Persona 5 Royal: 10 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Siegfried

Persona 5 Royal: 10 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Siegfried

The Persona series has always revolved around simultaneous themes of humanity’s incredible complexity and the magnificent mythologies that spawn from dynamic minds in years long gone. Those interested in angels, demons, and supernatural beings of all kinds should greatly enjoy seeing their favorite myths and legends come to life in one of the most immersive and unique Japanese Role Playing Game franchises in history. The freshest iteration of the newest title in the series, Persona 5 Royal, is just as true to previous games in the franchise in this regard and more.

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There is a tremendous number of mythological figures that Joker can align himself with in order to steal hearts more effectively. One such being is Siegfried, a legendary dragonslayer from a German epic that has origins leading back to Norse mythology. Appropriately, this drake-felling swordsman boasts an excellent Strength stat and has an arsenal of colossal and severely damaging melee skills, making him one of the best personas to use for Physical damage. There are a number of ways in which to summon this mighty warrior, though since he is quite a high level, each fusion to bring him forth will cost a pretty penny. However, it will be money well spent.

It should be mentioned that Persona 5, like other games in the series, takes great liberties when connecting the mythologies from different parts of the world. The fusions are most often logical for lore or in-game stats and skills, though not always both.

This can be seen with two deities from Hindu mythology fusing to create one from a Norse legend. Vishnu, one of the most significant deities from the Hindu pantheon, fuses with his wife, the goddess Lakshmi, to result in the mighty Siegfried. Vishnu has quite a few good offensives skills while Lakshmi has equivalent defensive ones. Their balance feels right in fusing to make Siegfried, despite the mythology differences, because the latter was an individual who sought to even the scales of the world by shedding the blood of a malevolent and greedy dragon.

Buddhism also has quite a few figures represented in P5R. Zaou-Gongen is a mountain deity said to be a stalwart protector. As such, he has sufficiently powerful skills such as Blazing Hell, which assails all foes with severe Fire damage and low chances to burn them all. He also has a trait and some passive skills that increase damage done to enemies by Physical and Gun type attacks.

The foul and bizarre demon, Mara, also hails from Buddist mythology and was said to be a spiteful being that tried to tempt Buddha before being smitten by various gods for its sins. They also excel in offensive skills that pertain to Fire, Physical, and Gun damage, making them a statistically appropriate fusion partner with Zaou-Gongen to form the mighty Siegfried.

Despite being from vastly different origins, these two are one of the most thematically appropriate fusions for Siegfried due to their excellent damage outputs and use of swords. Futsunushi is a Japanese deity that is the personification of the sword. Accordingly, he is surrounded by blades and has aspects that validate his lore. His persona trait, Will of the Sword, triples the effects of his Charge skill for a boosting move that equates to a whopping x7.5 damage multiplier on the damage of the next Physical attack.

Oberon, as opposed to his harmless-sounding title as “King of the fairies,” also packs quite a punch. His skills focus much more heavily on Electric moves, including the Elec Amp passive skill which buffs all damage from this element inflicted upon adversaries.

Another fusion combining very different myths presents itself when Ishtar, a Babylonian goddess of love, war, and fertility, merges with the Naga king Vasuki who originates from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Although stated as a goddess of war, Ishtar’s trait and skills in Persona 5 Royal pertain much more to her loving and fertile sides. Her persona trait, Grace of Mother, hugely boosts all healing skills by 75%, which makes her Salvation skill an even better choice to fully heal one’s party.

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Vasuki was recorded in legends to have volunteered to be bound to a mountain in order to churn the vast sea of immortality nectar that covered part of the world. This resulted in poison being released from beneath the milky oceans, which the god Shiva swallowed to spare the globe. As one would expect, Vasuki’s playstyle revolves around causing status ailments to adversaries, and his trait, Foul Stench, makes him very efficient in doing so.

