, the priory can be used for that particular function.

Not only is White River Priory big on spiritual atmosphere and decor, but it’s close to both Riverwood and Whiterun, making for easy travel between the three locations. It’s certainly one of the most atmospheric home mods in Skyrim.

13 Aldmeri Proudspire Manor TNF

Those who prefer the Thalmor or High Elf design aesthetic will find Aldmeri Proudspire Manor to be right up their alley. It takes the existing Proudspire Manor located in Solitude and overhauls it into a totally redesigned abode that fits well with Altmer culture.

Players have a choice of 3 to 6 beds while enjoying such amenities as a spa, a study, shrines, and a loft-style living room, to name a few. It’s another attempt by the modding community to overhaul the rather basic and bland vanilla homes that can be purchased in-game in favor of something far more luxurious.

12 Winter Cove

Located south of Helgen and near the Cyrodiil border, Winter Cove is a small to medium-sized house boasting a stable, outdoor crafting area, plenty of storage, and room for up to 3 followers. Players will enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere inside the house, especially after trekking up the snow-covered mountain path to get to there.

The house also comes with a secret armory to display and store equipment, and a nice indoor hot tub to soak in after a long day of adventuring. It looks like a cozy off-the-grid cottage that one can escape to in order to be around nature, and away from the bustle of towns and villages.

11 Lakeview Manor – As It Should Be

This mod does not add a new house, but rather takes an existing one added by the Hearthfires DLC and changes it into something worthy of the Dragonborn. Lakeview Manor – As It Should Be adds a dynamic lighting system, custom displays for all weapons and armor, a treasury, 6 beds for followers, 2 beds for children, and a functional bathtub with toilet.

Players who want to enjoy something new, yet still want to keep close to the vanilla Skyrim experience will feel right at home with this mod. It’s essentially a booster shot for an existing abode that boasts a few more bells and whistles.

10 Wind Path SSE

Wind Path is perfect for players who want to live in a small, yet comfortable house. Players can find it close to the town of Ivarstead by following the river past the bridge, and down the hill. Those who want to enjoy the quiet and simple life will appreciate Wind Path.

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The house has a homey and rustic feel that fills the player with warmth from the second they set foot inside. A must-have house mod in the load order, especially for players who love a more rugged home aesthetic.

9 Winterstone Castle SSE

This mod adds a dark castle rather than a cottage or a manor. Winterstone Castle is perfect for players who wish to roleplay a noble and rich Dragonborn in Skyrim. The castle is located between Riverwood and Falkreath, and can be purchased for 40,000 septims.

The mod is best suited for those who like to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in their playthroughs. The interiors remind players of Castle Volkihar, sans the vampires and death hounds lurking about. It is better suited for late-game use, and can’t be lived in until players manage to raise enough money to buy it out.

8 The Riften Garret SE

Players who opt for a minimalist character will find that The Riften Garret is the perfect house for them. The mod adds a small apartment home sandwiched between the Snow-Shad Manor and Riftweald Manor in Riften City. This house is perfect for players who are just starting out, and need a place to stay and rest.

The house is better suited for bachelors because the interiors can get a bit cramped with followers or a spouse. The mod provides plenty of storage options for players to store away their loot, and plenty of clutter to give off a deep sense of immersion and aesthetic value.

7  LC_Citadel

LC_Citadel adds not just a house to the game, but a whole city to go along with it. The Citadel is located just north of Whiterun near the base of the mountains. The mod comes with full lore and a progression system through which players can acquire the castle.

One may not be able to access all areas of the castle immediately, but they can work up to it by following the progression system. This mod delivers the the quintessential royal experience, thanks to the addition of an entire city built alongside the castle home.

6 The Scarlett – A Buildable Ship (SE)

Utilizing a building system similar to Hearthfires homesteads, The Scarlett allows players to build a ship they can live and sail. Players will need to complete two small quests before they can work on the ship. It is located in a unique area that is accessed by reading a note placed at the East Empire Company building at the Solitude Docks.

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The mod also adds an economy system through which players can enjoy a regular income source. The ship can be taken via fast travel to Windhelm, Winterhold, Solitude, and Solstheim, making it an all-purpose transport vehicle, as well as a floating player home.

5 Frostspire Tower

A newcomer to the house modding scene is Frostspire Tower, a full player home with an ancient people that has been slightly retrofitted to add some comfortable amenities to the mix. The tower can be located in the northeast portion of Skyrim and features everything from training rooms to a bathhouse for a mixture of utilitarian and comfortable.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, Frostspire Tower also boasts 40 new spells that can be learned, plus a portal hub for quick transport to various areas of the province, and thralls that can be assigned duties including ore mining and ingredient gathering.

4 Oldhollow Chalet – Player Home

For those who love the idea of living in a Hobbit-style home, Oldhollow Chalet might be the premier choice. This cozy little home is built into a cliffside and features the same traditional doors one might find at Bag End, not to mention the rustic and charming qualities that make for a comfy abode.

Inside the house is an incredibly comfortable collection of nicknacks, decorations, and furniture designed for a simple, yet somehow luxurious living style. It’s probably not well-suited for followers or spouses, but as a getaway, it’s hard to beat.

3 Springwood Estate – Player Home

Solitude gets a shot in the arm with this player home mod that injects some high-life beauty into the city. Springwood Estate is a luxurious mansion with a beautiful outside courtyard featuring biophilic design and furniture to enjoy a warm day in the sun as citizens pass by.

Inside, the home is beautifully laid out with high-quality furniture and decor, plus multiple functional areas including a dining room, living room, and a fully stocked kitchen. There’s a wealth of things to see and do inside the home, making it one of the most glorious house mods around.

2 Ebongrove – Recall And Teleport SE

Ebongrove – Recall and Teleport SE adds a player home located in Eastmarch between the Eldregream Sanctuary and the ruins of Mzulft. Ebongrove is located inside a cave-like area which is illuminated by a Dwemer Sun, and features interiors in the Dunmer style of décor.

Players with Dunmer or Dunmer-influenced characters will feel right at home with Ebongrove. The mod adds nearly all the crafting stations, up to eight beds, and even a small indoor fish pond, making it one of the most unique player house mods ever made.

1 Elysium Estate SSE

Elysium Estate continues to be one of the best player homes ever made, thanks to its atmospheric and comfortable design; not to mention a wealth of beneficial add-ons. This home is located outside the walls of Whiterun near the Western Watchtower, and can be accessed by completing a lore-friendly voiced quest that takes only a few minutes. This mod is geared towards family-oriented players who want to live in a house with their spouse, their adopted children, and perhaps a few followers.

The mod adds two indoor baths, an automatic loot sorting system, custom planters, and the option to purchase cows, goats, and chickens. It also features a grand basement with multiple mannequins to decorate with armor sets, plus interactive bookshelves, wall racks for shields, daggers, arrows, weapons, and unique items like Dragon claws, Thieves Guild treasures and artifacts. It is highly suggested that Elysium Estate be paired with the Great Forest of Whiterun Hold mod for the ultimate atmospheric experience. Just make sure to add the compatibility patch to your load order to prevent terrain conflicts.

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