Apex Legends Season Eight Character Tier Listing | Sport Rant

Apex Legends Season Eight Character Tier Listing | Sport Rant

Mayhem has lastly arrived in Apex Legends with the launch of Season 8, and as with each season, the brand new begin has additionally introduced some steadiness modifications and a model new legend Fuse. Season Eight additionally brings with it some main modifications to the beloved King’s Canyon which additional shakes up how sure Legends will carry out on the map.

Be aware: Legends are first sorted into tiers, after which sorted alphabetically inside the tiers. Rating relies on additive workforce worth, energy of skills, and general place within the meta. 

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Bloodhound – Bloodhound is the technological tracker in Apex Legends, and nobody does the monitoring job fairly nearly as good as Bloodhound. After a collection of highly effective buffs over the course of a pair seasons, Bloodhound has managed to carve a spot into the meta the place they’re nearly unmatched in uncooked energy and workforce worth. Eyes of the Allfather permits Bloodhound to scan a big space for traps and enemies, highlighting them briefly for his or her squad. Whereas of their final, Beast of the Hunt, Bloodhound can use Eyes of the Allfather extra typically, permitting for enhanced monitoring whereas of their final. Talking of Beast of the Hunt, whereas this capacity is lively, Bloodhound has elevated mobility and enemies are highlighted and simpler to identify. Kills and knocks whereas Beast of the Hunt is lively will improve the period of the final word as nicely. General, Bloodhound is in an extremely sturdy spot within the meta presently, and is well one of the crucial dependable and stable picks on the complete roster.

Gibraltar – Nothing strikes worry into the guts of a person greater than a Pink Evo Defend Gibraltar with a Turbocharged Devotion. Gibraltar is an absolute beast of a person who is well the tankiest Legend within the recreation. Because of his Gun Defend, Gibraltar is the one Legend who can take a Kraber headshot and reside, and till that modifications, Gibraltar will probably stay S-Tier. Gibraltar’s Dome Defend is a secure haven in ultimate circles the place teammates can heal or be picked up shortly, whereas Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment is ideal for dealing a ton of harm in a concentrated space out within the open. Gibraltar could have began on the backside of the tier record when Apex Legends first launched two years in the past, however now at Apex Legends‘ second anniversary, Gibraltar is well one of many absolute strongest Legends within the recreation.

Crypto – Crypto has been the recipient of a number of buffs over the previous couple seasons that has actually made him a staple in high-tier play. Crypto’s drone gives a ton of helpful info to his workforce, without having to be within the fray like Bloodhound. Crypto’s drone may set off an EMP that decimates traps, fences, and damages enemy shields. Crypto can now additionally acquire the survey beacons along with his drone, making him an ideal recon character – particularly on enclosed maps like Olympus. Crypto, for the primary time, is lastly in a extremely stable spot within the meta and a fantastic general character for extra aggressive play.

Fuse – Fuse is Season 8’s new Legend, and he is all about bringing the explosions. Fuse can carry extra grenades, throw them farther and quicker, fireplace a clustered explosion as his Tactical, and might create a hoop of fireside along with his Final. These skills mix into what can solely be described as pure chaos. Fuse can hit individuals with Arc Stars from over 200 meters away, and that alone must be motive sufficient to put him excessive within the tiers. Even when he does not have the highly effective ult he was initially deliberate to have, his ring of fireside has confirmed devastating in enclosed areas, making him a menace each when defending and when pushing offensively.

Horizon – Horizon flew beneath the radar when she first launched in Season 7, however as soon as the participant base received aware of her package, she took off. Horizon’s Tactical permits her to create a jumpjet that launches whoever is inside it straight upward for a substantial top. Her Final tosses a black gap machine that sucks something close by into it and holds them there for a short while. Gamers have began getting the cling of her skills and have used them nicely.

Lifeline – Lifeline is Apex‘s solely healer Legend, so simply off the bat, she’s precious in that regard. Her Tactical permits free of charge therapeutic for any participant close by, so gamers can save syringes and med kits for later engagements. Arguably the most important perk of getting Lifeline on a workforce is the revive protect. Lifeline can decide up teammates whereas nonetheless combating, making her completely clutch on the battlefield. She’s a completely superb Legend, and solely going to get higher with extra Apex Legends buffs.

Mirage – Apex Legends‘ resident trickster continues to climb the tier record due to some tweaks and bug fixes this his skills. Mirage is all about confusion and chaos, inflicting enemies to second guess their pictures in terms of his decoys. As of Season 8, his decoys even make audible footsteps now {that a} bug is fastened to make them much more plausible. Whereas Mirage’s skills aren’t sturdy sufficient to show a struggle by himself, they open up alternatives to poke holes in enemy defenses by distraction or to doubtlessly reveal hidden enemy positions.

Revenant – Revenant was one of many worst Legends in the complete recreation, however due to some highly effective buffs about two Apex Legends seasons in the past, Revenant has climbed (in his personal, bizarre method) to the highest of the charts. Two expenses of his Silence capacity alone is sufficient to make him a robust contender within the video games, however now that his Loss of life Totem has limitless vary, Revenant is a staple for groups seeking to be aggressive and push whereas nonetheless sustaining a secure place to fall again to. General, Revenant is extremely highly effective and simply one of many strongest Legends within the recreation.

