The Toughest Decisions Players Have To Make In Cyberpunk 2077 (& What Happens When You Make Them)

The Toughest Decisions Players Have To Make In Cyberpunk 2077 (& What Happens When You Make Them)

Cyberpunk 2077, despite its bugs, glitches, and unfulfilled promises, is a pretty decent game. Its main campaign can be very engaging and it has its memorable moments that will go on to be talked about for years to come. Throughout the game, the players are constantly placed at crossroads where they’ll have to make a tough decision, decisions that will affect the outcome of the game.

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Whether these decisions lead to romance options, a minor side mission’s outcome, or the overall ending of the game, choosing between the options put forth to the players can be easier said than done. Some decisions are even harder to make than others.

10 Male, Female, Or Trans V

While choosing V’s sexual orientation in the character creation may seem non-consequential, well, to the main campaign, it isn’t, but if romance options are in consideration, this option can ultimately be a bigger deal than it initially seemed.

There are certain characters in the game, romanceable characters, who will only see V as a love interest if he’s a female or a male, some will even consider which voice the player chooses. This will also affect the ending of the game since certain romanceable characters will be able to assist V during the final mission once they’ve reached the necessary height of their relationship.

9 Choosing A Lifepath

At the start of the game, the players are given three different life paths to choose from. They can either be a Nomad, a Street Kid, or a Corpo. To first time players, these choices can be overwhelming. What if one life path is more fun to play with than the others? Is one inherently good while the other evil?

Well, as it turns out, choosing a life path does nothing for the players in terms of the overall story, aside from how the game will play out in the prologue. Nonetheless, it can still be a tough choice to make, one every single player has experienced when they booted the game up for the very first time.

8 Drinking

Throughout the game, the players will occasionally be given the option to either drink or pass up. A couple of times, this happens. Initially, it can give the players the idea that drinking during missions may cause the mission to be more challenging, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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This decision is only tough during the first few times the player gets presented with this option. They will eventually realize that it will mean nothing to the mission at all whether they’ll choose to drink when given the option to or not.

7 Pay Back Viktor Or Not

Viktor is one of V’s most trusted friend in the game. He is also a very competent Ripperdoc, which makes him the person V turns to the most whenever he gets caught up in a sticky situation. During the earliest moments of the game, V turns to Viktor for an upgrade in preparation for a tough assignment. If the players have enough money then, they can pay Viktor in full.

They can, however, choose to pay him later, or just not pay him at all. This will have no full consequence to the story or the relationship whatsoever, but 21,000 in-game is a lot of money better spent elsewhere. Then again, it’s also a tough decision to let Viktor down, considering he’s one of the most genuine characters in the game.

6 Betraying Dex

Dexter DeShawn is a fixer V will meet very early on in the game. He will have a large part to play in your first biggest mission to infiltrate Yorinobu Arasaka’s penthouse. There is apparently a relic there they have to steal, a piece of information they got from Evelyn Parker, Yorinobu’s supposed love interest.

Before meeting Dex once again as a final briefing before the infiltration, Evelyn gives V the option to cut Dex off from the operation completely. This is nothing more than a red herring as it won’t affect the mission in any way.

5 Be Nice Or Be Rude To Johnny

Johnny Silverhand is without a doubt the most important character in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. Although nothing more than an engram in a chip, the way the game’s story moves forward is highly reliant on Johnny’s past actions and future fate.

Johnny, for all intents and purposes, is not the nicest guy around. However, he can be nice to V, granted V reciprocates this treatment. Deciding whether they’ll be nice or be rude to Johnny is a tough decision considering it is previously vague whether he’s a friendly or a threat.

4 Trusting Hanako

Hanako Arasaka is the daughter of the head of Arasaka Corporation. Due to this fact, it is absolutely difficult to trust Hanako Arasaka. On the other hand, Hanako seems to have a common interest with V. Take Yorinobu down.

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Add to this fact that Takemura has done nothing but vouch for Hanako makes this decision even more difficult. On the other end of the spectrum, though, Johnny is absolutely certain that trusting Hanako will only lead to no good. In the end, only one of those men is correct.

3 Allowing Johnny To Take Over

Johnny Silverhand is a presence that lingers over the world of Cyberpunk 2077 like a storm cloud. While not physically present, he will constantly make his appearance felt, for better or worse.

Johnny’s personality towards V will ultimately depend on the player’s treatment of him. Whatever the case, though, allowing Johnny to take over during the final mission can still be a tough decision, although many will argue that it makes the most sense story-wise.

2 Asking For Panam’s Help

Panam Palmer is one of V’s potential love interests and is already a massive fan favorite to this point. On top of being V’s love interest, Panam can also be incredibly helpful when it’s time to raid Arasaka’s HQ one final time.

Herein lies the moral dilemma, though. By asking for Panam’s help, V is increasing the probability of the mission’s success. However, this decision is also jeopardizing the lives of those within Panam’s clan. By this point, V has already established a relationship with many of them, and it’s a tough decision forcing them to fight V’s battle, as willing as they may be.

1 Immortality Or Humanity

By the end of the game, V will be faced with an incredibly tough decision. Be placed in the digital space, by either Arasaka’s hands or Alt’s, or go back to the real world, live, and die in six months.

It’s either be an immortal, but never meet the friends V already has again, or allow V to live a proper life, regardless if it’s just for six months. It’s a tough decision, but it’s a decision the players have no way of getting out of if they want to complete the game.

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