What Dungeons & Dragons Race Should You Play, Based On Your Zodiac?

What Dungeons & Dragons Race Should You Play, Based On Your Zodiac?

When it comes to character creation, Dungeons & Dragons provides a dizzying array of options to pick from. For some, especially newcomers, the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming; however, understanding what fits the player’s personality can play a huge role. So to help figure out what race is right for your next character, look to the stars.

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Just like in the real world, the human race in D&D is hugely varied, and can’t be distilled to represent any particular sign. However, especially considering expansion guides, there are plenty more within the Realms for those who wish to play something more exotic. Here are a few suggestions for picking a race, based on the player’s Zodiac sign.

Zodiac artwork via blende12 on Pixabay

12 Aries: Half Orc

Often short-tempered and battle-hungry, half orcs tend to charge into situations without forethought—much like the sign of the ram. Both Aries and half orcs are prone to strong emotions, and this sign will understand a half orc’s struggle not to be ruled by them.

Many have preconceived notions about half orcs, believing them to be vicious or violent. Enthusiastic, forceful Aries can easily find ways to shatter this stereotype—or, if they choose to, they’ll have a blast embracing it.

11 Taurus: Halfling

Taurus is the sign most linked to family and home: the elements around which a a halfling’s world revolves. Halflings recognize no nobility or rulers, only the wisdom of family elders. They are practical and down-to-earth, loyal and peaceful—like the sign of the bull.

Both halflings and Tauruses are happiest when tending their gardens or digging into a hearty meal. Those under this sign will gravitate towards that familiar coziness in the fantastical world of D&D, surrounded by their home comforts even within the game.

10 Gemini: Tabaxi

Like Geminis, these cat-people from the Volo’s Guide to Monsters expansion are flighty and inquisitive. They tend to be dual-natured: laid-back one minute, active the next. As excellent storytellers, tabaxi often draw crowds with their words—like the ever-talkative Gemini.

Tabaxi who venture beyond their homes do so out of intense curiosity. Their fixations and obsessions are intense, varied, and liable to change rapidly. Because of their shared traits, Gemini will find kinship with this race, and easily engage with the story through a tabaxi character.

9 Cancer: Firbolg

Also found in Volo’s Guide to Monsters, firbolgs act as guardians of nature and share several traits with the sign of the crab. They are typically gentle and avoid direct conflict, preferring to accomplish their goals peacefully. However, they are fearsome when provoked, calling to mind a Cancer’s mood swings.

Since firbolgs rarely leave their homes, choosing this race allows Cancers to flex their imaginations. Crafting a backstory describing why their character left their isolated home creates emotional investment, making the game fulfilling for this emotional sign.

8 Leo: Dragonborn

Proud and honorable, dragonborns dislike failure and strive to be best at what they do. Their noble bearing is similar to a Leo’s, and their presence commands notice.

Leos love being the center of attention, and playing a dragonborn makes their character hard to ignore. Generous and supportive, they love to surround themselves with friends, and thus understand the dragonborn’s devotion to clan. Since the sign of the lion is always on a quest for greatness, the dragonborn’s similar philosophy makes an excellent choice for a Leo to roleplay.

7 Virgo: Vedalken

The vedalken, introduced in Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravinica, endlessly chase perfection. This trait appeals to Virgos, who value hard work and meticulous dedication. Vedalken acknowledge that true perfection is impossible; however, they rejoice in this, and see it as an opportunity to improve themselves. Perfectionistic, critical Virgos can learn from this outlook in their own lives.

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Vedalken are highly intelligent, further drawing the attention of Virgos, who love intellectual exercise. A vedalken adventurer provides this sign with an opportunity to use their active minds and chase in-game goals.

6 Libra: Half Elf

As children of two worlds, half elves often have a knack for bringing others together. They are relatively rare and have little contact with others like themselves. Because of this, half elves are often adaptable, able to get along with humans, elves, and all others—much like people-pleasing Libras.

This kind of character gives Libra an opportunity to exercise their diplomatic skills in roleplay. Whether they’re holding together a group of unlikely adventuring companions or getting information out of NPCs, Libras will thrive as half elves.

5 Scorpio: Tiefling

In the world of D&D, many are suspicious of tieflings due to their infernal origins. Because of this, tieflings themselves are mistrustful by nature. It takes a great deal of work to gain a tiefling’s confidence; however, once won over, they are staunchly loyal companions. This hard-earned trust is a key quality also found in Scorpios.

Mysterious, passionate Scorpios will find the tiefling background intriguing. It provides the opportunity to create a dark and intense backstory for their character, and explore those themes in their roleplaying.

4 Sagittarius: Gnome

Gnomes are inquisitive, cheerful, and value freedom. Like Sagittarians, they love to travel and explore. They often take to adventuring as a way to see as much as they can of the big, wonderful, fascinating world.

Playing as a gnome gives Sagittarians a chance to exercise their curious nature. Investigative and bold, they will leave no stone unturned and no item behind throughout the campaign. For those under this sign, games—like life—are ultimately about fun, and a gnome’s playful disposition embodies that spirit.

3 Capricorn: Dwarf

Dedicated and persistent, both dwarves and Capricorns take themselves and their work seriously. Tradition and kin are important to both, and often serve as powerful motivators in games and in real life respectively.

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This sign understands dwarves’ reluctance to open up, as well as their capacity for holding grudges. Roleplaying this race comes easily to a Capricorn, and provides an opportunity to exercise their fiercer side. The sign of the goat always sees things though to the end—and a dwarf follows through with every swing of the hammer.

2 Aquarius: Elf

Aquarians are forward thinkers; they dislike minutia and prefer to look at the big picture. Because of this, they will appreciate the longitudinal outlook of centuries-old elves.

Refined and ethereal, elves often keep to themselves, and are sometimes regarded as aloof. Aquarians are no stranger to this perception, as they too can seem cold and distant. However, in a D&D campaign, an Aquarian’s sharp wit and love of intellectual discussion perfectly aligns with the elven disposition, and keeps them engaged with the game and the party.

1 Pisces: Kalashtar

Intuitive, sensitive Pisceans have an almost psychic empathy about them—and because of this, will be drawn to the mental magic of the Kalashtar. Fusions of humans and spirits from the dream plane, these beings from the Eberron: Rising From The Last War expansion possess unique telepathic abilities.

Like the sign of the fish, these hybrid are humans quiet, compassionate, and spiritual; often belonging to monk classes or backgrounds. Pisceans possess a heaviness of soul, further aligning them with the Kalashtar, who are haunted by the spirits that inhabit them.

Zodiac artwork via blende12 on Pixabay

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