Kevin Hart Signs 4 Movie Netflix Deal | Game Rant

Kevin Hart Signs 4 Movie Netflix Deal | Game Rant

Kevin Hart continues to be a comedian who never goes out of style, and he’s signing deals to prove it. Similar to other big name stars like Adam Sandler, Hart is signing a deal with Netflix to produce several films that will air on the streaming platform. Using his HartBeat Productions banner, the comedian will produce several original projects.

This is hardly Netflix’s first big name contract, of course. The streamer has been snapping up exclusives since the beginning of the streaming wars. While the service may have been built off of popular shows, Netflix has always had a vested interest in funding original content in order to draw in new subscribers. In order to do so, signing talent to produce new programs has always been a fundamental part of Netflix’s strategy.

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It’s not Hart’s first deal with the streaming giant either: the comedian is currently set to star in the service’s limited series True Story produced by the showrunner of Narcos. That said, this is certainly a far more involved and expensive commitment that will see him producing Netflix work for quite some time.

While the details of the contract aren’t publicly available, reports suggest that Netflix paid Adam Sandler around $150 million for a similar deal. Given the star power of Kevin Hart, he most likely got a pretty good offer as well, though nothing is verifiable at the time of writing. It is known that the comedian will star in and produce at least 4 films under this deal.

There are obviously a lot of potential projects that could come out of this, but given Hart’s reputation as a popular comedian, there will almost certainly be at least one comedy film. Until more details are given out though, audiences can really only speculate about what the subject matter will be, or when any of them will even begin production.

Considering that Hart himself is set to star in them though, it seems likely that these films will be spread out over a good period of time. Similarly, Adam Sandler recently released Hubie Halloween to Netflix, and there hasn’t been much talk of what’s next in that regard. Netflix certainly seems to be playing the long game with these contracts, and fans will just have to bide their time in the wait for more information.

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