Detective Pikachu Easter Egg Found in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Detective Pikachu Easter Egg Found in Pokemon Sword and Shield

It has been over a year since the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. Even though the title may be considered older by current video game standards, the development team has kept its players online and in-game with a variety of activities such as cycling Wild Area events, adding new Pokemon to the Galar region roster, and keeping competitive online play active. So it is no wonder that fans discover something new every day, including Easter eggs that tie the game together with other aspects of the Pokemon franchise.

Fans are constantly sharing the Easter eggs they find in the games that they currently play. Some of the most popular Pokemon Sword and Shield Easter eggs that players have caught in the game include the iconic cameo of Pokemon game designer Shigeki Morimoto, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con color matching with a player’s real-life console, and even the consistent ghost girl encounters players often find across titles. However, this time, the most recently found Easter egg focuses on the franchise’s 3D mystery film, Detective Pikachu.

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In a recent Reddit thread, user aSuspiciousPanda shared a screenshot of their Pokemon Sword and Shield game that alludes to the 2019 Detective Pikachu movie, or the game that inspired it. Standing in front of the Pokemon Center in the game’s seaport town, Hulbury, the player’s character is seen talking to a normal-looking NPC. However, the NPC specifically mentions the existence of a Pokemon that seems to be making its living as a “great detective.” With Detective Pikachu being the only recent topic that is related to the NPC conversation, user replies on the Reddit thread were quick to make the connection between the game and movie.

Considering how late the Easter egg was discovered, other Reddit users on the thread immediately chimed in that they have never seen this specific scene or conversation before, even during their playthrough of Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s main story and DLCs. Comments suggest that the NPC’s speech bubble changes depending on the time of day that they are spoken to, so players will have to time it just right to witness the conversation content in person.

Though this cute Easter eggs seems such a small thing compared to others before it, fans are becoming hopeful that this may mean a Detective Pikachu sequel movie might be in the works. However, since The Pokemon Company has yet to officially announce anything, fans will have to be content with finding more interesting Easter eggs in the current Pokemon games currently out in the market.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

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