Cyberpunk 2077: All Northside Hidden Gem Locations | Game Rant

Cyberpunk 2077: All Northside Hidden Gem Locations | Game Rant

The game came out of the stumbling blocks upon its launch but Cyberpunk 2o77 does have a lot to keep players busy. Whether or not players like the NCPD, the police force offers many Hustles for V to go out and complete for fun and profit.

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One of the Hustles players can do for the NCPD is to collect the Hidden Gems. These usually tend to involve V finding a body or container, collecting impressive loot, and getting a data shard that tells the story of how it got there. Hidden Gems aren’t marked on any map making them quite difficult to find for anyone without the know-how.

NOTE: Due to the game’s generally glitchy nature, sometimes Hidden Gems will randomly not spawn. Try to leave the area, wait for 24 in-game hours, then return to the area to see if this fixes the issue. Also, as none of these Hidden Gems have names, we will simply be listing them in the order they appear in this article.

13 Hidden Gem 1

Players can find this first Hidden Gem by following the road that marks the northernmost border of Northside. Players need to keep out for some shoddy buildings near a fenced-in area. There will also be a nicer large white building nearby. Players will have to offroad to enter the area where they can find some dead bodies lying next to a car.

12 Hidden Gem 2

Players can this Hidden Gem by taking a road that goes between the two large factories to the north of Northside. This is near where the two extra-large smokestacks are on the map. Players still having a hard time locating it should keep an eye out for the Barely Illegal sign as they drive on the main road. Players can make their way into the fenced-in area to find several bodies to loot.

11 Hidden Gem 3

Just south of Hidden Gem 2, there is a large warehouse players can find. There are drones and turrets in the area so make sure to come armed so they go down easily. Once players make their way all the way to the back of Warehouse A, they can find a chest with the loot they desire.

10 Hidden Gem 4

Players wanting this Hidden Gem need to head near the oceanfront. There is a line of six sphericle tanks. The hidden gem is on top of the second tank when driving towards them from the west.

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Once players get to the tanks, it’s easy to get up to the top. There’s no need for parkour, just walk up the ramped stairway to get to the Hidden Gem.

9 Hidden Gem 5

Players can find this Hidden Gem right next to a shop with two neon signs reading Sex Shop XXX in the southwest part of Northside. Players can drive just past this building to see drones patrolling an open area in front of some garages. Players can fight the drones or simply run in past them to get inside the building and find this Hidden Gem.

8 Hidden Gem 6

This Hidden Gem is incredibly close by to Hidden Gem 5. On the same corner as the store with the Sex Shop XXX sign, players can take three lefts until they completely circle behind the building. Once there, they can find the body they need to loot next to a police car.

7 Hidden Gem 7

Players can travel slightly northeast from Hidden Gem 6 until they locate a large parking lot between two buildings. Players then need to go into the back alley behind the Brain Wash nearby. Players can find the loot they desire at the bottom of the stairs there.

6 Hidden Gem 8

This Hidden Gem is located in the same area that players can find the Merc Needed gig Occupational Hazard. Players need to be on the lookout for a large amount of red shipping containers stacker on top of each other.

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Inbetween two containers there is a small space that players can climb up onto shortly after getting into the area. Here is where they’ll find the body they need to loot.

5 Hidden Gem 9

After getting Hidden Gem 8, there’s little reason not to grab this big blue storage container of loot as it’s right nearby. Players take the large staircase nearby then turn left. Once they spot the container under a DTR sign, they’ll need a body skill of six to break their way inside.

4 Hidden Gem 10

After getting Hidden Gem 9, players can turn directly around and exit the storage container while heading straight to find their next chance to score excellent loot. Players will eventually run into a gate, which requires a vehicle to ram into it to enter the area. Steal a car, break inside, and parkour up all the shipping containers to get to the dead body and case with the loot for V.

3 Hidden Gem 11

Players can fast travel to the All Foods Plant and head south until they reach a bridge that they’ll need to jump to get under. Once under the bridge, players need to work their way to the lowest point possible. There are a group of people gathered nearby, but players should ignore them and go to the fenced-off area nearby. After climbing over the fence, players can find the body to loot next to a burning car.

2 Hidden Gem 12

Players can find this Hidden Gem northeast of a drop point in the southernmost part of Northside. It’s hidden behind the back of a building behind a barbed-wire covered wall. Players can use an old broken car next to a storage container to jump up and over the wall to get inside. Players can then find several dead bodies near where it looks like a piece of machinery crashed into the ground.

1 Hidden Gem 13

There is an area where an Assault in Progress can take place next to the drop point in the southernmost part of Northside. There is a garage area that has drones patrolling it. Players can take down the drones and climb up the stairs nearby to find this Hidden Gem.

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