15 PS4 Games That Take The Longest To Beat | Game Rant

15 PS4 Games That Take The Longest To Beat | Game Rant

It’s coming to the end of a gaming era, and the PlayStation 4‘s sales figures have surpassed 110.4 million. Although not as earth-shattering as the PlayStation 2, which sold more than 155 million units, the PlayStation 4 did surpass the PlayStation and PlayStation 3. With the system putting up robust numbers, the games have made the difference.

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PlayStation 4 has become renowned for its story-intensive games. Quite a few take a while to beat, offering added value. However, it takes fortitude and resilience to beat the longest of games. The following playtime estimates were taken from howlongtobeat.com. Some games cannot be beaten in a fortnight.

Updated January 10, 2021 by Thomas Bowen: With the PlayStation 5 having successfully launched at the tail-end of 2020, the life-cycle of the PS4 will soon be coming to an end. After dominating the console market for nearly a decade, the system has certainly earned its right to an eternal slumber. It’s not quite in its death throes just yet though.

Sony may have already announced the discontinuation of several models, but due to PS5 stock shortages and the machine’s high retail price it will likely take a while longer for players to transition to the next generation of consoles. Until then, there should still be enough time to squeeze in plenty more games. Of course, if those games happen to feature on this list then ‘a few’ may be a little more apt than ‘plenty’!

15 Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game Of The Year Edition (65 Hours)

Following the recent announcement of a new Dragon Age game, many people who are new to the series will likely be considering whether or not it’s worth checking out some of its previous entries. When it comes to Dragon Age: Inquisition, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Players will have to set aside plenty of time though if they opt to pick up the Game of the Year edition.

The main story will require about 65 hours to beat while completionists will need to invest more than twice that amount if they want to get through everything that the game has to offer. Thankfully, the DLC is fantastic and really adds to the game’s story and so it never really feels like too much of a chore.

14 Clannad (65 Hours)

This Japanese visual novel is based on the television series of the same name. Clannad has been around for a while since it was initially released in 2004 in Japan. The story mostly takes place at a private high school and follows the life of Youhei Sunohara, the playable character.

If you’re looking for a unique experience, Clannad might be for you. The game does have English text, which can be changed in the menu. The game is extraordinarily long, with a main story length of around 65 hours.

13 The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel IV (66 Hours)

The Legend of Heroes games have always been long, but Trails of Cold Steel IV just manages to edge out its predecessors to claim that top spot. Clocking in at 66 hours, completing this lengthy JRPG will require some serious graft and dedication as well as a fair amount of grinding too.

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Luckily, it’s one of the better entries in the series which goes some way to justifying its long, meandering story. It’s one of those games that’s able to pull players in and will likely prove popular with JRPG fans regardless of whether or not they have played any of the previous TLoH games. Better still, the PS4 remaster is hands down the best way of experiencing the game meaning there’s never been a better time to check it out.

12 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game (66 Hours)

The Witcher 3 is packed with things to see and do, but one of the most enjoyable and relaxing ways to while away a few hours in the game is through the card-based mini game, Gwent. It proved to be so popular, in fact, that it was eventually given its own standalone release back in 2016.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is available on console, windows and mobile and can take upwards of 66 hours to complete; which is crazy really, considering The Witcher 3 only takes around 50 hours. Of Course, most players typically spend considerably longer with the game due to its replayability and the fantastic DLC packs that followed its release.

11 Divinity: Original Sin (66.5 Hours)

The first Divinity: Original Sin is not as acclaimed as its sequel, but plenty will prefer it for its polished gameplay that was ahead of its time. It’s a turn-based game set in a fantasy world. Divinity: Original Sin brings enough to the table to compete with games like Baldur’s Gate and other leading RPGs. Many will appreciate the game and invest numerous hours trying to progress through its arduous combat.

10 Rainbow Moon (67 Hours)

Rainbow Moon is a role-playing game that encourages tactical combat. When we think of Rainbow Moon, we look to greats like RuneScape and Fire Emblem: Three HousesThere’s an abundance of content to keep players engaged in this game’s 67-hour main story. However, completionists will find over 100 hours of content in Rainbow Moon.

