10 Issues You Did not Know Occurred Between Kingdom Hearts And Kingdom Hearts II

10 Issues You Did not Know Occurred Between Kingdom Hearts And Kingdom Hearts II

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is taken into account to be one of the crucial complicated and convoluted by many players. Although there are solely three important titles, there are loads of spin-offs which are equally essential to understanding the collection. A few installments in between the unique sport and Kingdom Hearts II change the context of many moments for those who have performed them and those who have not.

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When followers start enjoying the extremely praised sequel, they’re launched to a model new important character named Roxas. The primary few hours of the sport present gamers what his life is like in Twilight City. Because the gamers progress, they discover that Roxas’ life is not as easy and clear as it might initially appear, just for Roxas to vanish as Sora makes his look. However who precisely was Roxas? Why was Sora sleeping in a pod? For those who have not performed video games like Chain of Reminiscences and 358/2 Days, listed below are the solutions to those questions and extra.

10 Maleficent Went Again In Time

Maleficent was defeated in the direction of the top of the unique sport, but she mysteriously returned in Kingdom Hearts II. It seems that she realized how you can time journey and went again a long time prior within the time interval of Union X. There, she had hoped that she’d have the ability to change historical past with a purpose to acquire her aim however rapidly realized that this could not be finished. She encountered a being often called Darkness, who helped her return to her time through the use of the ark, bringing her again in Kingdom Hearts II.

9 Roxas And Namine Have been Born

When Sora sacrificed himself on the finish of the unique sport, he grew to become a heartless. What he did not know on the time is that he additionally grew to become a no one, one other kind of creature within the collection that wasn’t from the primary installment. This no one turned out to be Roxas, who grew to become a member of Group XIII early on in his quick life. As Sora additionally had Kairi’s coronary heart within him when he made the last word sacrifice, one other no one was created. This no one was Namine, a witch that would manipulate recollections. These two grew to become essential characters within the following video games.

8 The First Replicas Have been Created

One other no one in Group XIII was a scientist named Vexen. His most essential experiment all through the collection was the Duplicate Program, which helped Group XIII out in lots of titles. In between the primary two important video games, he created Riku Duplicate and Xion.

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Riku Duplicate was launched in Chain of Reminiscences as a rival to Sora, and gamers fought him a couple of instances. Xion, then again, was launched in 358/2 Days as Group XIII’s fourteenth member and a keyblade wielder that would substitute Roxas.

7 Sora, Donald, And Goofy Fought Group XIII

Group XIII wasn’t first launched in Kingdom Hearts II. In truth, solely about half of the members have been in that sport, whereas others had already been defeated. Once they went to Citadel Oblivion, Sora and his mates fought Marluxia, Larxene, Vexen, and Axel. Riku was additionally within the fortress and met Vexen (which is when Riku Duplicate was created), Lexaeus, and Zexion. Axel was the one member that survived the fights he was in because the others have been within the group’s means and he was ordered to eliminate them.

6 Sora, Donald, And Goofy Misplaced Their Reminiscences

Upon arriving at Citadel Oblivion, Sora, Donald, and Goofy started to lose their recollections. The additional they went in, the extra they forgot. Nevertheless, Sora additionally started to realize faux recollections that Group XIII compelled Namine to present to him. As soon as the group was defeated, Namine gave them their true recollections again, however it took a very long time to take action. Throughout this time, the three slept within the pods that they awoke in originally of Kingdom Hearts II, with Roxas being the ultimate piece that Sora wanted with a purpose to get up.

5 Riku Fought Ansem

Ansem the Seeker of Darkness is without doubt one of the most essential antagonists within the franchise. Within the authentic sport, he possessed Riku and grew to become the ultimate boss, with Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeating him. Nevertheless, a small a part of Ansem remained within Riku. On the finish of Chain of Reminiscences, Riku was in a position to combat Ansem himself and beat him. Little did he know that Ansem’s influence on him was solely starting.

4 Riku Took His First Step On The Street To Daybreak

Whereas Riku explored Citadel Oblivion, he met up with Mickey and a mysterious man named DiZ. As Riku had realized how you can discover energy within the mild and darkness, DiZ needed Riku to decide on which street he would take. As a substitute of being on both aspect, he determined to embrace each side of himself.

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Up till this level, Mickey had believed that mild was good whereas darkness was dangerous, however seeing Riku modified his thoughts and he adopted his new buddy on this unexplored path. The 2 grew to become shut and even joined DiZ with a purpose to convey Sora again and defeat the remaining members of the group.

3 Xion Joined Riku And Namine

Throughout her time as a member of Group XIII, Xion grew to become very shut mates with Roxas and Axel. The three would spend all of their days collectively and Xion did not have to fret about something. Nevertheless, as soon as she began speaking to Riku and Namine, she realized that elements of Sora’s recollections have been within her. Not figuring out what to do, Xion was very conflicted on whether or not or to not sacrifice herself with a purpose to wake Sora up. And because of this, her friendship with Roxas and Axel started to disintegrate.

2 Xion Returned To Sora

On the finish of 358/2 Days, Xion determined to depart Group XIII and save Sora. However as soon as she did, all recollections of her can be gone, as if she by no means existed. Understanding that Roxas must sacrifice himself to ensure that Sora to return, Xion fought her greatest buddy. Roxas defeated her and commenced to neglect who she was once they had their final dialog. Nevertheless, it would not take lengthy for him to hitch her.

1 Roxas Fought Riku

After defeating Xion, Roxas left the group. When he did, Riku discovered him and the 2 of them fought. Whereas Riku wanted to complete the sacrifice that Xion began to convey his greatest buddy again, Roxas needed to free Kingdom Hearts, identical to Xion instructed him to do. The 2 fought onerous in opposition to one another, and with a purpose to win, Riku had to make use of his darkness, taking the looks of Ansem. Although followers knew that this battle occurred from the key ending of the primary sport and a flashback in Kingdom Hearts II, little was recognized about why these two have been combating. Understanding about Xion and understanding what Riku and Roxas have been combating for added much more context to this second within the collection, making it really feel extra vital.

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