Why Xbox Gamers Should Embrace Rechargeable Batteries Over Disposable Ones

Why Xbox Gamers Should Embrace Rechargeable Batteries Over Disposable Ones

For Xbox gamers, there are very few scenarios that are more infuriating than the following. Imagine being in the heat of the moment playing a competitive game – everything is going well when suddenly the buttons on the controller fail to register. In this situation, the worst-case scenario happens: the batteries that came with your Xbox Series X controller sputtered out. In this instance, investing in the Dual Charging Stand Kit for X-BOX One & Series X controllers could save an emergency trip to the store for a pack of AA batteries.

The desire for long-lasting gaming is a requirement for Xbox gamers now more than ever. While PlayStation gamers have enjoyed rechargeable controllers since the PlayStation 3 days, Xbox users had to rely on purchasing rechargeable batteries. Over the years, convenience is one of the main factors when it comes to using disposable batteries over rechargeable ones. Having a pack on standby ensures that you’ll always have access to your controller without waiting for it to charge.

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However, like the above example, there isn’t always a guarantee that gamers will have access to batteries. Add on to the mess of properly disposing of AA batteries to avoid hazards and it becomes clear that rechargeable batteries are easier to work with. Gamers on the other half of the spectrum may want to embrace modernity but are unsure where to start. The Dual Charging Stand Kit offered by Game Rant includes two controller slots on a single dock so gamers can always have a back-up docked. The kit also comes bundled with two rechargeable battery packs that fully charge within two hours.


The Dual Charging Stand Kit also looks clean and unimposing on nightstands, tables, and other locations. There aren’t any wires to untangle and manage, connecting from the controller to the dock. The only wire used is a 1m charging cable for the dock to a power source itself. Just set the controller with the battery pack onto the dock and let it work its magic. It’s lightweight and its slim design ensures that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Another cool feature that the Dual Charging Stand Kit has to offer is a real-time LED indicator that is easy to read. The indicator turns from red, signaling that the unit is charging, to blue to show that the controller has fully charged. This helps the user prevent their controllers from overcharging. For gamers who are afraid of waiting all day to charge their controllers, the fast-charge feature of the charging dock ensures their controller will be charged within 2 hours. That’s enough to take a break from gaming or find a unique way to stretch while continuing the assault in-game.

The Dual Charging Stand Kit for X-BOX One & Series X Controllers can be purchased on the Game Rant store page.

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