New Bravely Default 2 Trailer Shows Off The Snow Country of Rimedahl

New Bravely Default 2 Trailer Shows Off The Snow Country of Rimedahl

Bravely Default 2 launches next month for the Nintendo Switch, and as the game gets closer to release, more details are emerging about the world the game takes place in. A new trailer for Bravely Default 2 shows off a previously unseen corner of Excillant, the Snow Country of Rimedahl.

Until now, players of the Bravely Default 2 demo had only ever seen the Desert Oasis of Savalon, exploring the city set in the middle of a scorching desert. Players were able to sample this one area and try out a few job classes. But, the game is set on the continent of Excillant, which is divided into five kingdoms, so there is still much more to explore. So far, the game has managed to retain many of the mechanics and features that made the original game so successful.

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With this new trailer, fans are getting a first look at the second of five kingdoms in Excillant, the Snow Country of Rimedahl. It is described as a religious country that worships the Dragon God, a being that saved the Rimedahl Church around 1000 years ago, and from that event, the country was born. The Dragon God is said to sleep in the Dragon Cave, though at this point not much else is known. There is also a village nearby called Enderno. With the world being completely different, there looks to be little overlap with previous entries in the franchise, unlike Bravely Second, which was a direct sequel to the first game.

The demo of Bravely Default 2 left fans with likes and dislikes, but there is reason to believe that Square Enix is listening to critique, and is looking to deliver something fans will enjoy. After the reveal of Rimedahl, it looks like it is on the right track.

Bravely Default 2 launches for Nintendo Switch on February 26th.

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