Fate/Grand Order Gets Prisma Illya Rerun Event | Game Rant

Fate/Grand Order Gets Prisma Illya Rerun Event | Game Rant

Fate/Grand Order players have had over a month of brand new content since the Christmas 2019 rerun in November. However, the next rerun brings back a collaboration that originally happened over two years ago. From January 20th to February 2nd, everyone can play through the Prisma Codes Re-install event.

With all the different timelines in Fate, the Kaleid (Prisma Illya) spin-off defined itself by adopting a Madoka Magica-like story instead of the normal Grail War plot. Now masters have been transported to a world of magical girls and must team up with Illya to discover the dark secrets in this paradise.

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Compared to more grind-heavy lottery events like Gilfest, the Prisma Codes rerun is only gated through a mission system and raid boss mechanic that players are accustomed to. Even combined with needing to farm event currency for the shop items, it shouldn’t take more than a few AP-restoring apples to finish the rerun on natural time.

To help players out, the event bonus servants will get an increased attack and bond bonus during main, free, or raid quest battles. This includes every magical girl that appears in the story such as Illya, Mash, and Medb, but the rerun also adds Miyu and Shuten-Douji (Caster) to this list.

Note that this is the last chance Fate/Grand Order players have to get Chloe von Einzbern, a 4-star Archer servant and one of the bests welfares in-game, especially for newcomers. Completing the event story will make Chloe permanent while her ascension material and extra NP copies are rewards from missions.

Fate/Grand Order is available on Android and iOS.

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