Square Enix Trademark Forspoken Could Be the Next Final Fantasy 14 Expansion

Square Enix Trademark Forspoken Could Be the Next Final Fantasy 14 Expansion

Final Fantasy 14 fans are currently holding back their excitement. In February, Square Enix and producer Naoki Yoshida will hold one of their beloved live events, during which fans expect the next Final Fantasy 14 expansion to be announced. Anxious for new details, fans have been scouring the internet for potential leaks and one just may have been found. A recently discovered Square Enix trademark for “Forspoken” could end up being the new Final Fantasy 14 expansion’s subtitle.

The Forspoken trademark was only just recently discovered, shared online by a Twitter scrawler of recently-published Japanese trademarks. The tweet makes clear that the trademark was originally filed by Square Enix on September 24 and published on October 13, though it went unnoticed at the time. Given the lack of a clear association with any Square Enix property, it was perhaps ignored. Only now, when fans are looking specifically for a Final Fantasy 14 expansion subtitle, has it drawn renewed attention.

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As for why Forspoken is believed to be a Final Fantasy 14 expansion subtitle, that takes a bit of explaining. After all, there’s no otherwise clear association between the Forspoken trademark and Final Fantasy 14. The connection is purely a guess on the part of fans. However, even at face value, the association should be somewhat clear. Final Fantasy 14‘s previous expansions have been named Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. Forspoken, as a compound word with multiple meanings, fits into that group very well.

Further, Forspoken fits as the new expansion’s subtitle thematically, as well. At its most generic, Forspoken means to have been denounced or to be denied. But in use, it’s more typically associated with being cursed or bewitched. Those who have completed Final Fantasy 14‘s recent 5.4 “Future’s Rewritten” patch, which involves a witch, may be able to draw some conclusions regarding where the next expansion would go.

An alternative meaning for Forspoken is to attract and fascinate, which is not so unlike being bewitched but is much different than being cursed. It’ll be interesting to see if Forspoken truly is the next Final Fantasy 14 expansion‘s subtitle, whether the word is intended to mean being ensorcelled and controlled or if it means cursed and driven.

Of course, there’s likely a meaning beneath the term that will only be revealed in context. For example, the previous expansions have all had a more literal reason for their subtitle, too. Perhaps the Forspoken is a faction within the game, or is a title for an individual that has yet to be revealed. Of course, all this speculation may be for naught, as Forspoken has yet to be confirmed as the new expansion’s subtitle. Final Fantasy 14 fans will find out more on February 5.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC and PS4.

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