Final Fantasy: Best Dungeons on PS1 | Game Rant

Final Fantasy: Best Dungeons on PS1 | Game Rant

The Final Fantasy series has given fans 15 main titles (with Final Fantasy 16 already in the works) and plenty of spin-off titles too. Many fans believe the PlayStation 1 era of Final Fantasy games to be the cream of the crop, which could be why the game most considered to be the fan-favorite title falls into this category — Final Fantasy 7.

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With so many Final Fantasy titles released on the PlayStation 1, there is a myriad of fan-favorite features spanning over the games and one of the most loved features of any RPG is the dungeons that are on offer. There have been some fantastic dungeons over the years, and just below is a list of ten of the very best.

10 D-District Prison (Final Fantasy 8)

D-District Prison is a dungeon in Final Fantasy 8 that cannot be missed as it is part of the storyline, however, players are not able to revisit this location once they have left, so there are a number of missable items.

While the dungeon visuals are pretty boring, the storyline portion of this is great and turns the normal stereotype on its head as the party companions set out to save Squall, the hero. Additionally, players get to team up with the rather adorable Moombas for this portion of the game, can play Triple Triad with various NPCs, and get a number of worthwhile items, such as the Combat King magazine.

9 Magitek Research Facility (Final Fantasy 6)

The Magitek Research facility is a dungeon in Final Fantasy 6 that features gorgeous music. However, it is an area that cannot be revisited once it is completed. The backstory for this place is that it is where the empire creates its Magitek weapons, as well as where it carries out experiments on espers.

Though this dungeon seems rather complex, there is a relatively linear path that players can follow to free all espers while still collecting all the treasure items. There is also a pretty cool boss bottle with Numer 128 as the party attempts to flee the dungeon.

8 Mt. Ordeals (Final Fantasy 4)

Though Mt. Ordeals appears in both Final Fantasy 4 and Final Fantasy 4: The After Years, it is normally the former title that players have the fondest memories of. This dungeon is great for a few reasons, with the main one being the character development that takes place here for Cecil and Tellah.

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Additionally, this is also where players get to battle the boss Scarmiglione (more than once), and in the mobile version of the game, this is where one of the eidolons can be found for the Eidolon search sidequest.

7 Dreamscape (Final Fantasy 6)

Dreamscape is a dungeon in Final Fantasy 6 that is sometimes referred to as the Dream Dungeon or Cyan’s Dungeon. This dungeon is a really interesting idea as it is a creation of Cyan’s mind, and incorporates all the trials and tribulations that he has undergone during his life.

This dungeon is an important part of the story and sees the party saving Cyan from the Dream Stooges and Wrexsoul, while also delivering some emotional scenes to players involving Cyan’s late wife and child.

6 The Temple of the Ancients (Final Fantasy 7)

The Temple of the Ancients is a dungeon in Final Fantasy 7 that cannot be visited more than once. This rather awesome dungeon seems to have taken inspiration from a range of real-world aspects, as the outside appears Mayan, the mural room features Egyptian-like wall art, and the many staircases could be a nod to M.C. Escher’s Relativity lithograph.

Players must navigate through the maze-like temple, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and even avoid rolling boulders at a certain point. This dungeon is also key to the plot and has some memorable scenes, including a rather sad part where Cait Sith sacrifices himself in order to get the Black Materia.

5 Kefka’s Tower (Final Fantasy 6)

Kefka’s Tower is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy 6, and although it can be accessed as soon as the player gets the airship, and so technically they can complete the game early, it is an incredibly difficult thing to do. The tower is made up of different types of environments, so some rooms will look similar to the Magitek Research Facility, while others look like the Imperial Palace.

The interesting thing about this dungeon is that the party is split into three groups, all of which work their way through a different path in the tower before converging into one room where they must defeat the Warring Triad, after which they can travel to Kefka’s domain.

4 Lunar Subterrane (Final Fantasy 4)

The Lunar Subterrane is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy 4 and offers a challenge to players as it is a large cave complex filled with some rather difficult monsters to beat. The great thing about this dungeon is that it is filled with secret passageways, plenty of treasure, boss fights, and those coveted crystal weapons.

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As the final dungeon, players can expect a great deal of the storyline to unfold here too, as the party takes on Zeromus and brings an end to the threat the world faces.

3 Shinra Building (Final Fantasy 7)

The Shinra Building is likely to be the fan-favorite when it comes to dungeons from Final Fantasy 7 and it is also one of the most important in the entire game. As well as being a major plot point, this dungeon offers some great gameplay moments. For example, players are able to choose whether to sneak in to avoid battles or to go in guns blazing.

There’s also a variety of minigames that players are able to enjoy while in this dungeon, and a number of cool boss battles, including an awesome battle where Cloud fights Rufus solo.

2 Memoria (Final Fantasy 9)

Memoria is the penultimate dungeon in Final Fantasy 9 and is widely considered to be one of the most beautifully stunning dungeons within the series, especially out of the PlayStation 1 titles. Though this is a linear dungeon, which is usually not popular with gamers, as Memoria is made from all the memories of the planet’s inhabitants, the various music and scenes throughout this dungeon are worthwhile.

Additionally, for those wanting to take a break from battles, there are a few Tetra Master NPCs that can be challenged, including some that have some rare card drops. This location is also unique as it is the only place where you can remove the game’s protagonist Zidane from the active party, though he will still lead the party while progressing through the dungeon.

1 Ultimecia’s Castle (Final Fantasy 8)

Ultimecia’s Castle is the final dungeon of Final Fantasy 8 and offers an exciting non-linear area for players to explore in a beautiful yet spooky setting. The great thing about this dungeon is that all the characters lose their abilities upon entering it, and players must defeat various bosses within the castle in order to get those abilities back.

Players are able to split their party into two groups to explore the castle, switching between the two at party switch points. There are also puzzles to solve, some of which include using both party groups simultaneously for an extra challenge.

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