9 My Time At Portia (67.5 Hours)

My Time At Portia is yet another farming simulator game that has earned acclaim. The game can be criticized for its overly massive world that plays similarly to an MMORPG. However, some would say that it is part of its appeal. Simple quests like fetching apples are made difficult because a high-level monster is guarding them.

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In conclusion, My Time At Portia is a detailed farming simulator and action role-playing game that will keep you engaged for a hefty 67 and a half hours.

8 Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris (68 Hours)

The Sword Art Online series is growing increasingly popular in the West, thanks in large to how accessible the anime is when compared with some of the other offerings from Japan. Sadly, however, Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris is yet another mediocre adaptation that was littered with technical issues at launch and features one of the slowest introductory chapters in the history of gaming.

The 10+ hours spent toiling away in the game’s opening chapter are indicative of the game’s poor pacing and also contribute towards its ridiculous length. Things do pick up a little once players make it out the game’s opening act, but not nearly enough to justify almost 70 hours of playtime. Longtime fans of the series might decide otherwise, but everybody else would be best to steer clear.

7 Gems Of War (77.5 Hours)

Gems of War isn’t a bad puzzle game by any stretch of the imagination. Unfortunately, however, it is incredibly generic and falls some way short of the genre’s best offerings. As a result, it’s hard to imagine how anybody could sink the kind of time into it that’s required for beating the main story. Sure enough though, there are a handful of people out there who clearly think otherwise. Perhaps it’s something that only hardcore fans of puzzle games can fully appreciate?

6 Elite: Dangerous (90.5 Hours)

There have only been four games in the series, yet Elite: Dangerous is part of one of the longest-running video game franchises. With the first game released in 1984, much has changed in Elite: Dangerous. Developer Frontier Developments boldly created one of the most realistic space flight simulation games.

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It takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy, where you’ll find habitable Earth-like planets. The gameplay is open-ended, but players will take around 90 hours to beat the main story.

5 Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered (92 Hours)

Unlike music rhythm video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, Rocksmith 2014 is a game that lets players use a real guitar with the game. You’ll need a 1/4 inch jack on the guitar to plug into your PlayStation 4 system. Get that, and you’ll be able to learn the guitar in around 60 days! Learn advanced guitar techniques as part of the main story spanning 92 hours.

4 SD Gundam G Generation Genesis (108 Hours)

Gundam was initially a TV series that began in 1979. The show inspired the creation of SD Gundam G Generation Genesis, a game with militaristic themes in the science fiction genre. The game is strategy-based and has many parallels to the Super Robot Wars video game series, aside from featuring Gundam characters. This game has faults, but it’s undeniable that it has excellent value. Expect to play more than 100 hours trying to beat SD Gundam G Generation Genesis.

3 Let It Die (89 Hours)

Let It Die is set in a world where a tectonic disaster has occurred, causing a wave of destruction across the Earth. You play as Uncle Death, a reaper who rides a skateboard. This survival action game is one of the hidden gems of the PlayStation 4. Come for its survival elements, but stay for its abundance of content.

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One can craft weapons, armor, and items to aid you on your path. Expect to play around 90 hours trying to beat this PlayStation 4 game.

2 Persona 5 Royal (103 Hours)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona is becoming renowned as a games series with the longest games. The latest addition to the franchise is the highly acclaimed and lengthy Persona 5 Royal. Persona 5 Royal improved on the original by adding another semester, new characters/confidants, and new relationships.

Persona 5 Royal is the longest role-playing game in PlayStation 4 history. Delve deep into this game as you attempt to beat over 140 hours of content under a completionist run. Who are the Phantom Thieves, and what are their motives?

1 Farming Simulator 19 (134 Hours)

The latest installment in the Farming Simulator series is a gamechanger. Fields are no longer flat, adding a layer of complexity to the logistics of farming. The type of tires you have can affect your slippage. Moreover, the game has an improved user interface.

Farming might sound dull and repetitive, yet micromanaging different farming activities proves to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. There is plenty of content to keep you engaged. Farming Simulator 19 is the longest game in PlayStation 4 history, with an average playtime of 134 hours.

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