Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Things Fans Want In The Upcoming Multiplayer

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Things Fans Want In The Upcoming Multiplayer

Cyberpunk 2077 came out in December and received mixed reactions from gamers. Some loved the game despite its buggy launch, while others were underwhelmed and felt ripped off. Regardless of their stance, however, all gamers anxiously await the standalone multiplayer release of the game — projected to come out in 2022. Many look forward to playing the title at launch, but others will be skipping the game because they expect yet another messy launch from CD Projekt Red.

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Until the Polish studio decides to announce more about the title, fans will continue speculating about the multiplayer game’s features and what they want from it.

10 A Stable/Bug-Free Release

Even the most loyal of fans have to admit that Cyberpunk’s launch has been less than stellar. The game is riddled with tons of bugs — ranging from hilarious to down-right broken — and it can barely run on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One despite what the developers promised.

That’s why players all around the world are crossing their fingers and hoping that CD Projekt Red will learn from their mistakes and will spend more time on the multiplayer. They hope that the Polish studio will do a better job this time around, and that they will release the game in a bug-free and well-optimized state.

9 Cosmetic Only Micro-Transactions

Cyberpunk’s multiplayer release has long been confirmed to include micro-transactions. While many fans are justified in being upset about their inclusion, they still hold out hope that the game’s micro-transactions won’t be egregious.

Players want the micro-transactions to be limited to cosmetics only, and for the purchases not to affect gameplay in any meaningful way. Gamers also want the micro-transactions to adopt the pay-to-skip model of games like Warframe, where players can get all items without having to pay — so long as they put in the time to grind.

8 Proper Game Balancing

While there’s a lot of online debate about Cyberpunk’s release, all the focus is on the bugs and not on other weak features of the game. That said, some players have noticed certain builds, powers, and weapons are vastly more powerful than others, to the point that it makes the game a cakewalk.

Gamers hope CD Projekt Red will not only fix these for the single-player version of the game, but that even more thought gets put into these systems when bringing them to multiplayer.

7 Continuous Support

Many fans realize that CD Projekt Red is inexperienced with multiplayer games, as its only multiplayer title to date is the Gwent card game. That’s why fans are unsure of how the studio will handle Cyberpunk’s multiplayer — something that’s especially concerning given that Gwent was quit to cut support for consoles.

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Gamers, however, have made it clear that they want Cyberpunk’s multiplayer mode to be around for a long time. They expect the Polish studio to continuously update the title, add free patches, and frequently release new DLC to keep players returning to the game.

6 Cross-Platform Multiplayer

In recent years, games have become more and more inclusive, and cross-platform multiplayer is beginning to become the standard. In fact, some of the biggest titles now offer cross-play, like Fortnite and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Fans want Cyberpunk’s multiplayer mode to continue the trend of inclusion, and to allow gamers to play with each other regardless of whether they’re on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. This is especially vital as it gives these titles a larger player-base and more longevity.

5 Car Customization

A lot of fans went into Cyberpunk 2077 expecting to be able to customize their vehicles, only to be let down because the feature wasn’t in the game — something CD Projekt Red previously mentioned would not be included.

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Players, however, now hope that the studio will include the feature in the upcoming multiplayer mode of the game. Especially since customizing vehicles is such an integral part of multiplayer games like Rocket League and GTA V, where it allows players to show off their unique personalities and sense of style.

4 A Co-op Mode

Fans have been ecstatic about the idea of a co-op mode in the multiplayer release as it could breathe new life into Night City. It would give players the chance to experience the world of Cyberpunk alongside their friends.

Many players are excited about the idea, but it’s unknown what form the co-op multiplayer would take. Would it be an entirely new co-op campaign, or would it be more like the Borderlands franchise where players get to kill hordes of enemies? Only time will tell.

3 A Bigger Map

With Cyberpunk’s multiplayer expected to come out a year or two after the base game, fans want the developers to build upon the game’s already detailed map so that it’s bigger and more expansive than ever. Fans expect this to improve the multiplayer experience, as the current map is designed for single-player, and it is unlikely to transition well to multiplayer usage.

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Players are currently undecided as to whether they want the new map to be built on top of the current one, adding brand new features, or if it will be the creation of an entirely new city for gamers to explore.

2 Multiple Game Modes

Any good multiplayer title comes with a lot of different game modes. These vary from ridiculous and niche to hyper-competitive. They give gamers the chance to play the game the way they want and to better enjoy the experience.

That’s why fans want Cyberpunk’s multiplayer release to come with several different game modes. They hope these allow them to have a relaxing time with friends, while also leaving some space for competitive modes where they can test their skills against other players!

1 Custom Mod Tools

Many of today’s best multiplayer titles are littered with customizability, giving players the ability to add new maps, modes, and features to their favorite games. Titles like Halo with its forge mode, GTA V with its custom maps, and Counter-Strike with its unique surfing servers all show how much content players can add to the games themselves.

That’s why CD Projekt Red should give players the tools to make these things, as it would improve the game’s longevity and give players more variety. It also helps give players the bigger maps and multiple game modes that they desire.

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