Skyrim: How To Beat A Legendary Dragon As A Mage | Recreation Rant

Skyrim: How To Beat A Legendary Dragon As A Mage | Recreation Rant

Whereas a Legendary Dragon could also be a grasp of shouts amongst its personal type, a mage construct in Skyrim can put that historical creature as a substitute in a matter of seconds. With a number of methods to make sure a dragon’s breath will not ever attain the participant, in addition to many different methods to fireside again with their very own highly effective spells, a mage is without doubt one of the finest methods to deal with dragons which can be much more highly effective than Alduin.

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Though mages are notoriously frail with regards to melee fight, they’ve a definite benefit over different builds in that, notably at later ranges, their finest weapons can be utilized without spending a dime, or on the very least, at a a lot decrease price. In the case of combating a Legendary Dragon, a mage character should pull out all of the stops in the event that they need to reside lengthy sufficient to savor their victory.

6 Take Benefit Of Helpful Spells

The core parts of a mage’s fight are their spells, which, at stage 78 or greater, will probably embody parts from all the Mage Abilities within the sport. Ranged Destruction spells, notably Icy Spear, Thunderbolt, and Incinerate would be the essential manner a mage offers injury to a dragon. If the participant has accomplished the “Grasp Destruction” aspect quest, they need to positively additionally make use of Lightning Storm and relive their favourite Kamehameha second from Dragon Ball. Restoration spells, notably therapeutic and warding spells, are additionally going to must be incessantly used if the participant needs to remain alive. Alteration spells aren’t as helpful towards dragons, since Paralysis does not work on them in any respect, though the Flesh spells, notably the grasp stage spell, Dragonhide, will make sure that the mage character does not get killed in a single melee assault.

Conjuration can also be an important software to make sure that a dragon does not give attention to the participant whereas they’re bombarding it with Hearth and Shock magic. Although, higher-level spells can also consequence within the participant not having the ability to forged as many Destruction spells in fast succession. Phantasm is sort of solely ineffective towards dragons since none of them work on dragons even with the Grasp of the Thoughts perk taken. That being mentioned, it isn’t solely ineffective, as Phantasm spells like Rout and Rally do nonetheless work on conjured Atronachs and Dremora, to allow them to be used to spice up the effectiveness of conjured creatures.

5 Select The Armor That is Proper For You, Even If It is A Spell

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Since mages usually do not put on armor, that is going to be the primary concern for a mage, notably since a Legendary Dragon’s melee assault can simply one-shot a mage that has no inherent armor ranking. Both the Dragonhide or Ebonyflesh Alteration spells are basically obligatory for a Legendary Dragon battle, although there are additionally methods round this if the participant needs to extend their armor ranking to the utmost.

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If the participant is a vampire and has the Necromage Restoration perk, all spells used on the participant will probably be extra highly effective, together with useful spells like therapeutic and Flesh spells. It is also one of many few ways in which a mage can attain the armor cap of 80% injury discount by utilizing Ebonyflesh, because it usually solely grants the participant an armor ranking of 300. Mixed with passive results just like the Lord Stone, that is a simple manner to make sure the participant is simply as hardy as any warrior construct whereas nonetheless protecting the mage archetype.

4 Choose A Viable Companion That Compliments Your Construct

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The very best companions for a mage are these they conjure themselves, which is a pretty big number of creatures. Storm Atronachs are most likely your best option since their Shock spells will stop the dragon from shouting if used sufficient instances, and they’re able to take many extra hits than a Flame or Frost Atronach. The Wraithman, Dremora Lord, and Ash Guardian are additionally excellent followers to have, although the Ash Guardian would require a Coronary heart Stone within the participant’s stock. Whereas the participant cannot summon two Ash Guardian’s directly, they’ll summon one Ash Guardian and two different summons if they’ve the Twin Souls perk, since Ash Guardian summons depend as runes relatively than precise summons.

Arniel’s Shade, obtained by the School of Winterhold quest, “Arniel’s Endeavor”, can also be very helpful towards Legendary Dragons as it’s solely resistant to melee assaults, although it’s nonetheless susceptible to shouts. Stil, it has many helpful spells like Heal Different and Chain Lightning to assist hold the participant alive whereas additionally dealing injury.

3 Buff Up Your Passive Results

There are numerous passive results which can be helpful for a Dragonborn mage to have, although the vast majority of them are quest rewards or Standing Stones. The Atronach Standing Stone energy is especially nice for Breton characters, as, when mixed with their Dragonskin racial energy, they grow to be solely resistant to all shouts, although the flexibility to soak up 100% of a spell additionally signifies that therapeutic, flesh, and summoning spells will not work in any respect. One other different is the Lord Stone, which will increase each armor ranking and magic resistance by a good quantity.

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The Agent of Mara passive impact, obtained after finishing the “Guide of Love” aspect quest in Riften, additional will increase magic resistance and can assist scale back the injury taken by a Legendary Dragon’s Hearth Breath, Frost Breath, and Drain Vitality shouts. The Blessing of Azura, gained by praying at Raven Rock temple, provides much more resistance to magic, whereas Dragon Infusion, obtained by the Blades, will completely scale back the injury taken by a dragon’s melee assaults and is crucial for combating off high-level dragons.

2 Use The Proper Shouts

A mage needs to be taking full benefit of the quite a few shouts accessible to them, as they’re usually enhanced by Mage Talent perks. Hearth and Frost Breath are each enhanced by the Hearth and Frost particular perks Augmented Flames and Augmented Frost, in addition to the Intense Flames and Deep Freeze perks so as to add secondary results to the shouts.

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Storm Name can also be a strong shout, although it does not profit from any of the Shock associated perks within the Destruction ability tree. Name Dragon, Name of Valor, and Summon Durnheviir are additionally nice summoning spells that may shortly flip the tide of battle in a mage’s favor, although probably the most highly effective shout for a mage is probably the Dragon Side energy, which grants them 80% injury discount and improved energy over all different shouts.

1 Placing It All Collectively

As a mage’s finest protection is an efficient offense, being the one to provoke the battle goes a great distance in guaranteeing that the participant has the sting towards a Legendary Dragon. Earlier than anything, summon the followers and use both the Flesh spells or Dragon Side to maintain the participant’s armor ranking as excessive as potential earlier than throwing each offensive spell they’ve on the dragon. Ensure that to maintain a Ward spell on the prepared, as a Legendary Dragon’s shouts, notably the Drain Vitality shout, will be notably devastating if the participant is hit by it. As soon as the dragon lands, hold a protected distance from its melee assaults whereas giving it all the pieces the mage has with a well-placed Lightning Storm assault and the dragon needs to be turned to mud very quickly.

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