Wreckfest Update Adds Winter Fest Tournament | Game Rant

Wreckfest Update Adds Winter Fest Tournament | Game Rant

Though the December holiday season has passed it is still winter in the northern hemisphere, and video game developers continue to celebrate. Overwatch fans can still access a winter-themed Hanamura map, for example, and yesterday Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment announced the launch of a Winter Fest tournament in its racing game Wreckfest.

The headlining event in Wreckfest‘s Winter Fest tournament is “Snowball Run,” in which players can use the Power Rocket item to launch giant snowballs at their opponents, destroying their vehicles and different set pieces around the snowy, slippery tracks, based on a short trailer released for the January 2021 update. Demolition races, demolition derbies, and time attack modes in the THQ Nordic-published title are also winter-themed, and “top players” can earn a reward car called the Starbeast SS.

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Yesterday’s update also fixes issues with different systems, such as Sony DualShock and DualSense controllers not functioning properly on PC, and it adjusts gameplay and audio features. For example, Bugbear said roof decorations will no longer “deform wildly,” and the “Ambiance” volume control in Settings will affect all track-side noises.

Wreckfest first became available via Early Access in 2014, and since then it has continued to grow and expand with a PC release in 2018 followed by versions of Wreckfest on PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. In its community thread, Bugbear said fans have been asking to see another event featuring snow after its holiday special “a few years back,” so hopefully the snowball carnage that comes with Winter Fest will help appease those who are sticking with the racing game.

Wreckfest is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Bugbear Entertainment

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