God Of War: Ragnarok: 10 Mistakes From God Of War PS4 The Game Needs To Avoid

God Of War: Ragnarok: 10 Mistakes From God Of War PS4 The Game Needs To Avoid

God of War PS4 remains one of the best games of the previous generation of consoles. Naturally, a sequel has been commissioned and will be expanding upon the story and gameplay presented in its predecessor. While it was an award-winning title, there were definite low points as well.

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These were passable in God of War PS4 due to it being a soft reboot of the series. However, bringing them forward for the sequel would be a big mistake since the weaknesses will be striking in view. To this end, it’s worth recapping these mistakes and why they need to be avoided in the next game.

10 Restricting Player Movement

Although God of War PS4 did bring some control of the camera, Kratos was far more limited in his moveset. Due to the narrative’s insistence on a single-shot camera presentation, gameplay was also restricted due to a lack of diversity in combat and control of the character.

The next game needs to look into empowering the players during their playthrough, as restricted movement hinders replay of the game. Even during the story, having more access to controlling the character will allow the gameplay to have a better flow rather than players having to get used to Kratos’ movements.

9 Limiting The Realms To Travel

The higher level of Nordic realms are sealed off in God of War PS4, with Midgard and more morbid areas the only ones accessible. The mistake the game made was making players believe that areas like Asgard would be unlocked in due course.

Kratos has made some bad decisions in his time and not traveling the entire Nordic realm might be worthy of inclusion. The sequel should make all these areas accessible in order to contrast between the realms and make the heroes’ journey truly as large in scale as intended.

8 Providing Plot Hooks Without Delivering On Them

Despite God of War PS4 bringing an entirely new story, there are more unresolved questions than points established. The general outline of the game had to do with providing several hooks for fans to follow, only to avoid resolving them at the end.

It would be an even bigger mistake for the sequel to engage in such practice, seeing as fans have waited years for these plot points to be resolved. In any case, having so many story hooks isn’t the best method since it only leaves an incomplete feeling for the viewer.

7 Not Making Atreus A More Dynamic Playable Character

It was a missed opportunity in God of War PS4 not to capitalize on Atreus, with the game making the mistake of placing him only as an archery option. This reduced his relevance during gameplay since many didn’t feel the need to rely on him much.

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With the story hinting at Atreus taking the reins of the lead from Kratos, it would be the wrong move to again limit him as a side option in gameplay. Fans already expect a lot from Atreus and his effectiveness in gameplay should be expanded rather than be restricted.

6 Bringing Too Many Low-Scale Boss Fights

One of the selling points of the original God of War games was the sense of scale in the boss fights. These were larger-than-life and really drove him the magnitude of Kratos’ battles. In God of War PS4, though, characters were on the smaller side, be it Kratos’ allies or his foes.

It’s the wrong move to make boss fights so low key since the average God of War fan expects these battles to be grand in execution. The next title needs to bring back the original series’ flair for high-octane bosses, especially during the first quarter of the game.

5 Placing The Open-World As A Secondary Option

A majority of games in the last decade or so have been open-world offerings. God of War PS4 followed suit, although it was a bit of a misfire in this area since the open-world is too dull for players to want to engage in it much.

It’s clear the open-world was always supposed to be secondary to the story, which shouldn’t be the case next time round. The sequel needs to incorporate the sandbox-style into the plot, or at least make the free environment more vibrant for players to want to explore and extend their playthrough.

4 Lack Of Significance To Side Missions

When it comes to open-world games with the best side missions, God of War PS4 ranks surprisingly well. However, the title didn’t do as much as it could have where the stakes were involved, with side missions only laid for fun without substance.

In order to improve in this area, the next entry should make the side missions part of the story. This can be done by making it necessary for Kratos to complete these quests to empower himself in his journey. Alternatively, side missions can have a bearing in the plot where useful exposition is provided upon completion.

3 Keeping The Runtime Short

The gaming landscape has evolved significantly and it’s not endearing anymore to keep the plot so much in focus that gameplay is impacted. God of War PS4 didn’t understand this aspect, delivering a runtime of about ten hours and slightly more, which hinders its replay value.

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The sequel has to avoid this since expectations are so high that smaller runtimes will sour the experience. The game needs to be around twice in length of its predecessor or will make the same mistake of being a limited offering whose fun factor doesn’t last long.

2 A Big Twist In The Story Very Late In The Game

By this point, everyone is aware of the events that will lead to Ragnarok. Changing this up with a twist will be the wrong move and a repeat of God of War PS4’s practice. The game changed the perspective of the story by delivering a twist in the closing minutes of Faye’s true plans.

The problem here was that it played around with the fans as a swerve in the story clashed with what players had carried in their minds the whole playthrough. The sequel’s story has already been set up well, so presenting a very late twist will be counter productive.

1 Making Weapons Too Weak

None of the weapons in God of War PS4 had the oomph factor that the original series had. The developers mistook power in weapons to be a weakness to the story, with the result being Kratos’ lack of punch in his combat mechanics.

At various points, it seemed as if spamming moves was the only way to go due to weapons feeling powerless. The next title has to feature weapons that are worth wielding, especially since Kratos will be going up against powerful foes, so his weapons need to reflect the position of power he’s in.

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