Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] 910 – 911 Defined: The Fox, the Mind, and the E-book

Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] 910 – 911 Defined: The Fox, the Mind, and the E-book

Ephemer and the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross protagonist are going their separate methods for now. The brand new world Mind’s portal led them to was Wreck-it-Ralph’s Sport Central Station, and right here they made some attention-grabbing discoveries that Ephemer desires to report again to his fellow Union leaders. The protagonist’s Chirithy believes Ralph could be related to the Knowledge World’s glitches, so Ephemer desires the duo to proceed investigating him. In the meantime, he’ll return and relay their concept that the Darklings led the Sport Central Station’s Heartless to Knowledge Dawn City.

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross quests 910 by means of 911 reveal which of the brand new Union leaders acquired a replica of the E-book of Prophecies, because the Grasp of Masters instructed Ava to present one to a particular member again when he knowledgeable her of her position. These quests additionally act because the second set to clear a Union chief of Strelitzia’s homicide. This writing acts as a recap and interpretation of those occasions, so spoilers forward.

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The one rationalization Mind can consider for what’s occurring to all of them is that they are surely within the Knowledge World as a substitute of the actual one. Lauriam and Skuld arrived on the management room quickly after Ephemer, and all three of their accounts assist Mind’s concept: Ven and Skuld witnessed a glitch of Ava and the Grasp, whereas Lauriam witnessed one in all Strelitzia. Then, in accordance with Ephemer, Sport Central Station is inherently a digital world, which means so had been the Heartless that the Darkling’s introduced over.

The scenario makes the group query whether or not the actual world nonetheless exists, however Mind is assured that they had been all in it earlier than the glitches began breaking out. If that is the case, then one thing — or somebody — moved the group from the actual world to the digital one, successfully trapping them since their Lanes Between portals will not take them again to the actual world like they usually would.

They have no leads on the offender, however the Knowledge World’s existence was a carefully saved secret. The listing of those that knew about it’s small, and since they do not have something to go off of, Mind thinks they need to suspect everybody on it, together with Grasp Ava, whom Ephemer simply cannot see doing such a factor giving her effort to maintain them secure.

Both means, Mind nonetheless plans on changing into a virus, solely now he will reconnect the Knowledge World to the actual one. He does not understand how he will pull it off simply but, however he departs from the group to determine it out. It is whereas making his means again to the Foreteller’s Chambers that he reveals himself to be the holder of the copy of the E-book of Prophecies, pulling it out of his jacket in marvel if it is aware of something concerning the Dandelions‘ present scenario.

Mind acquired his copy of the E-book of Prophecies 4 years in the past on the outskirts of Dawn City. Grasp Ava gave it to him to persuade him to grow to be one in all the brand new Union leaders that might take over after the Keyblade Conflict. Earlier than he acquired the E-book, Mind was initially going to refuse the job. The truth is, the one motive he accepted it within the first place was as a result of Ava gave him the E-book, or extra precisely, due to the explanation she gave it.

In all honesty, even after studying that the Grasp of Masters hand-picked him to grow to be a pacesetter, Mind did not need to as a result of he was lazy, and it seemed like lots of work on the time. Additionally, he deduced that Ava could not inform him who his fellow leaders had been as a result of she did not need them doing one thing surprising to cease the Keyblade Conflict. In his eyes, she needed a pawn, and he wasn’t something of the type.

Nevertheless, Mind turned out to be unsuitable about Ava. He assumed that her intentions had been the identical as the Grasp of Masters‘, however they weren’t. She managed to persuade him of that and of changing into a Union chief by sharing the identical view as him on the idea of future, a subject she pivoted the dialog to after his refusal. Mind does not like the concept that all the things is predetermined for him, and whereas Ava by no means says it out loud, her follow-up motion of giving him the E-book screamed that she felt the identical.

The E-book of Prophecies, by its very nature, embodies the concept of future because it describes how the longer term will play out, however Ava reasoned that if all of them know the longer term by means of the E-book, then they need to know how you can change it. Will the E-book adapt and alter with their actions: who is aware of, however Ava needed to attempt as a result of, like Mind, she did not like the concept of being idle when she knew one thing horrible was going to occur. It is a trait of hers that was touched on throughout the “Search For Ephemer” questline.

So, for the sake of adjusting the longer term, she gave Mind a replica of the E-book of Prophecies. The Grasp gave her a listing that named all the brand new Union leaders he needed to be recruited, and to whom amongst these leaders, he needed to obtain a replica of the E-book. By no means had been any of the opposite leaders to learn it. She positioned this listing between the pages of the E-book that detailed the fates of Mind and his workforce and hoped that Mind would perceive why she was doing this when the time got here.

Nevertheless, Mind instantly understood what Ava was as much as. She had not solely simply handed him a listing of each different Union chief, however he knew she additionally deviated from the Grasp’s orders by giving him the E-book — an act that doubtless led to Luxu calling her the traitor throughout “the Traitor and the Misplaced Web page” questline. Realizing that Ava was going out on a limb, Mind reassured her that he would not open the E-book until he completely needed to, and she or he assured him that he would know when the fitting time to take action was.

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross is on Andriod and IOS.

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