Bangalore – Bangalore has all the time been middle-of-the-pack in terms of the Legends. She’s the definitive “soldier class” Legend, excellent for individuals who are simply seeking to maximize gun-play over fancy skills. Her smoke bombs are all the time useful for disorienting enemies or masking a retreat, her Final permits for nice zoning management and gorgeous enemies who can not get away, and her Double Time passive permits for fast retreats or quick engagements right into a struggle. General, Bangalore is only a stable, all-purpose decide that’s by no means a nasty alternative. Plus, rumor has it Bangalore will likely be getting an heirloom quickly in an upcoming assortment occasion!

Caustic – Caustic is Apex‘s quintessential defensive Legend, excelling at utilizing his gasoline traps to lock down an enclosed space.  Regardless of the latest change to Caustic’s traps that make them not decelerate Legends contained in the gasoline, the harm that the traps do remains to be appreciable. Sadly, even though Caustic can nonetheless throw these traps out within the open, and even use his gasoline grenade Final capacity, Caustic can nonetheless battle in open-field engagements. Regardless of this drawback, Respawn is in search of methods to nerf Caustic in a future replace, so followers’ll see how lengthy the lure grasp himself stays within the higher tiers.

Octane – Apex’s resident velocity demon has steadily climbed the tier lists over the course of a number of seasons due to a collection of reworks with Octane’s bounce pad and his Tactical. Octane excels at zipping across the map shortly, whether or not that is to loot faster or to get an advantageous place in a struggle. The one main change to Octane this season was a tweak to how his bounce pad works when launching individuals. Now, when sliding into the bounce pad, the trajectory is longer with a decrease top, whereas working into it whereas not crouched grants a a lot greater bounce with much less distance. This transformation makes Octane much more precious at each navigating the map and for getting a great place to strike at one other workforce. General, regardless of being seen as a solo-focused Legend, this strange-faced Legend brings increasingly more to his workforce with each change.

Pathfinder – Few characters have been run by Respawn’s ringer greater than Pathfinder. Respawn has modified Pathfinder’s Tactical cooldown so many occasions that it is nearly unrecognizable from what it as soon as was. Fortunately, Pathfinder is lastly again in a good spot along with his Tactical, whereas his Zipline stays a fantastic instrument for maneuvering the maps. Pathfinder’s grapple timer is tied to the space traveled, so gamers aren’t punished for doing fast jumps with it, whereas nonetheless sustaining steadiness for individuals who use it to journey longer distances. Whereas it is nowhere close to as highly effective because it as soon as was, it is actually lots higher than it was the previous few season. Plus, no different Legend can get away with posing as a MARVN to bamboozle gamers, in order that’s a plus.

Wattson – Wattson is among the different primary defensive Legends within the recreation, able to utilizing her electrical fences to make crossing into an space particularly lethal. Whereas Wattson’s Tactical struggles out within the open areas of King’s Canyon and World’s Edge, the inside sections of all three maps is the place Wattson actually shines. In higher-end play, Wattson is among the go-to Legends for securing the ultimate ring, and her Final is ideal for stopping a barrage of ordinance. Moreover, she’s the right counter to the new Legend Fuse who’s reigning destruction along with his grenade and explosion-focused package.

Wraith Apex Legends‘ golden baby, Wraith, acquired yet one more nerf this season with some modifications to her hitbox making her simpler to hit, however Wraith stays one of many most-used Legends within the recreation. Her Tactical permits her to flee fight or keep away from lethal conditions higher than some other Legend, whereas her Final permits her to maneuver her squad a long way with out taking harm. It is also nice for laying traps, as many gamers have realized by now. Wraith stays a stable decide on the roster, by gamers are nonetheless ready for the day that Respawn stops nerfing her.


Loba – Regardless of a number of buffs in makes an attempt to deliver her into the meta a bit extra, together with some extra upcoming buffs within the close to future, Loba nonetheless falls behind different Legends within the recreation. This principally as a result of her Tactical capacity which is unreliable at finest. Loba’s teleporter has a protracted wind-up, a brutal touchdown animation which makes it ill-advised for mid-combat use, and it does not play nicely with the terrain on many of the maps. If Loba’s teleporter lands on what it deems as an invalid touchdown location, it would merely fly again to Loba with out teleporting her. Apart from that, Loba’s final is fairly helpful for clearing out loot in an space, but it surely lets everybody in a metropolis block from the place it is arrange know the place the Loba’s squad is, so it is typically a legal responsibility. Loba nonetheless wants some extra fine-tuning earlier than she will be able to be a part of the upper tiers.

Rampart – Rampart’s package is, in concept, extremely highly effective in terms of locking down an space. Nonetheless, in follow, Rampart’s package simply does not mesh nicely with the fast-paced play of Apex Legends. When always transferring to remain within the ring, it is laborious to create a fortified place. Positive, Rampart could do nicely within the ultimate circles, however she’s extra of a legal responsibility than an asset till then Whereas her fast reloads with LMGs is absolutely enjoyable and highly effective in its personal proper, it is not almost sufficient to warrant her getting used over different legends, particularly now that Gold Journal attachments exist.

General, not lots has modified from Season 7. Some characters, like Rampart, have fallen as a result of how the meta has shifted. Whereas different characters, like Horizon, have skyrocketed as a result of gamers mastering her package. Not a variety of steadiness modifications have been made in Season 8, so it is principally a meta shift. Nonetheless, it appears that evidently fairly a number of steadiness modifications are within the works for a variety of legends, so maybe Season 9’s tier record will likely be lots completely different.

Apex Legends is offered now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Change model will launch on March 9 and a cellular port is in improvement.

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