Outriders: Complete PC Specs, Stats, and Options Breakdown

Outriders: Complete PC Specs, Stats, and Options Breakdown

In order to polish the game further, People Can Fly recently delayed Outriders from its February 2 release date to April 1. Some may have initially though this would lead to a slow down in information on the game, but it seems to be quite the opposite. Not only will fans be able to play the demo in February, despite Outriders‘ delay, fans now know all they need to about the PC version of the game.

Revealed in a new video for Outriders, the approach here was very thorough. This includes the standard array of required and recommended specs, but it dives much deeper into the varied option, cross-functions, and more of the game.

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As described in the video, Outriders is aiming for at least 60 FPS on any sort of PC bought in the past 6 years. This is designed to allow pretty much anyone to hope in and play the game, with PFC even going so far as to show a brief clip with each of the below configurations on display. Furthermore, players will find that they can lock or unlock their FPS as they see fit as well.

Minimum Requirements Low Preset 720p/60 FPS

OS: Windows 10/ CPU: Intel i5-3470 OR AMD FX-8350/ Memory: 8 GB/ GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX750TI OR AMD Radeon R9 270x /DirectX 11Storage: 70GB

Recommended High Preset 1080p/60FPS

OS: Windows 10/ CPU: Intel i7-7700 OR AMD Ryzen 5 1600/ Memory: 16 GB/ GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB OR AMD Radeon RX 480 8 GB /DirectX 12Storage: 70GB

Ultra – Ultra Preset 2160p/60FPS

OS: Windows 10/ CPU: TBD/ Memory: 16 GB/ GPU: TBD /DirectX 11Storage: 70GB

A few other features to note is key remapping functionality, full support for most first party controllers (Stadia, Xbox, PS4, etc.), a fully customizable UI and HUD, Ultrawide screen support, adjustable field of view, full cross-play support, and cross-save within ecosystems but not cross-platform. There’s a lot more to it than just these, however, including the following:

  • Dynamic Resolution Scaling – An automatic adjustment of resolution to increase performance and prevent slowdowns or bottle necks. Reportedly, players shouldn’t even notiec that it’s happening.
  • NVIDIA DLSS – for Nvidia players, this feature ensures high-fidelity gameplay and FPS through the power of AI.
  • Adjustable Field of View (FOV), which allows you to see more or less of the game at the edges of your monitor.
  • NVIDIA Ansel – Outriders does not have a photo mode, but it does support this feature which will allow PC players to capture unique screenshots with a ton of options.
  • Razer Chroma RBG

That’s all for now, but as Outriders fans have likely learned, there’s always something lurking around the corner. With the demo just a little more than a month away as well, fans can reasonably expect more and more information between now and then, and then and April 1.

Outriders releases April 1 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, with a Stadia version also in development for 2021.

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