Persona 5 Royal: The 10 Strongest Personas From The Moon Arcana (& Their Most cost-effective Fusion Recipes)

Persona 5 Royal: The 10 Strongest Personas From The Moon Arcana (& Their Most cost-effective Fusion Recipes)

All through historical past, folks have been fascinated by the Moon. Because the closest celestial physique to the Earth, it not solely influences the tides and the life cycles of many animals however the minds of individuals as properly. This notion can be represented in tarot card decks, making the Moon Arcana seem as some of the attention-grabbing.

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In tarot readings, drawing the Moon card is usually related to a connection to the unseen, illusions, darkness, and psychic tendencies. As with all of the Main Arcana in Persona 5 Royal, the in-game Arcana that represents this tarot card displays related traits, with most of the summonable personas on this group being mysterious or evil figures from non secular tales and folklore from everywhere in the world.

10 Onmoraki

The sport’s description mentions that Onmoraki is a monster with the physique of a hen and the pinnacle of a person, but it seems extra like an onion related to the full physique of a fried hen. Much more hilariously, it’s typically depicted respiratory hearth, which is sort of appropriate for apparent causes.

As one of many weakest personas within the Moon Arcana, nevertheless, this weird-looking degree 12 spirit does not supply an excessive amount of to the participant after the very earliest elements of P5R in addition to a frivolously damaging Hearth assault and a few expertise that may confuse foes. They are often fused from Obariyon and Silky for $8,758.

9 Black Ooze

It is clear from this persona’s look that Black Ooze is a reference to an archetypal type of creature often called “Slimes.” These gelatinous foes turned standard in lots of fantasy video games since their introduction as widespread, low-tier enemies in lots of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and assets.

In Persona 5 Royal, they possess expertise primarily pertaining to inflicting standing illnesses like worry and brainwash, although even have some bodily damaging expertise that may hit adversaries for average affect. This degree 18 blob might be known as upon by mixing collectively Archangel and Slime for $15,310.

8 Sui-Ki

Having the ability to create floods and freeze issues makes Sui-Ki match into the Moon Arcana pretty properly because the Moon has immense affect over the tides and likewise as a result of the temperature drops at evening. This Japanese demon has acceptable expertise that revolve round dealing Ice injury to foes.

Additionally they have a few passive expertise that assist them keep away from the Hearth assaults and take no injury from enemy damaging Ice expertise. At degree 24, they are often fused from Oni and Suzaku for $26,542.

7 Kaguya Hime

Initially from a Japanese people story known as The Story of the Bamboo Cutter, Kaguya Hime was mentioned to be a child discovered inside a bamboo shoot who grew as much as be a fantastic lady. When she reached maturity, nevertheless, it was revealed that she was initially from the Moon when her folks descended from the skies to take her again house.

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As with many DLC personas, this Moon maiden has two types: her base one at degree 16 and a Picaro mode at degree 25. Each have expertise pertaining to reflecting and repelling bodily assaults in addition to together with helpful therapeutic expertise. Additionally, like her DLC persona kin, she can’t be fused from base-game personas, making the one true fusion to amass her actual cash and an web connection.

6 Mothman

One of many few personas to reference fashionable cryptids, Mothman stands out from these based mostly on the traditional lore of established religions or folktales that date again a whole bunch of years. Many think about the legends surrounding this winged beast who flits concerning the evening to be stunning and complicated.

That is accordingly represented by their in-game look by wielding a number of Electrical expertise in addition to those who confuse enemies. At degree 33, this mysterious fiend might be fused from Kin-Ki and Fuu-Ki for $41,500.

5 Girimehkala

A demonic pachyderm from japanese mythology, Girimehkala is alleged to have immense cursing energy that it could possibly unleash with its single, big eye. Aptly, they’ve a Curse-type ability in P5R with a average likelihood of immediately killing a single goal.

At degree 43, if one trains them a bit, they’ll purchase a strong passive ability that lets them robotically repel all bodily assaults. This evil elephantine beast might be known as upon by merging Kaiwan and Ara Mitama for $71, 902.

4 Tsukuyomi

In Shintoism, Tsukuyomi is the god of the Moon born from the fitting eye of the creation god Izanagi and can be the brother to the gods Amaterasu and Susano-O. In each their common degree 50 and their Picaro degree 55 types, this celestial deity has a severely damaging Curse assault. Additionally they have a uncommon Almighty-type ability that lets them drain an adversary’s HP or SP, relying on their kind.

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Their Picaro physique additionally has the tremendously helpful passive, Spell Grasp, which halves the price of all SP expertise. As a DLC persona, one might want to buy this one from the web retailer earlier than they’ll use him in fight.

3 Lilith

This determine from the Christian bible is taken into account the be the very first demon and the mom of many extra. Her rebellious nature brought on her to be forged out of the Backyard of Eden, which is mirrored in her expertise from one of many extra caustic parts.

She has a few Nuclear-type expertise that deal heavy injury to foes in addition to a passive one which strengthens them by a large 50%. This degree 60 fiend might be summoned by polymerizing Ananta and Queen Mab for $117,451.

2 Byakhee

This unusual amalgamation of many various animals is understandably alien in origin. They normally act as steeds for these mighty sufficient to summon them or act upon the needs of their lord, the King in Yellow, Hastur. This Lovecraftian beast possesses a few closely damaging Hearth assaults in addition to a severely damaging bodily one for a well-rounded offense at degree 70.

Moreover, they’ve the trait, Heated Bloodline, which reduces the price of their Hearth expertise by a notable 50%. They are often known as upon by fusing collectively Forneus and Yatagarasu for $214,300.

1 Sandalphon

Versus many personas within the Moon Arcana, Sandalphon the angel is neither mysterious nor evil of their unique lore. Nonetheless, it is typically described as a “darkish angel” regardless of being both an archangel or seraphim as an alternative of a nephilim. Acceptable for his or her excessive degree of 75, they possess highly effective expertise comparable to Mahamaon, which has a average likelihood to kill all foes immediately.

Additionally they have the uncommon ability Megidolaon, which delivers extreme Almighty injury to all adversaries. Earlier than one can summon this supreme angel, they should max out their social hyperlink with the Moon Arcana’s confidant, Yuuki Mishima. After assembly this criterion, gamers can fuse them from Chimera and Quetzalcoatl for the value of $287,398.

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