Mountain Dew is Releasing a Body Pillow | Game Rant

Mountain Dew is Releasing a Body Pillow | Game Rant

Mountain Dew and video games have often gone hand in hand. Now, for anyone who is interested, the soda brand is making one of the most unique and downright odd purchases available in its “Dew Store” in the coming months; a body pillow.

Mountain Dew is no stranger to mixing its soda with other products or foods, and of course, putting forth massive promotions. Last year Mountain Dew and Doritos combined to create soda flavored chips, for example. But even after the high-caffeine drink wears off, gamers need their rest. One way to get it is with a large Mountain Dew soda bottle-shaped pillow.

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The massive body pillow comes in at approximately 4.5 feet tall and 1.6 feet wide. For comparison’s sake, a standard 20 oz bottle of soda is 8.86 inches tall by 2.87 inches wide. The design is very much in line with the standard MTN DEW look. While Mountain Dew and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War promotions have been going on, with COD information on the bottle, this is not that. Instead, the bottle is the traditional but fairly iconic MTN DEW green, black, and red. It is designed to be very comfortable to hold, fluffy, and something that can be cuddled with thanks to its size and comfort.

The DEW Body Pillow is a larger-than-life replica of a MTN DEW bottle, perfect for those cold, winter nights when all you need is the comfort of your MTN DEW to give you those warm, fuzzy feelings.

The press release material reads almost comically. While Mountain Dew drinks have kept gamers refreshed and up until the wee hours of the morning for years, the press material explains that the DEW Body Pillow is perfect for cold nights and meant to give consumers “warm fuzzy feelings.”

The gaming community has almost become obsessed with Mountain Dew, and Doritos for that matter. In fact, in some ways, it has become a meme. Recently, a Twitter user created Gamer Ramen, combining Mountain Dew and Doritos to create a dish that only the most hardcore of the gaming audience would adore. For the very reason of the crazy online memes and fun, the Mountain Dew Body Pillow may just do well when sales go live (which is anticipated to be in March).

Although some of it is certainly silly, companies like Mountain Dew and Doritos have become synonymous with gaming thanks to such aggressive video game promotion. And in fact, it has done them well. And even with all of the memes, many simply enjoy the products and still love to scarf down the chips and soda during some late-night battle royale sessions with friends.

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