Final Fantasy 15 Voice Actor May Be Part Of Another Final Fantasy Project

Final Fantasy 15 Voice Actor May Be Part Of Another Final Fantasy Project

Fans are hard-pressed to find updates about any upcoming Final Fantasy projects. Aside from being teased with the possibility of big Square Enix announcements to happen in 2021, fans have turned to social media for any sliver of news. Particularly, the Twitter account of popular voice actor, Ray Chase.

Chase is known for lending his voice to Final Fantasy 15‘s royal prince Noctis, and the mysterious Master of Masters in the Kingdom Hearts series. Clearly having such important, and recurring, roles in the Square Enix franchise, fans were quick to jump to conclusions about Chase’s recent series of social media posts.

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On Twitter, Chase first mentioned a new project that he was excited about. He also quickly replied to his own tweet, saying that he has run out of Final Fantasy jokes. This particular comment led fans to instantly flood the thread with assumptions that Chase may be involved in another project from the RPG series. Most assumed that he will voice Clive, the main protagonist of upcoming Final Fantasy 16, or that he had auditioned for the role of Zack Fair, for the second installment of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Chase was quick to deny fans about being Zack for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and apologized to fans for the confusion. However, he did not provide any more details about his future project and has remained silent since. With nothing to go on for now, fans continue to reply to the thread with their own conclusions, hoping to hear his familiar voice return in future Final Fantasy projects.

Square Enix is not normally known for reusing voice actors for lead characters, especially with homegrown titles. However, with new Final Fantasy trademarks being filed, and with Chase having had several roles in the company’s universe, it is possible he may have a future character role.

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