Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Alt Cunningham Information Most Followers Did not Know

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Alt Cunningham Information Most Followers Did not Know

Gamers coming into CD Projekt Purple’s Cyberpunk 2077 not understanding a lot concerning the authentic RPG will probably be launched to an entire host of characters who’re really rather more important and vital than they seem. One in all such characters is Alt Cunningham, the well-known creator of Soulkiller.

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Alt is first launched as a mere romance curiosity to Johnny Silverhand. Nonetheless, the reality is, she’s rather more than only a groupie. She’s an extremely sensible and proficient netrunner who created maybe probably the most devastatingly highly effective program identified to mankind. And but, a lot of her stays shrouded in thriller.

10 Her Full Identify Is Altiera

Alt’s title could be complicated for some followers. And no, it is not a pc reference, as a lot as it might have been becoming and considerably comedic. Alt’s actual title is definitely Altiera Cunningham, which has a number of European origins. It is potential it might be a mixture of Latin and Germanic languages and is most frequently present in Italy.

Alt’s final title, Cunningham, nonetheless, implies that she’s almost certainly born and bred in Night time Metropolis. A lot is unknown in relation to her previous, so there’s solely a lot to know for sure.

9 Her Identify Is Discovered At The Columbarium

The Columbarium is a spot gamers won’t go to till afterward throughout a couple of choose gigs or on the very finish in one of many many endings. That is the cemetery of Night time Metropolis, a spot to recollect those that handed away, together with a few of of town’s well-known NPCs.

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One of many many names engraved right here is Alt’s title, discovered subsequent to Robert John Linder. Alt’s stone additionally references one of many Samurai songs, “By no means Fade Away,” which may additionally seek advice from her immortal, digital kind.

8 Her Voice Actress Is Alix Wilton Regan

Alt’s voice is one other terribly acquainted one for online game lovers. Her voice actress Alix Wilton Regan has famously starred in a number of main gaming titles in recent times, together with Divinity: Unique Sin 2, wherein she voiced Sebille.

Her most well-known position is almost certainly the voice of the Feminine Inquisitor in Dragon Age Inquisition. With how a lot her voice is heard within the recreation, it is no marvel many fantasy RPG followers have been capable of acknowledge Alt’s voice.

7 She Has A Golden Cyberarm

Most of the authentic characters of the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG recreation are very loosely based mostly on their authentic character designs. Alt Cunningham, too, has had in depth art work accomplished of her previously which painted her as form of a bombshell with cyberware put in.

The truth is, it is mentioned that Alt as soon as put in a golden cyberarm on herself, which mirrors that of the silver cyberarm Johnny has. In that sense, the 2 of them had been clearly meant for one another a technique or one other.

6 Her Unique Office

Alt is not as unbiased as she’s implied to be in the course of the occasions of the sport. Other than her kidnapping, she did really work within the company world fairly a bit earlier than making a correct title for herself. Lengthy earlier than she was on Arasaka’s radar, she labored for ITS company.

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It was for this firm that Alt initially designed the Soulkiller, earlier than the thought was stolen, alongside together with her to profit the wants and pursuits of Arasaka, as seen within the flashbacks witnessed via Johnny’s perspective.

5 She Used Biosculpting On Herself

Other than clearly enhancing herself with cyberware in an effort to turn into a greater netrunner, Alt has been mentioned to have used biosculpting on herself to change her look and seem extra lovely.

Particularly, it is implied within the authentic lore that she traveled all the best way to Europe to have a few of her physique and face redone, giving her the looks she has now.

4 Her Digital Kind Escaped Earlier than Being Recaptured

When Alt was kidnapped by Arasaka to do their bidding, she grew to become a take a look at topic for the Soulkiller. Her bodily physique is discovered lifeless by Johnny and the remainder, however her digital kind managed to flee from Arasaka’s claws within the second.

Sadly, Arasaka was capable of recapture Alt in the course of the occasions of the Fourth Company Battle and held her hostage inside Arasaka Tower’s Mikoshi.

3 Spider Murphy Rescued Alt

So, how precisely did Alt handle to get away from Arasaka Tower and free herself into the Web the place V lastly finds her with Johnny? It is all because of a personality that deserves extra credit score than she really will get: Spider Murphy.

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As a netrunner, it was Spider Murphy who was capable of free Alt from the confines of Mikoshi and permit her to roam the Web freely as a semi-sentient AI. That is almost certainly how Alt ended up retreating past the Blackwall.

2 She Created A Secure Area For Folks Like Herself

Whereas Alt has been away and in hiding, she was busy creating an area that folks like her may come to in the event that they ever fell sufferer to the Soulkiller. This protected haven’s location remains to be unclear, but it surely’s potential it might have allowed Johnny to hitch her there too had he not been loaded right into a biochip.

Some rumors declare that Alt’s protected haven was positioned inside Night time Metropolis inside a server, and even all the best way up in Canada.

1 She Had Completely different Plans For Soulkiller

The most important query most followers have about Alt is why she developed Soulkiller within the first place. Alt did not initially plan to create one thing prefer it. Whereas working for ITS company, she created an earlier model of this system which downloaded the consumer’s consciousness, permitting them to navigate the Web freely, with out the hindrance of cybernetics.

This know-how was then became a weapon by ITS itself, who determined to make use of it as a solution to lure an individual’s consciousness, their soul, as a substitute. It is this know-how that the Arasaka company additionally grew hungry to amass, main as much as Alt’s kidnapping.

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