Hitman 3: Apex Predator Mission Guide | Game Rant

Hitman 3: Apex Predator Mission Guide | Game Rant

As the newest installment to the Hitman series, Hitman 3 continues to offer the player a variety of creative choices when it comes to disposing of targets. However, there is always usually a guide to help players when they might make one of the many possible mistakes in Hitman 3.

With the “Apex Predator” mission in Berlin, things take a drastic turn in difficulty in Hitman 3, with multiple possible targets in a huge crowd of ravers. This time, there are no mission stories or handlers that will be able to assist players.

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For the mission, fans are required to assassinate five out of ten possible targets. There are multiple ways that this can be done, but for fans looking for more specific ideas, here is a guide on how to complete the Apex Predator mission in Hitman 3.

Targets will often be disguised and patrol areas by themselves, but sometimes they will interact with each other. If players are crafty, they can take advantage of this and kill them both, which will complete challenges that accompany the Hitman 3 missions.

Agent Swan can be found inspecting near the water tanks on the map. Players can either attack him near the ledge when he takes a break, or create a gas leak where he likes to take smoke breaks.

Agent Banner is positioned above the partying citizens on level-1, looking for Agent 47 below. Simply distract nearby technicians by tampering with a fusebox and push Agent Banner to his doom.

Agent Green is located on the roof of the club overlooking the Chill Out location. Players can either push him off whenever there is a chance, or shoot him from the sniping nest in the radio tower.

Agent Thames is positioned in the back area of the club. Thames constantly patrols the area and hassles with nearby Ragnarok bikers. Once he goes into a secluded area, there will be no people to witness the murder.

Another way to kill Thames while also completing the “Crane Trauma” challenge is to tamper with the crane on his patrol path. Power the crane on with a fuse where the bikers were talking, then once it powers on and Thames walks into the spotlight, drop a load of concrete on him.

Agent Chamberlin occasionally wanders the dancefloor and inspects the security desk by Hirschmuller’s office. Gamers can either overflow the sink in the bathroom to distract him or set up an electrical hazard with a nearby electrical socket.

Agent Lowenthal is disguised as a biker around the drug packaging garage on Level-0. Lowenthal is waiting for a meal, so if players disguise themselves as a delivery driver and get close enough to kill him, they will complete “The Wurst Disguise” challenge. If fans actually deliver the food to Lowenthal, they can also finish “The Wurst Delivery” challenge.

Agent Davenport has camouflaged as a party goer who occasionally stops by the bar for drinks. If players pick up a staff disguise and poison his drink, he will head over to a nearby bathroom to throw up. Gamers can then kill him there with no distractions.

Agent Rhodes can be found patrolling the Grow Room on level-1. The only distraction is a couple of bikers outside that can possibly interfere with the kill. A couple of spots to kill Rhodes can be found when he is in the security room, or by using the many gadgets in Hitman 3 to tamper with the faulty wiring outside. Killing Rhodes also grants the player access to his silenced assault rifle.

If gamers also kill Rhodes by poisoning the ventilation in the grow house, they finish the “Paging Dr. Greenthumb” challenge.

Agent Tremaine is a sniper set up on level-2 with a couple of guards to protect him. After assassinating his guards, he is free to kill as the player sees fit. There are a couple of extra challenges that accompany this kill. Gamers can choose to kill Agent Tremaine with his own sniper rifle by stealing it off the tripod. Once players position themselves on the radio tower by the start of the level, they can take out Tremaine with his own weapon.

If players also manage to take out Green and Swan, they will also receive the “Rule of Threes” achievement. Once other agents evacuate from hearing the gunshots, if the player takes one out, they can complete the “Drive it Home” challenge.

Agent Montgomery, the new chief of security, also patrols Level-1 while occasionally checking in with Agent Banner for updates. There are a couple of points where players can kill Montgomery, but if they disguise themselves as the club owner and schedule a meeting with him, they can lure him into the office.

Keep in mind that Montgomery will know that this is a trap and have all the other ICA agents surround Agent 47. If players can take care of all of them with the shotgun under the desk, they can complete the “It Was a FireFight” challenge.

Hitman 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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