Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Will Possible Make a Transfer From Majora’s Masks

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Will Possible Make a Transfer From Majora’s Masks

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer exhibits Hyperlink and Zelda exploring the depths of Hyrule Citadel, discovering what seems to be the corpse of Ganondorf himself earlier than the physique reanimates and the citadel seems to start to raise off. And that is mainly all followers know.

Whereas there are methods to attach the video games, The Legend of Zelda usually has little continuity, with every installment being its personal self-contained story the place Hyperlink begins from scratch and slowly turns into the Hero of Tim. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, nevertheless, can be one of many few direct sequels launched within the franchise’s historical past. As such, it’ll seemingly have to make a transfer seen in one of many sequence’ different sequels, the acclaimed and creepy Majora’s Masks.

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Breath of the Wild 2 faces Nintendo with some important challenges after the primary recreation noticed Hyperlink awaken after a hundred-year slumber. It made sense for him to start out with next-to-no energy, with the character struggling amnesia as he regularly items collectively his previous and turns into the knight he was a century earlier than. The reason is straightforward, whereas nonetheless permitting Hyperlink and Zelda to have a backstory that’s uncovered over the sport

Breath of the Wild 2 has no such luxurious. Assuming that the following recreation takes place immediately after the occasions of the primary, which the trailer appears to suggest, Hyperlink must be simply as highly effective as he was when he defeated Calamity Ganon. Beginning the sport with that stage of energy, nevertheless, could be limiting. It wouldn’t permit for a significant sense of progress, or the enjoyable of surviving in a world by which the participant is drastically outmatched. 

The identical may be stated for Hyrule’s map. Among the finest elements of the unique Breath of the Wild is slowly uncovering the whole lot of Hyrule from the Gerudo Desert to the lava fields of Loss of life Mountain. Nintendo can even should discover a method to make the world value exploring once more. This might pose an excellent greater problem than Hyperlink’s energy development.  Merely masking the map once more and requiring gamers to unlock it could be tedious for gamers who already explored it within the first recreation. Nintendo might want to discover an in-universe purpose that Hyperlink would not have data of his environment, or at the very least entry to a map of them. 

The studio can even have to ensure that gamers have new motivation to discover areas they’ve already seen, with Breath of the Wild 2 confirmed to be utilizing the identical map as the unique. Whereas Majora’s Masks doesn’t present direct options to those issues, it had related challenges which could give gamers a clearer concept of how Nintendo may deal with these challenges. 

Majora’s Masks is a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time. It confronted an analogous set of issues to Breath of the Wild 2: explaining how Hyperlink’s energy was reset after the occasions of Ocarina, and giving gamers a brand new world value exploring. Nintendo bought around the globe downside by setting Majora’s Masks in an alternate model of Hyrule, Termina, which was additionally affected by the creativeness of the Cranium Child sporting Majora’s Masks. Nonetheless, neither Ocarina nor Majora’s Masks have been open-world, and Breath of the Wild 2’s open world could face an even bigger danger of repetition through the use of the identical primary construction as the primary recreation.

Majora’s Masks bought round Hyperlink’s energy downside by having the Cranium Child steal the Ocarina of Time from him at the beginning of the sport, and turning Hyperlink right into a Deku Scrub. That plus Hyperlink’s fish-out-of-water presence in Termina helped to elucidate why the Hero of Time was so all of a sudden out of his depth at the beginning of Majora’s Masks, and helped the sport have a gradual sense of development that  was unaffected by however didn’t conflict with the story of Ocarina.

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There are a number of methods Breath of the Wild 2 may observe the instance of Majora’s Masokay, some which appear to be hinted at within the trailer as effectively. All through the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer, viewers can hear sounds which sound like they’re being performed backwards as a mysterious drive strikes via the citadel.

This appears to suggest that Breath of the Wild 2 will depend on time manipulation to unravel a few of its key challenges. For instance, it’s potential that Hyperlink and Zelda will discover themselves suspended in time for an additional hundred years, rising to see a model of Hyrule that’s been beneath Ganondorf’s rule for a century. It’s unlikely that Nintendo will wish to use the amnesia card once more, however being flung via time may additionally have an affect on Hyperlink that might trigger him to lose his powers, or at the very least some key gadgets like the Grasp Sword

It’s additionally potential that Hyperlink may discover himself flung into the distant previous, with Ganon making an attempt to raise Hyrule Citadel off the bottom and teleport it again in time to defeat the Sheikah immediately, at which period Hyrule Citadel would seemingly not have been constructed. Throughout the top of the Sheikah civilization even Hyperlink’s powers would seemingly be outmatched by their know-how.

A big time bounce may additionally permit Nintendo to make some massive edits to the map of Breath of the Wild 2 that might make that world really feel worthy of exploration a second time round. Alternate timelines have been a mainstay of the Legend of Zelda franchise, and it appears seemingly that Ganondorf may have the higher hand but once more utilizing some type of time manipulation at the beginning of the sport.

Till extra info is launched by Nintendo, nevertheless, followers can solely speculate. Contemplating the strikes made in Majora’s Masks and the same challenges dealing with Nintendo with Breath of the Wild 2, nevertheless, followers can count on that the beginning of the following recreation’s story will see a sudden and important shift of some variety that can go away Hyperlink powerless and Hyrule drastically modified. 

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is presently in growth for the Nintendo Change, with no confirmed launch date.

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