Monster Hunter Rise Palamutes Will React To Hunter Emotes

Monster Hunter Rise Palamutes Will React To Hunter Emotes

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most awaited games of 2021. Not only does the game promise to provide fans with an engaging storyline, and ferocious monsters to bring down, it also brings in a new hunt companion – the Palamute. And fans have discovered, that aside from being able to pet the dog, the Palamute will also react accordingly when the hunter uses emotes.

In a recent video clip by the popular Twitter account @CanYouPetTheDog, a hunter and his Palamute are featured side by side, showing off some of the emotes that will be available in Monster Hunter Rise. Hunter gestures are not something new in the Monster Hunter series, and older games have already shown Palicos reacting to their hunter’s expressions. However, Palamutes are a new feature in MH Rise. Therefore, this is the first time Palamute reactions are put in the spotlight.

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In the short clip, five hunter gestures are showcased, and with each emote, the MH Rise Palamute reacts accordingly and accurately. The Palamute is shown heeling when the hunter gestures to stop, saying no when its hunter uses an expression to disagree, and also acting aggressively as the hunter kick-boxes by its side.

The most interesting one is when the Palamute hides its face behind its paw in shame, reacting to the “Quest Failed” gestures, which is an expected occurrence in Monster Hunter games. The video does not showcase the full gesture list available, leaving players to wonder if more will be added to the full game, and how the Palamute will react to them.

With the Monster Hunter Rise demo live on the Switch right now, fans can actually see the Palamute reactions in action, and, of course, try out the game’s mechanics themselves. Hopefully, this will be enough to tide fans over until the game’s launch around the corner.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released on March 26, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Twitter/CanYouPetTheDog

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