Pokemon: 10 Of The Greatest Mysteries From The Sequence Followers Nonetheless Can’t Determine Out

Pokemon: 10 Of The Greatest Mysteries From The Sequence Followers Nonetheless Can’t Determine Out

With over 1,000 episodes below its belt and over 20 years on the air, the Pokemon anime has lined many mysteries within the Pokemon World, such because the Mega Evolution phenomenon, the origin of the Extremely Beasts, and, most just lately, what Ash truly desires out of life after a few many years of simply battling for the sake of it. That being mentioned, not all mysteries within the sequence have been solved, with many being a one-time prevalence that’s by no means talked about once more.

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A few of these mysteries have persevered for the reason that very first season of the anime, with the writers apparently forgetting that these occasions and storylines had ever occurred, persevering with on with the story, and leaving them as mysteries for the foreseeable future.

10 The Legendary Mural

After Ash has to hurry Pikachu to the Pokemon Middle following the pair being attacked by a flock of indignant Spearow, Ash talks to Professor Oak whereas claiming that he noticed a Ho-Oh, pointing to a carving of the monster on the wall that’s accompanied by a handful of different legendary Pokemon. One Pokemon that undoubtedly would not belong on this mural, nevertheless, is Arcanine, which is not a legendary Pokemon. Whereas it’s the solely Pokemon that’s described as a Legendary Pokemon within the Pokedex, this does not clarify what it is doing on an historical carving subsequent to Ho-Oh.

9 Crystal Onix

Early within the sequence, Ash and his companions encounter a wierd Onix that’s manufactured from crystal fairly than rock, being proof against Water-type assaults fairly than being weak to them and residing in an underground lake inside a cave. The origin of this Onix and the implications it has on the remainder of the sequence are by no means touched upon once more, and the Onix is rarely talked about nor seen in any subsequent episodes, leaving most questions concerning the monster unanswered.

8 The Big Dragonite

Though the episode Thriller on the Lighthouse is an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s novel The Fog Horn, which led to the creation of the Godzilla movie sequence, it manages to power followers to query how such a large Dragonite may survive with out being seen for thus lengthy and the way it grew to such an infinite dimension within the first place, as this is not only a easy sea creature.

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Big Pokemon have returned within the sequence a number of occasions, with the Dynamax mechanic in Sword & Protect and, most just lately, Go’s big Magikarp in Pokemon Journeys, however the thriller of how this big Dragonite got here to be has by no means been touched on or talked about once more.

7 What Occurred To Ash’s Primeape

Ash’s Primeape marked the development of Ash’s character progress as he started to truly work for his successes fairly than ready for somebody to pity him, even when Ash did not preserve Primeape for too lengthy. After coming into the P1 combating event and popping out victorious, Primeape was left with one other coach to be able to get even stronger, however, like Butterfree, the viewers has no concept what occurred to them within the years since. It is anticipated that, on account of Butterfree’s brief life span, Ash’s Butterfree is now lifeless and his Pidgeot is ready patiently outdoors Viridian Forest for Ash to return for it, however the standing of Ash’s Primeape is a bigger thriller.

6 Caterpie’s Evolutions

As the primary Pokemon within the sequence to evolve, it must be no shock that Ash’s Caterpie’s evolution strategies have been a little bit completely different from each evolution that got here after it. As an alternative of remodeling in brilliant, glowing gentle, Caterpie coats itself in its personal String Shot to create a cocoon and turns into Metapod, then the cocoon cracks open after defending Ash from a Beedril to emerge as a Butterfree. Whereas this is smart in the actual world, this sort of evolution is rarely used once more and is rarely defined as to why it is so completely different, with one exception.

5 Slowpoke’s Evolution

Like Ash’s Caterpie’s evolutions, the primary time a Slowpoke is proven evolving on display it “evolves” the methods its Pokedex entry says it ought to. After a Shelder bites its tail, the Slowpoke has sufficient weight on its rear finish that it might stand on its hind legs and use its arms for punching strikes. Whereas this raises some questions by itself, since which means that there are Slowpoke that fish utilizing their head fairly than their tail, it is an evolution methodology that is not proven all that usually and it’s by no means defined why Slowpoke’s evolutions are so completely different.

4 Why Pokeballs Damage Jesse

For the longest time, followers of Pokemon have questioned what truly occurs to a Pokemon when it’s captured inside a Pokeball and the way a Pokeball truly works. Whereas this query is rarely talked about nor answered, one explicit scene raises much more questions when Jesse is by chance hit by the beam of sunshine that comes from a Pokeball and is seemingly electrocuted.

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Whereas this does appear to verify that folks cannot be caught inside Pokeballs, even though Ash proved that trainers may catch inanimate objects inside them by catching a rice ball as an alternative of Primeape, it leaves one main query as to what the beam of sunshine does to a Pokemon that’s so painful when it hits a human as an alternative.

3 Professor Oak’s Associate Pokemon

In each the anime and online game sequence, Professor Oak is an ex-Pokemon coach turned Pokemon researcher who grants new trainers their first Pokemon, in addition to exploring the various mysteries of the Pokemon world. One thriller about him that’s by no means defined is who his associate Pokemon was whereas he was a coach. When Ash traveled again in time because of Celebi’s shenanigans and met a younger Professor Oak, he had a Charmeleon in his possession which can point out he has both a Charmeleon or Charizard someplace in his lab, however this Pokemon is rarely seen and the viewers by no means finds out what occurred to it.

2 Ash’s Lackluster Coach Abilities In Unova

The Unova anime and video games acted as one thing of a delicate reboot of the sequence, with many Pokemon within the Unova area sharing related design traits to these present in Kanto, although one of many greatest mysteries surrounding the anime has nonetheless been left unanswered. After his meteoric progress within the Hoenn and Sinnoh areas, Ash travels to Unova and subsequently forgets all the things he has realized since he left house, then immediately remembers how you can be an excellent coach when he arrives within the subsequent area, Kalos. This might simply come right down to dangerous writing decisions, however why he immediately took a flip for the more serious is rarely defined nor expanded upon in subsequent seasons.

1 Who Ash’s Father Is

The most important thriller in Pokemon and the supply of many fan theories is the identification of Ash’s father. Within the first few episodes, it’s revealed that each Ash’s father and grandfather left on a Pokemon journey, however neither of them returned house at any level within the sequence. Some followers assume that Giovanni, the chief of Workforce Rocket, could also be Ash’s father, although this was earlier than it was revealed that the rival of the Johto area, Silver, was truly Giovanni’s son. Except the 2 are brothers, this looks like an unlikely conclusion and leaves the thriller completely unsolved.

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