Pokemon x Bear Walker Pikachu Skateboard Revealed for 25th Anniversary

Pokemon x Bear Walker Pikachu Skateboard Revealed for 25th Anniversary

2021 is the year that the Pokemon franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary. With new partnerships, events, and merchandise already in the pipeline, The Pokemon Company is adding another collaboration to the roster to mark the special occasion. This time, the franchise is once again working with skateboard designer Bear Walker to produce a new, limited edition board.

This is not the first time that Walker will be working on Pokemon-themed skateboards. The designer had already collaborated with the pocket monster franchise in early 2020, bringing the most popular Gen 1 Pokemon to life on his unique boards. Due to the popularity of the skateboard designs, a second series that featured legendary Pokemon was made available to the market later that year. And now, the latest collaboration is focused solely on probably the most iconic Pokemon of all, Pikachu.

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With the official Pokemon site already updated with product photos, fans can take a closer look at the Pokemon x Bear Walker limited edition Pikachu skateboard. As with most of Walker’s boards, the design looks to be beautifully hand-carved, and treated with his iconic airbrush gradient painting. Ash’s electric-type partner Pikachu is central to the design, with a variety of different Poke Balls dotting the background of the board. In his official Instagram account, Walker shares that the skateboard will also feature Pokemon‘s official 25th anniversary logo.

Pre-orders for the skateboard will open this January 19, 2021 on the official Pokemon Center website. Unlike other Pokemon merchandise which are mostly available in Japan, the site is open to the US and Canada market. However, both fans and avid collectors will have to click quickly as Walker’s Pokemon skateboard collaborations are notoriously known to sell out fast.

The price of the Pokemon x Bear Walker limited edition Pikachu skateboard has yet to be announced to the public, on either of the official sites. But with Walker’s boards typically costing around $200 USD and up, it is safe for fans to assume that the skateboard will roughly be priced at the same range.

It seems this is only the beginning of the grand celebrations Pokemon has in store for its fan base this 2021. Just recently, the franchise has announced that it is re-releasing classic cards from its trading game, and also working on fun collaborations with several music artists, including pop icon Katy Perry. With it only being the start of 2021, fans are hoping that more exciting announcements and reveals will be made as the months pass along.

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Source: Official Pokemon Center Website

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