Twitch Streamer xQc Says He’s Quitting the OfflineTV Rust PVP Server

Twitch Streamer xQc Says He’s Quitting the OfflineTV Rust PVP Server

Rust has been the runaway hit of 2021 so far. While it might only be the first two weeks of January, that Rust has risen to the top of Steam’s sales list, despite being originally released in 2013, is remarkable. A good deal of the game’s resurgence can be attributed to Twitch and YouTube streamers and content creators playing the game. One of the more polarizing figures on the private Rust OfflineTV server, xQc, is now thinking about hopping off.

The OfflineTV server is an invite-only private server in Rust, which has attracted a number of big names in the streaming community. With so many personalities, there was bound to be some friction, and French-Canadian Twitch streamer xQc began to level accusations of stream sniping against his Rust server-mates. This tension led to a split of the server itself, into the “Badlands” server focused on PvP gameplay, and the “Divide” where role-playing is the focus with only limited PvP elements.

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Streamer xQc was one of the main provocateurs in the original Rust server, stirring up trouble with aggressive play when many simply wanted to roleplay. Since the split of the servers, xQc has spent more time on the Badlands server, but is ready to quit the PvP-focused server in favor of the Divide server. The streamer said after being team wiped in-game “I’m done with this, this is getting really cringe…” But expressed interest in the Divide server with some “decent ideas for RP” in mind. After generating so much heat, xQc proved he could roleplay in the Rust server, taking on the role of an attorney in a mock trial.

It is a tad ironic that one of the streamers who made a point of playing aggressively and taking to the PvP elements of Rust has decided, now that the server split has happened, the PvP-focused Badlands server is too much to handle. By starting feuds, firing off accusations at others, and turning the Rust server into reality television, xQc drew a lot of attention to both himself and Rust.

That xQc was one of 2020’s most-watched streamers means that he wields some level of influence, hence the big sales numbers for Rust as well as the number of articles written about the OfflineTV server. It’s double-edged, however, as xQc’s legion of fans also participated in the harassment of other streamers on the Rust server, including death threats sent to one.

Rust is enjoying a moment right now, and whether it is PvP or roleplaying content, folks are tuning in. Many of whom are looking to see just what ideas xQc will cook up for his move to the roleplaying server.

Rust is available now for Mac & PC. A PS4 and Xbox One release is expected in 2021.

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