Future 2: 10 Issues You Have to Know Concerning the Exo Stranger

Future 2: 10 Issues You Have to Know Concerning the Exo Stranger

Exo Stranger was first launched in Future 1 and remained a thriller up till now with Future 2: Past Mild’s launch. Throughout the Warmind enlargement that centered round Ana Bray, gamers discovered that the Exo Stranger was the Elsie Bray. A puzzle from Vicarious Visions and the Misplaced Reminiscence Fragments on Mars revealed this key piece of data.

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Nevertheless, it wasn’t till Past Mild that gamers acquired a affirmation that she is certainly the granddaughter of the magnanimous scientist Clovis Bray. Dr. Elizabeth Bray was a scientist from the Golden Age who labored alongside her household and troubling penalties led her to this destiny of turning into the Exo Stranger.

10 She Had To Grow to be An Exo

Throughout the Born in Darkness quest, Exo Stranger defined to the Guardian that Clovis Bray I, her grandfather, wanted a “guinea pig” after Clovis Bray II, her father, died. She had a illness referred to as the “Clovis Curse” that may ultimately kill her and her solely possibility was to develop into an Exo. Her Clovis Bray I satisfied her to hitch him in his Exoscience analysis on Europa to avoid wasting her and himself. She did not belief him since he failed to avoid wasting her father’s Exo, however the Vex infestation of their analysis pressured her to develop into an Exo.

9 Clovis Killed Elsie-1

She was Elsie-1 after she grew to become an Exo, and had her recollections uploaded. In some unspecified time in the future, Clovis requested her if she skilled these mysterious, darkish desires that different Exos see. She asks Clovis, “the manufacturing course of creates an unknown cognitive artifact you possibly can’t resolve. And also you didn’t suppose to warn me?” Elsie-1 then vows to close down the Exo manufacturing. Entry 15 within the Clovis Bray Logbook explains that he killed Elizabeth-1 to guard his legacy. He created Elsie-2 and lied to her about her dying. Later, Elsie-2 found a reminiscence financial institution of Elizabeth-1 when preventing a Vex invasion and discovered the reality.

8 Not From This Timeline

She mentions all through Past Mild that in her unique timeline, Eramis lived, Guardians deserted the Mild, and Darkness thrived. She wanted a promising future to avoid wasting humanity and to forestall a second Collapse. This is the reason she watched the Guardian get resurrected by the Ghost purchase a Jumpship within the Cosmodrome, which was the primary mission in Future.

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She was the primary NPC, apart from the Ghost, that gamers see within the recreation. Additionally in Past Mild, she defined the rationale she requested Guardians to destroy the Black Coronary heart and that this timeline offers her hope.

7 Killed Ana Bray In The Darkish Future

Within the Born in Darkness quest, the Exo Stranger explains how she has saved Ana Bray looking for her previous which made her obsessive. Within the Exo Strangers’ unique timeline, she needed to kill Ana as a result of she used Darkness in merciless methods. Because the Exo Stranger is looping by time, she needed to kill her personal sister repeatedly. Ultimately, Elsie explains this to Ana and hopes that this timeline does not finish that very same method.

6 Caught In A Loop

Within the Remanents of Darkness legendary quest, the Exo Stranger reveals that “I’ve lived in a loop for thus lengthy”. The loop can also be talked about in Chapter 9: The Return in The Darkish Future lore e-book. She kills Ana Bray, Eris turns into unstoppable, and the Traveler shoots one other burst of Mild. That is the second she will get looped again to when Cayde-6 had simply develop into the Hunter Vanguard. She has been operating by time time and again to realize a future totally different from her unique timeline.

5 Met With Different NPCs, Vaguely

In Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 4, Rasputin sees somebody and exclaims, “You stand right here now and now and now many occasions”, he provides “Do you step ACROSS is there a world of worlds, an online, and also you a spider upon it. Are you looking for that one thread you want? Is that thread named victory?”.

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In Forsaken, Mara Sov mentions that she dreamt of a pal she can have and she or he would inform her that “A aspect ought to at all times be taken. Even when it is the unsuitable aspect.” That is the precise factor the Exo Stranger informed the Guardian in Future 1.

4 Worldline Zero

Dr. Elizabeth Bray was a famend inventor, however the Worldline Zero sword was her most intriguing invention. The lore of this unique sword exhibits somebody with the username “elbray”, Elsie Bray studying an e-mail from “wibray”, her sister Willa Bray. Her sister exhibits curiosity within the sword which makes Elsie take away all knowledge concerning this sword. Misplaced Reminiscence Fragments from Warmind, Elsie detailed her journey to create an Einstein-Rosen bridge for time-travel utilizing Vex tech. Elsie additionally says that she might disappear and that she is going to cover this weapon she created within the Core Terminus, which is the place she saved Worldline Zero. She leaves the final Fragment message for the Guardian to seek out since she has seen the long run when establishing this sword.

3 No Time To Clarify Rifle

No Time To Clarify was a Pulse Rifle from Future 1 that the Exo Stranger gave to the Guardian. Grimoire card from Future 1 exhibits that totally different researchers discovered totally different sources of the gun primarily based on numerous timelines. The Future 1 model of the gun had the phrase “Quickly” etched on the aspect. In Past Mild, the phrase says “Now” and refers to a single timeline evaluation the place the Golden Age rifle was enhanced sooner or later and despatched again in time. Clovis enters a portal and sees Elsie lifeless whereas No Time To Clarify is in her arms. He then gifted this rifle to Elsie when he returned from the long run.

2 She Would not Have A Ghost

In a teaser for Past Mild, the Exo Stranger was seen with a floating fish object by her aspect, just like a Ghost. She was not cast in Mild however she carries the identical aesthetics as Guardians. She disappears like a Guardian would, equally, Mara Sov does too. Both it’s from one other timeline, from the long run, or a product of Darkness. The Any Different Sky unique Sparrow from Past Mild might trace at what it’s. She explains that she wants new expertise to assist her when she restarts a loop. “After I get up, I want one thing acquainted to floor me. One thing I can carry again with me. It may very well be small.”

1 Who Was She Speaking To At Ishtar Academy

In Future 1, gamers spoke with the Exo Stranger on Venus within the Ishtar Academy. Whereas chatting with the Ghost and Guardian, she communicates with another person. Whereas chatting with that mysterious particular person, the Exo Stranger says, “Sure,  I am listening. They’re right here, with me.” Bungie has not but offered info on this iconic scene. Both gamers will study who she was speaking or maybe it’s a retcon.

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