Wonder Woman 1984: 10 Hilarious Memes That Prove The Movie Makes No Sense

Wonder Woman 1984: 10 Hilarious Memes That Prove The Movie Makes No Sense

When Wonder Woman premiered in 2017, many fans were pleasantly surprised, mostly because they didn’t expect the film to be as amazing as it was. After multiple not-so-great DCEU movies, the expectations were low. Wonder Woman not only exceeded them by far but she also was a box-office hit. As a result, it was only a matter of time before a sequel of Wonder Woman’s solo adventures would come.

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Wonder Woman 1984‘s premiere was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And when it finally came out, it didn’t get as positive reviews as the first film. Fans liked many things about it but also noticed that multiple aspects of the film don’t make any sense.

10 Who Wants To Be Wonder Woman?

A lot of the trouble in the film originates from the fact that Barbara Minerva doesn’t like herself. She’s insecure, feels weak, and wants to be more like Diana. That’s what leads to Barbara making her fateful wish.

Barbara gains Diana’s strength and speed but loses what makes her good – her kindness. However, Diana is a kind person by nature, so if Barbara is now like her, she shouldn’t change into someone with little respect for human lives. It doesn’t totally add up.

9 No Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman’s iconic comic-book invisible jet makes its first DCEU appearance in Wonder Woman 1984. However, its origin is much different from the comics. In the source material, the jet is a custom-built aircraft designed specifically for Diana. In the film, Diana makes it invisible as she suddenly has a brand new power.

Even though she used the power only once before and that was on a cup of coffee, she suddenly has no trouble making a whole jet invisible. And as everybody knows, jets are much bigger than cups of coffee. But if the whole scene was only a figment of Wonder Woman’s imagination, it would almost make more sense.

8 Holding It Together

Wonder Woman 1984 puts a lot of importance on Wonder Woman saving the day when the situation is tough. However, it might be surprising to realize she’s a lot less involved in the world’s problems than one might think.

Wonder Woman spends a large portion of a hundred years in hiding, and even her brief stint as the savior of the world doesn’t change that. So even though her solo films do save the DCEU, quality-wise, Wonder Woman herself is just one cog in a larger machine.

7 Steve Is Out Of It

Steve Trevor made his comeback in Wonder Woman 1984, but in many ways, it felt like he didn’t move anywhere. The duo fought together in World War I. Steve knows Diana’s powers, how strong and fast she is, that she can do many great things.

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Steve also realizes Diana is capable of doing things no-one else can. Yet he’s once again surprised by her powers in Wonder Woman 1984 even though he has already spent enough time with Diana in the previous film to know better.

6 The Ultimate Bad Guy

Cheetah makes Diana’s life more difficult but it’s Maxwell Lord who’s the film’s ultimate bad guy. Even before he gets the power to grant wishes, Maxwell Lord tricks people into giving him what he wants. The only question that remains is “why?”.

Yes, Maxwell Lord is charismatic but people in the film somehow stop using their brains when dealing with him. As a result, they give him money or precious artifacts, when he asks, even though Lord’s track record is nothing to celebrate. In a way, trusting Maxwell Lord is just as silly as trusting a criminal.

5 The Greatest Mystery

When Diana makes the wish to see Steve again, the Dreamstone does bring him back. It doesn’t restore his body, though. Instead, Steve’s mind ends up in a random man’s body. Diana and Steve reunite and rekindle their romance.

Despite the fact that Diana is a moral person, and so is Steve, neither of them asks what happened to the man whose body Steve occupies. Are his mind and soul still in there? This meme provides the answer thanks to the animated movie Soul (2020). According to the meme, the man’s soul traveled to the Great Beyond and only returned when Steve abandoned his body.

4 I Wish To…

The plot twist in Wonder Woman 1984 is that every single person has to renounce their wish. Only if they do, the planet will be safe. And surprise, surprise, after a heartfelt speech from Diana, everybody does it. But what if somebody wished for something not selfish?

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A blind person could wish to see, a man who can’t walk wished to be able to. It’s highly doubtful they would just give up this option because some beautiful lady on TV asked them to and spoke something about truth.

3 A True Love

For someone as wise as Diana, the way she got attached to Steve is another thing that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Diana and Steve grew close while they fought side by side in World War I. That much is true.

On the other hand, they spent several weeks together, at best. Yet even 70 years later, Diana looks at nobody else. She doesn’t even have any friends. She might not date, but one could think she would at least build friendships. Instead, Diana looks at everyone like they are trash cans.

2 The Trash And The Art

The quality of the DCEU movies varies. Most of them didn’t get very high ratings from critics and audiences alike. Wonder Woman (2017) was the exception to the rule. Yet it seems like the second movie might end up in the trash category.

The reviews and ratings are much more critical, not to mention the film’s box-office results. Perhaps sometimes it’s best to wait and see how a film does before making a meme that makes fun of other films from the same cinematic universe.

1 Enemies Or Friends

Finally, there’s also the case of Diana’s friendship with Barbara. Surprisingly, many fans were more interested in the friendship between the two women than in the romance between Diana and Steve. Barbara is Diana’s first real friend after many decades.

It feels like a lost opportunity that the film does not show them spending more time together. What’s more, Cheetah’s story lacks a clear ending. Wonder Woman 1984 never shows whether she was punished for her actions, all it shares is that Barbara Minerva is still alive.

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