Bot Turns Reddit Arguments into Ace Attorney | Game Rant

Bot Turns Reddit Arguments into Ace Attorney | Game Rant

Reddit is known for many things, including how heated arguments can get on the social media platform. From legitimate grievances to trivial nitpicks, these disagreements of course differ from similar real-life cases where they occur purely through the typed medium. But if there’s one video game series that could perhaps add some physical flair to these Reddit quarrels, it would most likely be Ace Attorney.

User micah posted a YouTube video of their bot which turns Reddit arguments into courtroom scenes from Ace Attorney. Using an example dispute from the r/Confession subreddit, micah shows how the three parties in the scene would be represented through the Capcom series.

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First, a redditor would add “!objectionbot” or “!objection-bot” to any comment thread. The bot then checks for the most common redditors in the comment chain. The most common user is represented as main character Phoenix Wright, and the second-most common becomes antagonist Miles Edgeworth. Everyone else in the comment chain becomes a random character, with the third-most common redditor in the example argument being shown as Maya Fey. A neural net determines the tone of the comment, resulting in an “Objection!” if the mood or the score is negative. The bot then creates the video and links it in the thread.

The list of supported subreddits for the bot is quite extensive, with a strong focus on gaming communities, including r/csgo, r/DestinyTheGame, and the most popular gaming subreddit in 2020, r/leagueoflegends. With these subreddits often having heated debates on topics like game meta, lore, and other areas, this bot will almost certainly be put to good use.

As for Ace Attorney, the long-running visual novel series continues to maintain a dedicated fanbase of considerable size. The recent Capcom leak included sales data for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which sold particularly well on Nintendo Switch, PC, and even PS4. However, its commercial performance on Xbox One was considerably lacking.

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