Little Nightmares 2: All Collectibles & Missable Achievements/Trophies – Chapter 3

Little Nightmares 2: All Collectibles & Missable Achievements/Trophies – Chapter 3

After escaping the trainer and finishing the college chapter, gamers will transition to Little Nightmares 2‘s third location, the hospital. In contrast to the moonlit fields of Chapter 1’s forest or the brilliant hallways of Chapter 2’s faculty, the hospital is enveloped in darkness, leaving gamers with solely a flashlight to light up a few of its darker sections.

Of all the degrees in Little Nightmares 2, the hospital has among the most tough collectibles to find. This information will define all missable hats and glitching stays along with all missable achievements that may be obtained within the chapter.

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All through the extent, there are a complete of two hats and Four glitching stays to be collected. Moreover, 7 non-progress associated achievements/trophies could be unlocked within the degree.

Glitching Stays 1: Shortly after acquiring the flashlight, gamers will attain a big room crammed with hospital beds. The glitching stays could be discovered on the finish of the room, subsequent to a pink wagon.

Missable Achievement/Trophy – Starvation: After the earlier collectible location, the participant will enter a brightly illuminated hospital foyer. On the entrance to the room, there’s a merchandising machine that may be interacted with. To unlock the achievement, gamers should work together with the machine 5 occasions.

Missable Achievement/Trophy – X Greatest Pal: Instantly after the merchandising machine room, gamers will attain a big recreation room with a tv that’s related to an workplace with an x-ray machine. To unlock the achievement, activate the x-ray machine, stroll inside it, and have Mono and Six maintain palms.

Hat Location 1: Subsequent to the x-ray room, gamers will discover a playroom crammed with varied toys. The primary hat could be discovered on high of the shelf positioned to the appropriate of the room.

Missable Achievement/Trophy – Toys are for Youngsters: Unlock this achievement by acquiring the important thing from the teddy bear by way of the incinerator whereas sporting the bear masks.

Glitching Stays 2: After acquiring the important thing by inserting the stuffed animal within the incinerator, gamers can now unlock the padlocked door on the second ground of the recreation room. Within the subsequent room, gamers will discover a lengthy hall with cabinets which can be crammed with prosthetic limbs. On the finish of the hall, gamers will discover the collectible.

Missable Achievement/Trophy – And Keep Lifeless: Shortly after the earlier collectible gamers will encounter a hand that may try and kill them. After avoiding the hand by a number of workstations, gamers will ultimately attain a hammer that they’ll use to kill the hand. After killing the hand, gamers should proceed to beat the corpse to unlock the achievement.

Missable Achievement/Trophy – Popcorn: As soon as gamers have killed the hand and obtained the fuse, they’ll now progress by the cell door on the other facet of the second ground of the recreation room. After inserting the fuse and continuing by the door, gamers will discover a corn cob on the bottom subsequent to a wheelchair. To unlock the achievement gamers should carry the corn all the way down to the incinerator and burn it to create popcorn.

Glitching Stays 3: After gamers encounter the enemies who freeze within the mild, they’ll ultimately drop right into a darkish cell. To search out the glitching stays, gamers should step outdoors the cell and proceed north by a small hole within the steel bars. As soon as gamers are by the steel bars there’s a hidden door on the left-hand facet that results in the glitching stays.

MissableAchievement/Trophy – Prickly: Gamers could have seen after they dropped down into the cell that there’s a piece of cheese on a plate on the ground. To unlock the achievement, gamers should carry the piece of cheese and toss it into the pit that’s positioned within the room of the beforehand talked about glitch.

Glitching Stays 4: After the lengthy chase phase within the jail space, gamers will attain a big communal bathe. Within the high left nook of the room is a field containing cleaning soap bars that when moved will reveal a vent that the participant can crawl by. Gamers will discover the collectible after crawling by the vent.

Missable Achievement/Trophy – Drugs Ball: Gamers will ultimately attain a puzzle room with an electrical chair that connects again to Six’s location. To unlock the achievement gamers should take the medication ball on the ground within the room and toss it on the arms trying the seize the participant from the earlier room.

Hat Location 2: After encountering the physician in direction of the top of the extent, the participant will ultimately attain a morgue the place they must receive a key. Contained in the morgue, gamers will discover the hat inside a physique locker on the lefthand facet of the room.

Missable Achievement/Trophy – First Do No Hurt: On the finish of the ultimate chase phase, the participant will lock the physician contained in the incinerator. To unlock the achievement, merely exit the extent by way of the elevator with out turning on the incinerator.

Little Nightmares 2 is out there now on PC, PS4, Swap, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Collection X/S variations additionally in improvement.

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