The Last of Us 2 Director Interested in Making Punisher, Half-Life Games

The Last of Us 2 Director Interested in Making Punisher, Half-Life Games

With the release of The Last of Us 2, Creative Director Neil Druckmann now has an impressive resume backing his quality as both a game director as well as a writer for some of Sony’s best exclusive titles. So, seeing where the developer would like to take his talents outside of the scope of the Last of Us and Uncharted series that he is known for is an exciting idea for fans.

In a reply to a question tweeted out by Greg Miller, Druckmann answered exactly what existing properties he would want to develop a game for if given the chance. Considering the success of some of the developer’s previous work in titles like The Last of Us 2, fans are already excited about the idea of these games actually getting made.

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Out of all IPs available, Druckman picked five different ones that range from other game franchises, to comic books, to anime, including: Punisher, Half-Life, Ghost Rider, Hotline Miami, and Cowboy Bebop. One of those game franchises in particular that has fans excited is the prospect of is the perpetual cliffhanger that is Half-Life, possibly finally getting an ending at the quality of The Last of Us. Other anime fans have also used the Cowboy Bebop suggestion as a springboard to suggest a number of other classic anime titles, such as Princess Mononoke and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

In responses to other fans, Druckmann also mentioned an interest in making a Kiki’s Delivery Service open-world title as an additional inclusion after the first three entries. Of course, all of these franchises are huge, and the idea that the Creative Director behind the award winning The Last of Us 2 is enticing for fans looking to see some of these properties transposed into games. The Punisher and Ghost Rider ideas have caught on especially fiercely among fans, with players really hoping to see a developer like Naughty Dog to bring out a quality game about these Marvel icons.

Of course, this is all wishes and “perfect world” scenarios where Naughty Dog and Sony are able to secure the rights to develop any of the titles on this list. However, even though the actual possibilities of Druckmann actually getting the chance to work on any of these titles is slim to none, this is still a decent insight into the mind of the developer. So, it would still be interesting to imagine what the developer can do with the same attention to detail as The Last of Us when working on some of these iconic franchises.

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