More Bugsnax Content is in Development | Game Rant

More Bugsnax Content is in Development | Game Rant

Bugsnax was perhaps the biggest surprise of the next-generation console launch in late 2020. While Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls both seemingly delivered on high expectations, Bugsnax was the meme that became one of the PS5’s most popular launch releases. Now, developer Young Horses plans to rewards players who played Bugsnax and want more. In a recent interview, Bugsnax senior creative director Kevin Zuhn says there are more plans for the game.

Speaking with Kotaku, Zuhn was asked about a teaser for one of the game’s ending. The teaser hints that the story of Bugsnax isn’t over in a very curious way, befitting the game. Zuhn said he wasn’t willing to reveal just what the ending to Bugsnax was supposed to mean, even going so far as hinting it may be a red herring. However, Zuhn did add that Young Horses is “definitely not done working on Bugsnax yet.” Specifically, Zuhn says it plans to address a certain hanging plot thread.

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Though Zuhn is willing to say that Young Horses has plans for Bugsnax yet, they are not ready to share any more specific information. In fact, Zuhn makes it clear that even Young Horses doesn’t know exactly what to do with Bugsnax going forward. The team is apparently still working out what it wants to do post-launch, and as such it’s safe to say that no matter what Young Horses chooses to do with Bugsnax, it likely won’t be ready for some time.

The success of Bugsnax leaves Young Horses in an interesting position. First off, Bugsnax was released on PS5 as a PlayStation Plus title, meaning it was given out for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. It was also self-published by Young Horses. These two factors could mean that the team has already received most of its revenue upfront. Being a single-player title, there may not be much of an opportunity for post-launch revenue streams.

An expansion or DLC pack for Bugsnax may be the most immediately exciting options for fans, especially those who just played through Bugsnax and may want more. However, Young Horses may instead focus on a sequel that could allow it to form a partnership with a big publisher, potentially growing the studio and increasing the project’s scope.

Needless to say, Young Horses has a lot to think about, as Zuhn says. For the time being, the rush of having a popular PS5 launch game may still be lasting. Plus, there’s the clear opportunity of bringing Bugsnax to Nintendo and Xbox, if the deal with Sony for PS5 launch exclusivity ends. At the very least, fans can count on more Bugsnax news sometime in the future.

Bugsnax is available now on PC and PS5.

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Source: Kotaku

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