This pair of Greek deities encompass very different realms of influence over mankind, though both are appropriate fusion components for Siegfried in their own way. Cybele, with her two sabers, is a valorous protector of cities in the eyes of Greek worshipers. As such, she has great healing and defensive skills like the always useful Salvation to completely heal and remove status ailments simultaneously. This makes her a great defender for one’s party.

Dionysus, on the other hand, specializes more in buffing himself and his allies. He’s exceptionally capable of increasing the party’ Attack, Defense, and Agility while decreasing these same stats in enemies with his Debilitate skill. This opens up the potential for some huge damage against mightier foes, similar to how Siegfried used his wits to position himself for a killing blow against the dragon Fafnir.

No one can claim that either the Arabian mythological deity Alilat or the mighty Greco-Roman Chimera even remotely resemble Siegfried in appearance. However, they each have aspects that make them great additions to one’s party. Alilat, a pre-Islamic deity that was revered via stone idols, is all about doing Ice damage and increasing defensive potential, resulting in great survivability when in the party.

Chimera, conversely, prioritizes offensive skills of a wide variety, which only feels natural for such a chaotic creature. They also do adequate Ice damage, though can also unleash gouts of flame for excellent Fire attacks. This versatility is a boon for those needing some offensive variety.

Here we see two mighty warriors from very different lore fuse to form the legendary dragonslayer. The archangel Michael originates in Christian mythology and is often seen as the strongest of heaven’s army near the top of the angelic hierarchy. In P5R, Michael’s lore is reflected in his skills as he has some of the deadliest Almighty type attacks in the game.

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Bishamonten is a god of war from Buddhist mythology who presides over the north. Bishamonten has similarly impressive skills to Michael in that he can also dish out lots of damage, though he specializes in Nuke and Physical attacks.

Two of the most powerful figures in Hindu mythology, each with their own great benefits in P5R, fuse to combine Siegfried. Mada is a monster summoned to oppose the gods by a selfish sage and apparently has a mouth large enough to swallow the Earth and the heavens in one bite. Their skills and trait pertain to their destructive potential in that they have a ton of devastating Fire attacks, including Blazing Hell. Their trait Drunken Passion, in combination with their Fire Amp passive skill, grants them a tremendous natural 125% damage increase for Fire attacks.

Hanuman, the son of a wind god, is a mighty warrior and a great hero who once helped an avatar of the god Vishnu to defeat the demon king Ravana by leading an army of monkeys against them. His powerful and flexible nature result in skills revolving around multi-hitting Physical attacks, many of which can be chosen as inheritable for Siegfried during the fusion process.

Both Zoroastrian and Celtic mythical figures are rarer than those from other mythologies in Persona 5, however, they are no less powerful. Vohu Manah represents good human thoughts in Zoroastrianism as well as all animals in creation. More of a concept than a physical incarnation, the game developers were free to come up with a unique and fascinating design for this persona. In line with their lore, Vohu Manah has many skills that focus on buffing and healing the party.

The legendary Scathach is credited with having trained the even more legendary warrior Cu Chulainn. As such, she has many excellent Physical skills like Vorpal Blade, though also possesses great Ice attacks as well for added versatility.

In what is arguably the most appropriate lore fusion for Siegfried, Vohu Manah can fuse with the mythological Norse dragon Fafnir; the very same beast Siegfried smote in the famous legend. Fafnir was once a selfish dwarven prince who committed patricide in order to obtain the vast hordes of gold once held by the king, his father. Afterward, Fafnir turned into a dragon: the symbol of avarice in Norse mythology. Fafnir was eventually slain by the foster son of his brother, prince Regin, by being stabbed in the heart.

This dragon’s caustic nature is reflected in his many Nuke skills that end the lives of foes with fell energy as well as his Gigantomachia skill that unleashes colossal Physical damage on all enemies. Vohu Manah, an aspect of good thoughts, could very well represent Siegfried’s good intent in slaying the evil dragon. Worth noting is that the powerful Gigantomachia skill is a pretty good one that fits with Siegfried’s stats and can be inherited during this fusion.

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