Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Every Asgard & Jotunheim World Event & What To Expect

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Every Asgard & Jotunheim World Event & What To Expect

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest title to come out of this incredibly successful and popular video game franchise. It was created by Ubisoft Montreal, the very same Ubisoft studio responsible for many Assassin’s Creed titles in the past such as Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

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One of the most incredible aspects of this Assassin’s Creed game is the fact that the players are able to travel to the home of the gods themselves, Asgard. This area of the game, though a little bit distant from the main campaign, is an incredible addition to this already-massive title, and the world events the players will encounter while in Asgard just makes this area more alive and immersive.

10 Njord’s Lament

Njord’s Lament can be found north of Asgard. Players must complete some of the main missions in Asgard first before they can get the chance to do this world even in the first place. Players will know they can access this world event once it appears on the map.

Once Havi meets Njord, all they need to do is guide him toward the boat. They must then lead the boat back to the mainland. The world event will end as soon as both Havi and Njord exit the boat.

9 Food Of The Gods

The Food of the Gods world event can be found on the eastern island area of Asgard. The world event will begin as soon as Havi talks to an NPC named Andhrimnir.

Andhrimnir will then ask Havi to help him hunt down a boar. He will lead the way and the players must simply follow him. After they catch up to the boar, the players must then slay it. The world even will end as soon as the boar is brought down.

8 Valhalla Bound

The good thing about the world events in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is that they can be extremely simple to finish. Despite their difficulty, or lack thereof, they can offer a pretty sizable and worthwhile reward.

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The Valhalla Bound world event is an example of a very simple world event to finish. On an island named Indre Holm, will meet a soldier named Einherjar. All the players have to do to complete this world event is to speak to this man.

7 Milk Of Humankind

The Milk of Humankind world event can be located south of a camp in Asgard called Trolltonn. The world event in this area will begin once Havi spots the cow that’s lingering here.

The cow’s name is Audumbla and the mission is to free it by destroying the obstacles that are blocking its path. Once the cow is free and it comes to a stop, the world event will be completed.

6 Hel’s Well

The Hel’s Well world event is found on the southern part of Asgard. This world event is quite simple. It will involve the player either talking to or fighting an NPC named Motull. Starting the conversation will begin the world event.

Motull can be seen standing inside a ring. Once approached, Motull will encourage Havi to fight him so he can head to Helheim. At this point, the players can choose to fight Motull or convince him that going to Helheim won’t solve anything.

5 Noble Harts

The Noble Harts world event can be located on an island south of Asgard’s mainland, just southwest of the Indre Holm camp. The world event will begin once the players find the elk that is waiting for them in this area.

This is no ordinary elk. Players must follow this elk and they must be extra careful not to lose sight of it as that will reset the mission. It can be especially tough considering the many Jotuns that are patrolling this area. Once the player successfully escorts the elk, which will eventually lead to four additional elks, the world event will be completed.

4 Aegir’s Daughter

The Aegir’s Daughter world event is located at the Aegir’s Hall in Jotunheim. The world event will begin when the players start a conversation with the Aegir’s daughters.

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The players need to exhaust all dialogue options. They’ll also need to take a drink after every story. After taking three drinks, however, the players will pass out. As soon as they wake up, they can begin investigating Havi’s drunken adventure. The world event will end once they find every single clue.

3 The Giants Of Fimbulwinter

The Giants of Fimbulwinter world event can be found in an altar in Utgard, an area found in Jotunheim. There are two NPCs in this area named Kala and Vindr, a set of twins. The world event will begin after Havi approaches them.

A cutscene will commence right after the players approach the twins. The cutscene will then end in a fight, and the world event will end after Havi defeats both enemies.

2 Pit Of Slaughter

The Pit of Slaughter world event is located in the Fighting Pit of Utgard, a place Havi can visit in Jotunheim. The players need to enter the Fighting Pit. There, they will find Dugr the bold. Speaking to Dugr will allow the players to join the brawl, thus beginning the world event.

Before the fight, a conversation will take place that has various dialogue options. The choices here are inconsequential, so the players should just worry about the fight. The world event will end once the player wins the fight against the shapeshifters.

1 The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer world event is found in Jotunheim. Once the players arrive at the event area, they will encounter a house with a barred front door. They can shoot the lock off from the back of the house, allowing them to open the door.

Once inside, they can interact with an item that’s placed on a table. Eventually, they’ll hear someone from outside the house yell about an intruder. Once the player heads outside, they can either fight the person or spare him. Either way, they’ll be given a key, which unlocks a cage beside the house, which completes the objective.

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