Overwatch Fan Creates COVID-19 Lockdown Zenyatta Skin Concept

Overwatch Fan Creates COVID-19 Lockdown Zenyatta Skin Concept

Though many feel Zenyatta has some of the best skins in Overwatch, ranging from his Cthulhu-inspired Cultist skin to his cheery Toybot costume, one creative player felt the need to give him a different kind of look. Seeing Zenyatta impacted by real-world events, Overwatch’s orb-tossing healer looks prepared to go through his day in lockdown thanks to a new fan-made idea.

Like a previous Wallstreet Roadhog skin concept, this realistic spin on the Shambali monk shows a different side of his personality. While Zenyatta can still be seen floating in his peaceful pose, experiencing tranquility, the hero boasts some interesting clothing and orb replacements. Dropping his robes in favor of some baggy sleep pants covered in the Overwatch logo, Zen’s special skin looks perfect for lounging.

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Created by Redditor abtr0n, Lockdown Zenyatta is a brilliant reflection of what many people have been going through over the past year. Worn slippers can be seen on Zen’s feet, while a cuddly cat that likely belongs to fellow support hero Brigitte can be seen on his lap. Floating above Zenyatta’s head where his orbs can usually be found are some sources of lockdown entertainment.

In his right hand, Zenyatta can be seen holding a PlayStation controller as well as a bar of chocolate and can of soda. An opened book can also be seen, indicating that Zenyatta has spent some time studying up on something during his long stay inside. A banana and bag of chips are also floating with the rest of the items, rounding out the list of food, and a controller for Zenyatta’s television is also seen in his hand. With his phone also ready, Zen seems equipped for the situation at hand.

A fun twist on what a COVID-19 skin could look like, dropping the predictable mask in favor of a more unique approach, many were quick to comment on abtr0n’s design. Sharing how relatable the look was and pointing out how fun it would be to see Zen throwing chips and phones in-game, the community welcomed the skin concept with open arms. With so little known about Zenyatta, this design could absolutely be fitting for the Overwatch hero, giving insight into some previously unknown hobbies.

While it remains to be seen if Blizzard will add a skin like this to Overwatch in one of the game’s upcoming events, it would certainly be a fun way to put a positive spin on something that is usually so negative. With COVID-19 making the wait for Overwatch 2 longer as well, Zenyatta’s special lockdown skin is even more appropriate.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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