New Live Action Trailer For The Medium | Game Rant

New Live Action Trailer For The Medium | Game Rant

In anticipation of the launch of The Medium later this month, developer Bloober Team has released a live-action trailer for the third-person psychological horror title. The jaw-dropping cinematic two-and-half-minute trailer combines emotional performances with remarkable VFX and animations to set the stage for what fans can look forward to when The Medium drops on January 28, 2021.

The Medium is the latest horror game from Bloober Team, the same studio behind Blair WitchObserver: System Redux, and Layers of Fear. Game Rant was recently able to preview The Medium, and thus far the game looks to be environmentally daunting, psychologically horrifying, and mysterious.

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The live-action trailer itself for The Medium was put together with somewhat of an all-star cast. Platige Image worked on the VFX and animation; the studio is an award-winning team. In addition, academy award nominee Tomasz Bagiński worked as the Writer and Creative Producer. Meanwhile, Pawel Maślona directed the short trailer.

A massive 14-minute gameplay trailer was dropped for The Medium last week, so following up with the live-action trailer is quite interesting. The gameplay trailer and the live-action trailer sit alongside each other quite nicely, as the two certainly have similarities. For example, Marianne (the game’s Medium) uses a forcefield-like ability to block incoming enemies in both the live-action trailer and the gameplay. It will be interesting to see the fans perhaps find easter eggs and secrets in the live-action trailer that point to the gameplay shown last week. The live-action trailer showcased Marianne, a man named Thomas, a spirit known as Sadness, The Maw, and much more.

Whether it is the live-action trailer, the gameplay trailer, or the gameplay itself on January 28, The Medium is nightmare-inducing, but of course, that is by design. All of Bloober Team’s games ride a line between reality and psychological horror. While a game like Layers of Fear had an indie vibe to it, The Medium is starting to have a feel of a AA game, which is closer to what Bloober Team wants. The developer did say that it wants to be Blumhouse of the Games’ industry.

One of the most important things to note about The Medium will be an Xbox Game Pass title as well. So subscribers of the service will automatically be able to enjoy the title on January 28, 2021, when it launches. Xbox Game Pass is rumored to be expanding with some of the greatest hits of 2020, along with of course all of the Microsoft Xbox exclusives as well.

The Medium releases on January 28 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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