Cyberpunk 2077: The Greatest Katanas (& The place To Discover Them)

Cyberpunk 2077: The Greatest Katanas (& The place To Discover Them)

Katanas are among the many greatest melee weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. These elegant bladed weapons are able to hanging shortly and dealing nice injury with every slice of the blade. Mix this with some fascinating weapon mods and skills and so they make the participant a power to be reckoned with.

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There are no less than seven Katanas within the sport starting from customary Arasaka designs to highly effective iconic weapons solely obtained by way of quests. For gamers fascinating in wielding these finely crafted swords, it’s essential to know which of them are the perfect and the right way to get hold of them.

The fundamental Katana within the sport is able to 5 assaults per second making it a quick hanging weapon. It is available in Uncommon, Epic, and Legendary variants every with their very own shade scheme and design. Weighing solely 4.5 kilos it’s a stable melee weapon for shut encounters or stealth assaults.

Katanas are wielded by quite a lot of opponents within the sport in each Uncommon and Epic tiers with the latter being a lot tougher to seek out. For gamers wanting a Legendary Katana there are two methods to get it:

  • Purchase one from Coach Fred on the Megabuilding H10 in Little China.
  • Craft One: Requires Degree 18 Crafting, Requires Edgerunner Artisan Perk, Prices 25 Uncommon Merchandise Elements, Prices 15 Epic Merchandise Elements, Prices 2 Legendary Merchandise Elements

The Black Unicorn is a singular variant of the usual Katana. Its principal perk is the distinctive design because the assault fee is decrease at 2.91 strikes a second. It boasts extra slots than a normal Katana with as much as 4 slots at Legendary rarity. Except for these modest benefits, it’s extra for gamers with a ardour for The Witcher 3.

The Black Unicorn can solely be obtained within the GOG model of the sport. As soon as the participant owns this model of the sport they’ll discover the Black Unicorn ready in V’s stash after they begin taking part in.

The Cocktail Stick is an fascinating Iconic Katana. The purple blade offers a base injury of 63 with every strike and might assault 2.9 occasions per second. This ends in a good DPS of 191. It additionally comes with some useful skills and perks:

  • +40-49 increase to Bodily injury
  • +18% increase to Important Injury
  • +10% probability to inflict Bleed.

It’s a bit gradual, however the injury is first rate and the Bleed shortens fights when it applies.

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The weapon could be obtained throughout the Computerized Love questline. It’s situated inside Evelyn’s dressing room at Clouds

Gamers can improve it to the Epic model with:

  • Grease Monkey Perk
  • 25 Unusual Merchandise Elements
  • 40 Uncommon Merchandise Elements
  • 50 Epic Merchandise Elements
  • 2 Legendary Merchandise Elements

It may be additional upgraded to Legendary with:

  • Edgerunner Artisan Perk

The surgically exact Scalpel Katana is a fast-hitting weapon with 5 assaults per second. With every strike dealing 145 injury that can lead to a DPS of 728.4.  Including to that injury are the next perks:

  • +92 – 113 Chemical injury
  • +92 – 113 Electrical injury
  • +92 – 113 Bodily injury
  • +92 – 113 Thermal injury

All of it however ensures having a bonus in opposition to any opponent kind.

The Scalpel is a reward for finishing the Facet Job Massive In Japan, it’ll be leaning in opposition to the barrels as soon as the participant has accomplished the search.

Upgrading to Epic tier requires:

  • Grease Monkey Perk
  • 25 Unusual Merchandise Elements
  • 40 Uncommon Merchandise Elements
  • 50 Epic Merchandise Elements
  • 2 Legendary Merchandise Elements

For Legendary the participant wants:

  • Edgerunner Artisan Perk

The Tsumetogi is quick dealing 5 assaults per second with every assault dealing 150 base injury. That ends in a pleasant DPS of 754.Four It additionally comes with some good perks and skills:

  • +96-118 Electrical Injury
  • +10 Electrical Resistance
  • +5% Important Hit Likelihood
  • +10% Important Hit Injury
  • +20% Likelihood to inflict Shock

This can be a nice Katana to make use of in opposition to extra robotic models susceptible to Shock results and Electrical injury.

The weapon is best to seek out if gamers are finishing the Pisces Facet Job. Throughout that mission, they’ll meet Maiko and some Tyger Claw gang bosses in a Clouds assembly room the place the sword is situated.

Upgrading this weapon to epic solely requires the Grease Monkey Perk and Legendary solely requires the Edgerunner Artisan. This makes it an affordable, however highly effective weapon to improve.

The Jinchu-Maru is an exceptional Katana. It strikes 4.eight occasions a second dealing 111 injury with every hit. This implies a DPS of about 536.9. Then the next skills nudge that injury even greater:

  • 100% important hit probability when Kerenzikov is energetic
  • The Final Strike in a combo offers double injury
  • Enemies with twice the participant’s well being obtain double injury

Principally, if the participant offers a final strike in opposition to a boss it’ll be quadruple the conventional injury. And that’s not factoring within the important injury bonus if the participant had Krenzikov energetic after they did it. To place it merely, if the participant has Kerenzikov energetic in opposition to a boss or opponent with lots of well being it’s the perfect sword within the sport.

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Gamers can get this sword throughout the primary quest Play It Protected. The participant might want to defeat Sandayu Oda, who may have it on him.

It may be upgraded to Legendary with:

  • Edgerunner Artisan Perk
  • 25 Uncommon Merchandise Elements
  • 40 Epic Merchandise Elements
  • Three Legendary Merchandise Elements

The most effective Katana within the sport by far is Satori. It could actually deal 3.85 strikes per second with each having a base injury of 57. A DPS of 221 isn’t a lot in comparison with different Katanas, however this weapon’s power lies in its solely perk:

  • +500 – 600% Important Hit Injury

If the participant lands a important hit, which isn’t arduous to do with a important hit primarily based construct, the weapon will deal a whopping 1,105 – 1,326 with each single strike. The one Katana that even comes shut is the Jinchu-Maru which requires very particular circumstances to succeed in this stage of injury.

Getting this weapon can solely be carried out throughout the Foremost Job The Heist. The weapon is discovered contained in the AV that’s on the touchdown pad on prime of the constructing.

It may be upgraded to Epic Standing with:

  • Grease Monkey Perk
  • 25 Unusual Merchandise Elements
  • 40 Uncommon Merchandise Elements
  • 50 Epic Merchandise Elements
  • 2 Legendary Merchandise Elements

Upgrading it to Legendary requires:

  • Edgerunner Artisan Perk

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