Super Nintendo World Opening Delayed | Game Rant

Super Nintendo World Opening Delayed | Game Rant

The opening for Super Nintendo World has been delayed; yet again. The long-awaited Nintendo theme park set to open in Universal Studios Japan has gone through multiple hurdles so far. Super Nintendo World was set to open in February, but it has just been announced that that date has been postponed again.

Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan had originally planned for Super Nintendo World to open in the Summer of 2020. But in dealing with COVID-19 related issues, the date was eventually pushed back to February 4, 2021. Today, in a Universal Studios Japan News Release, it was officially announced that the opening would be delayed once more.

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Recently, Japan expanded its State of Emergency in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Osaka Prefecture is one of the areas that is now under the State of Emergency; which is where Universal Studios Japan is. For now, the official new opening day is not yet known. However, in the news release, Universal Studios Japan mentioned that it will postpone the opening until after the state of emergency is lifted. In addition, it will also abide by any and all new protocols and policies that the government and local authorities may have in place, which could include how many individuals are allowed to ride on the new Yoshi ride at once at Super Nintendo World once it is open, for example.

While the news about Super Nintendo World’s opening being delayed is certainly disappointing, the health and safety of residents and tourists should be the top priority. Seeing Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto give a tour of Super Nintendo World certainly makes Nintendo fans antsy in wanting to experience all of the fun themselves, but it will all be there and waiting for them once it officially opens and when it is safe to travel and enjoy it all.

In addition, it is still likely that Super Nintendo World will eventually find its way to North America, as that it is part of the plan if all goes well. As long as everyone stays healthy and plays by the rules, then everyone will be able to enjoy some Nintendo magic.

And while fans of The Big N wait for Super Nintendo World, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is right around the corner as well. Nintendo often does a good job in giving players things to do in not making the droughts too unbearable. So while the wait for Super Nintendo World just got a bit longer, the Nintendo Switch and tons of games are still there to give constant joy.

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Source: Universal Studios Japan

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