Biomutant’s Premise is Interesting Enough, But Its Combat May Seal the Deal

Biomutant’s Premise is Interesting Enough, But Its Combat May Seal the Deal

After a lengthy stretch of silence, Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic’s sci-fi action RPG project Biomutant is back in the public eye.  The developers haven’t had anything to say about the game’s state of development for a while; however, a recent financial report from THQ Nordic revealed that Biomutant was still in development. It’s a sigh of relief for every fan of the new IP. Besides a gameplay trailer released last June, information about the game has been exceedingly scarce. The premise is likely to speak to anyone who got a kick out of Horizon Zero Dawn, as players control a warrior traveling through a post-apocalyptic world, piecing together technology into new weapons to better traverse the ruins of the old world.

However, Biomutant‘s combat looks like something special. Horizon Zero Dawn built itself around diverse options for ranged combat, but Biomutant wants combat to be even more varied. While the player character is intended to be a masterful martial artist, it’s clear that gunplay is on the table, and there are even mechanical vehicles that the player can use to fight even the largest of mutants. Now that Biomutant is confirmed to be back on the table, it’s worth examining what the game has in store.

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Martial arts are the aforementioned name of the game. In Biomutant, the player will encounter various martial arts masters throughout the world and learn many new techniques over time. The emphasis on martial arts speaks on the game’s style of combat in general. Experiment 101 intends for the player to feel dexterous and masterful, ducking and weaving through encounters to skillfully outwit enemies. Players seem encouraged to weave gunfire in alongside martial arts techniques while fighting enemies. Combat isn’t always hand to hand though – trailers make it clear that the player character’s sword will be the player’s best friend.

Combat is apparently even more diverse than guns and swords, though. Befitting of the game’s setting, Biomutant‘s protagonist can apparently develop mutations that can be used in combat. It’s hard to say for now what the limits of these mutations are, but considering how diverse the wilderness appears in Biomutant, fans’ imaginations are bound to run wild. There’s also the vehicular aspect of BiomutantMultiple trailers feature the player character riding in a crawling mechanical hand to fight off enemies, but there’s also clips of larger mechs, one of which even helps players fight underwater. Considering how many vehicles there are on top of the many options of combat on foot, Experiment 101 has a good shot of delivering the eternally fresh combat it promises.

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It’s worth noting that players don’t seem like they’ll be using the same sword or gun the entire time in Biomutant. Trailers have suggested that there’s a looting component to the game in which players can pick up a diverse arsenal of weapons, both melee and ranged. In a manner reminiscent of Borderlands, Biomutant looks like it has lots of quirkily named weapons that the player can acquire to help them on their adventures. Different weapons to integrate into the game’s fighting styles certainly helps multiply the player’s choice of fighting style. Experiment 101 seems to have thought of everything — in fact, even the way players customize Biomutant‘s protagonist at the game’s outset will affect the way they handle in battle.

Experiment 101 is a very young studio, but Biomutant suggests that the studio’s age does not get in the way of its creative capabilities. A lot of thought seems to have been put into the game’s combat. It may be a while before critics and fans get to deliver the final verdict on Experiment 101’s bold choices, but for now, it seems encouraging. Hopefully, the game doesn’t have to linger in development too much longer. When it releases, Biomutant could become a strong property for THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 to hold onto.

Biomutant is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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