World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: 5 Best DPS Classes (& 5 Worst)

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: 5 Best DPS Classes (& 5 Worst)

Nothing says “domination” in Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft more than annihilating bosses and their minions in raids. Likewise, players prove their character’s potential by pummeling other players to the ground in PVP. Interestingly, regardless of approach, players often end up choosing the same Classes when it comes to reliable DPS builds. Moreover, it seems certain Classes sit on their respective thrones as the best DPS Classes in World of Warcraft meta.

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Interestingly, while Warcraft tries to ensure a balance between Class builds, certain Classes work best in other roles except the DPS. In turn, certain Classes just fail to dominate PVP circles just as other Classes synergize so well with their damage output. However, just which Classes work best as DPS? Moreover, which Classes should DPS fans not pick?

10 Great: Marksmanship Hunter

Nothing beats a good aim, and the Marksmanship Hunter specializes in securing high damage in a short amount of time. DPS fans love the Marksmanship Hunter for its solid take on damage, as it boasts the highest values in terms of single-target and AOE damage without relying on pets. Of course, Marksmanship Hunter does have a risk in terms of survivability (no pet), middling mobility, and inconsistent damage ratings. However, its straightforward kit does make it an ever-reliable base DPS class.

Moreover, Marksmanship Hunter boasts some of the best cooldowns, especially in terms of cleave and AOE. Skills such as Chimaera Shot and Trick Shots allow Marksmanship Hunters to boast 2-target and 3-target (with as many as six targets) cleaves, respectively. Regardless, Wild Spirits, Explosive Shot, and Volley easily rake up damage numbers quickly.

9 Pass: Arms Warrior

DPS fans admire the Arms Warrior for their weapon mastery in the lore, which in turn reflects on their flexibility as a class. They have decent single-target damage, and can even have setups dedicated for burst AOEs, multitargeting, and even cleaving. Moreover, their mobility skills and defensive capabilities make them decent for defensive positions as well.

Unfortunately, they have a rather bland and slow rotation that takes time to increase their damage output. Moreover, some players only see real payoff if they invest in either bursting AOE (Warbreaker) or perform with sustained multi-targets (Cleave).

8 Great: Balance Druid

Despite its challenging nature, mastering a Balance Druid pays off due to their base qualities. Unlike other DPS classes, the Balance Druid boasts multi-target spells alongside massive AOE and damage-over-time (DOT) effects. Spells such as Starfall and Starfire easily form the core of the Balance Druid’s nuking potential. However, it also has insane utility potential with crowd control and healing. Unfortunately, limited Astral Power and lack of mastery do pose a threat to making the Balance Druid underperform.

Interestingly, the Balance Druid easily triumphs in terms of DPS, especially in crucial fights that involve a ton of minions all at once. Starfall becomes a go-to spell due to its stellar cooldown time. Moreover, Convoke the Spirits (Night Fae Covenant) can give enemies a world of hurt with its huge burst potential, despite its 2-minute cooldown.

7 Pass: Fury Warrior

Players tired of the rather slow Arms Warrior will delight in the fast-paced gameplay of its Fury counterpart. Fury Warriors boast much smoother gameplay, courtesy of its straightforward weapons rotation. Enrage and Rampage boost Fury Warrior’s damage build-up to decent levels. Moreover, it has great defenses (thanks to Rallying Cry, Spell Reflection, Ignore Pain), decent mobility (Heroic Leap, Intervene, Charge), and attack buffs.

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Unfortunately, the Fury Warrior might end up having too quick a rotation for players to follow. Moreover, Fury Warriors need to deal with rather long cooldowns that can ruin its damage potential, especially with the wrong timing.

6 Great: Unholy Death Knight

PVP fans might not appreciate the Unholy Death Knight for its insane DPS output and burst potential. However, its synergy of damage-over-time and crowd control abilities gives it the potential to deal some of the highest AOE burst and single-target damage in raids. For instance, Death Grip serves as great crowd control and aggro tool, with Death’s Advance making them immune to knockbacks. Meanwhile, raid talent Anti-Magic Zone gives the Unholy Death Knight a raid cooldown in the form of 20-percent less spell damage.

As with Battle for Azeroth, the Unholy Death Knight stills rakes in damage numbers with its Bursting Sores combo. This skill, when used in tandem with other rotations, make the Unholy Death Knight a bane for six immediate opponents.

5 Pass: Frost Death Knight

Death Knights have been regaining their status as a reliable DPS option in Shadowlands, courtesy of new Shadowlands features such as the Anti-Magic Zone and the ever-reliable Death Grip. In terms of Frost Death Knight, fans might appreciate the Breath of Sindragosa’s high cleave and burst damage. Unfortunately, the kit itself becomes cooldown-dependent, especially with the Breath.

Not to mention, it has limited mobility and relies on AMZ and Death Grip, two skills the Unholy Death Knight already possesses. In turn, players who want to use a Death Knight may as well opt for the Unholy Death Knight for its damage output.

4 Great: Shadow Priest

Bosses and minions with pesky health bars become perfect targets for the Shadow Priest and its multi-DOTs. At its core, Shadow Priest takes care of their own with self-healing skills (e.g., Devouring Plague, Vampiric Touch) and boasts great sustain when it comes to multi-target damage. Granted, players meet great challenges controlling a Shadow Priest due to movement and timing limitations. However, the Shadow Priest easily becomes a nightmare against opponents, given the right rotation.

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Essentially, Shadow Priest’s go-to Devouring Plague now reestablished this class as the supreme when it comes to damage funneling. Moreover, the Shadow Priest’s handy utilities and available AOE make them viable DPS/Healer hybrids.

3 Pass: Feral Druid

Of all Druid builds, it’s the Feral Druid that works best for melee. In turn, players rely on the Feral Druid for great survival options, mobility, decent cooldown, and even great single-target damage. Feral Druids rely heavily on Bloodtalons, which is a great damage boost for base rotations. Moreover, finisher Primal Wrath can rake in high DPS when used properly with the rest of their combos. Unfortunately, Feral Druid doesn’t seem to bring enough DPS for a melee-oriented kit.

Moreover, it doesn’t help that Feral Druids also rely on a rather slow damage build-up in order to maximize its DPS. Additionally, despite boasting high single-target damage, it doesn’t hold up in terms of burst. Lastly, some players may get annoyed with the demand put on resource management.

2 Great: Affliction Warlock

A dead DPS is a useless DPS, and the Affliction Warlock can turn the tide with a pairing of multi-target damage and decent survivability. At its core, the Affliction Warlock is a great option for a Warlock subclass as it boasts immense single-target damage and high cleave damage. However, this class can take care of its own with spread cleave and powerful bursts when its primary skills remain on cooldown.

Unfortunately, the Affliction Warlock does need time for its high DPS numbers to shine, and enemies can exploit this setup period. Either way, Malefic Rupture’s burst potential can do wonders with Affliction Warlock staples, making them great for multi-DOTs the class already has going on in the raid.

1 Pass: Survival Hunter

Contrary to long-ranged Hunters, the Survival Hunter boasts the ability to take down opponents from a close range. In turn, its kit highly revolves around moving around with pets. Ideally, the Survival Hunter can boast great damage with its Ferocity pets, as well as provide decent survivability and self-healing.

With the right rotations, the Survival Hunter can deal high damage over time. Unfortunately, players may sometimes need to rely on pets solely for high damage output. Moreover, it has a weak burst for a melee class. As such, the Survival Hunter might be a class to skip, especially for those who want high-performing DPS characters.

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