Open World Star Wars Game Details Teased By Ubisoft Job Listing

Open World Star Wars Game Details Teased By Ubisoft Job Listing

Yesterday, Star Wars fans and the gaming community in general were rocked by not just the sudden re-emergence of the LucasFilm Games brand but by the announcement that a new open-world Star Wars game was in development by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment. While this does not mean EA, which had been exclusively making Star Wars games since 2013, will stop working on the franchise, it’s still a rather shocking announcement.

Naturally, details about the game are incredibly scarce, with the only other thing confirmed about it is that it will be using the Snowdrop engine. This engine was also used for Massive’s Division games, but the studio has since posted job listings for roles explicitly involved with the Star Wars project. While none of these outright confirm anything, they could potentially give some hints as to what fans can expect from it.

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For instance, the listing for Senior Writer very much exemplifies that the game will heavily focus on story. References to item descriptions and quest logs bring to mind roleplaying game elements, perhaps not too dissimilar to the Knights of the Old Republic games.

It also mentions a reality-based narrative, which could suggest the story won’t focus on the Jedi and perhaps center around regular individuals living within the universe or, at the very least, those without access to powers like the Force. One character that comes to the mind is the Mandalorian, who has become a popular choice to star in his own video game. The listing adds that experience with non-linear structures is preferred, though it’s not clear whether the game’s main plot will feature that kind of structure or if it refers to side-quests, which could have different outcomes depending on player choice or something.

The Senior Progress Game Designer listing explicitly mentions the RPG and action genres, which very much suggests that the game will be a mixture of the two. This could mean that the game will be similar to the Division games, though those titles are online multiplayer games. So far, there’s nothing that directly indicates whether this Star Wars game will be solely single-player, like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, multiplayer like The Division, or just offer optional multiplayer functionality.

LucasFilm Games also recently announced that it would be collaborating with Bethesda and MachineGames on a new Indiana Jones title. Details about that one, however, are arguably even scarcer, though it did get a teaser trailer that fans were quick to pore over.

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