Shows To Watch During The 2021 Winter Anime Season | Game Rant

Shows To Watch During The 2021 Winter Anime Season | Game Rant

Following anime can be a real struggle sometimes. It’s confusing to navigate release dates, simulcast cast dates, and multiple streaming services just to follow a show sometimes pushes the threshold of inconvenience. The beginning of a season is one of the best entry points for new fans and the ones looking to get back into it and with the Winter anime season is just getting underway it’s the perfect time to pick up some shows to watch.

Headlining the returning shows this season is the ever popular Attack on Titan, which embarks on its final season this winter. Not far behind is the dark fantasy The Promised Neverland, the uplifting Isekai I got Reincarnated as a Slime, and clashing ideals in Dr. Stone all starting their second season. Among the new shows are the popular light novel franchise The Hidden Dungeon Only I can Enter getting its anime adaptation, the wholesome romance Horimya, and the sports anime Sk8 the Infinity making their debut.

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Find all the information needed to check out any of these shows during the 2021 winter anime season:

Where is it Streaming: Crunchyroll

Simulcast Date: Sundays, 12:45 PST

This anime needs no introduction. There is nothing like this drama that features a desperate humanity against the relentless and vicious hunger of the Titans. After three seasons of Eren Yeager and his friends in the Survey Corp seeking the truth of their bleak world, it all comes to an end in this highly anticipated final season.

Where is it Streaming: Funimation

Simulcast date: Thursdays

The Promised Neverland is an anime that has one of those twists designed to keep someone watching for seasons to come. The show follows the ongoing adventures of Emma and Norman after they discover the horrible secret about the orphanage that they call home.

Where is it Streaming: Funimation

Simulcast Date: Tuesday, 8 a.m. PST

There are plenty of shows in the Isekai genre, but there is a certain something that sets this one produced by Studio 8 Bit apart from all the others. It isn’t dark and broody, nor is it a power fantasy that is singularly focused on the satisfaction of its main character. Slime has such a positive feel-good vibe it’s hard not to want to follow Rimaru as he continues his adventures. A lot went right in the first season, that may not continue in the second.

Where is it Streaming: Crunchyroll/Funimation

Simulcast Date: January 14 (Every Thursday)

There are plenty of Shounen anime out there, but don’t confuse this one with the Dragonball Z’s of the world. Dr. Stone combines superb action and a premise that has more than powering up and fights. This show follows the main character Senku as he navigates a world that was encased in stone for hundreds of years and now devoid of modern tech. Watch as he and his friends continue to build a new world for themselves and deal with an ongoing conflict with a rival who believes that might makes right.

Where is it Streaming: Crunchyroll

Simulcast Date: Fridays, 10:45 a.m. PST

This was one of the breakout shows of the fall and the adventures continue for the winter season. The story follows Yuji Itadori as he continues his quest to pacify the powerful demon within him (and stop his own death) by tracking down cursed objects. Intense action and skilled production by Studio Mappa makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Where is it Streaming: Funimation

Start Date: January 9 and January 10 (Every Saturday and Sunday)

There isn’t an anime out there quite like the Cells at Work franchise with its mix of education and anime drama all rolled into one. It’s basically a dramatization of the regular processes in the human body transforming things like red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets into human characters.

Watch the continuing adventures of White blood Cell as he battles viruses and evil bacteria and Red Blood Cell as she continues to get lost trying to deliver her load of oxygen. Cells at Work Black has a similar premise only explores the body of a rather unhealthy individual.

Where is it Streaming: Crunchyroll/Funimation

Simulcast Date: Fridays 11:25 a.m. PST

The desire to escape weakness and get stronger is a common theme in anime and this one uses a hidden dungeon to allow the protagonist Noir a clear path. This popular light novel and manga gets its anime adaptation this winter. The show follows Noir as he discovers a hidden dungeon and a secret friend that affords him the ability to grow stronger and improve his lot in life. 

Where is it Streaming: Funimation

Start Date: January 9 (Every Saturday)

This show has the potential to be a killer sports anime. It follows Reki, a second-year high school student who loves skateboarding, and Langa a student who comes back to Japan after living abroad. Both find themselves participating in a dangerous skateboarding race from the mysterious “S.” The series follows Langa’s continuing adventures with his skateboarding friends.

Where’s it Streaming: Crunchyroll/Funimation

Simulcast Date: Fridays, 6:30 a.m. PST

This show produced by Studio Millepensee, Exsa is a twist on the standard Isekai formula where the main character dies and is reborn into another world. Instead of being given game-breaking powers or becoming the villain in some twisted otome novel, the high-school protagonist reincarnates as a spider from a fantasy game. Watch her struggle to survive as a low-ranked beast.

Where is it streaming: Funimation

Start Date: January 9 (Every Saturday)

There is always room in life for a wholesome love story and this anime delivers that in spades. It’s a classic story of opposites attract as the social butterfly with a troubled home life Hori meets the broody but kind at heart Miyamura. Watch what develops between them. 

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