Little Nightmares 2: 10 Hidden Messages & Secret Meanings

Little Nightmares 2: 10 Hidden Messages & Secret Meanings

Every little thing in Little Nightmares 2 is intentional, and nearly every thing has a message to be deciphered. All of the rooms, characters, and objects have tales to inform that add to the sport’s plot.

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A few of these join the 2 video games, others develop the plot, however they’re all a window into the minds of the creators. Most gamers who love this horror sport, find it irresistible for the complexity of the plot. And since there aren’t any monologues aside from the cute “hello” and “hey” of the characters, the story must be advised by means of little particulars within the setting.


10 The Theme

The theme of Little Nightmares 2 is escapism. That is proven largely by the brainwashing of the TVs, making all occupants of town faceless zombie-like humanoids. The creators additionally use escapism as a option to unfold the character of the characters.

The best way Six was engulfed by the music field, making it her personal escape from the world she’s caught in, exhibits a brand new aspect of her, which gamers have by no means seen earlier than. The creators shared the thought of the theme in an interview: “Every little thing with Little Nightmares is taken from the world round us – we glance round asking ‘how can we really feel about this now, how does that feed into the theme we need to discover, how does that manifest in these characters and these terrible residents?'”

9 The Monsters

There are quite a lot of completely different monsters in Little Nightmares 2. There is a trainer, a hunter, a physician, kids, and the Skinny Man, giving gamers a way more colourful take a look at the world they’re in.

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Every monster has a special background, and other people might focus on the which means of them for hours on finish. The one factor that is constant all through the sport is their uncooked, animal-like primitiveness. These humanoids are all ignorant, and so they’re all extraordinarily aggressive in the direction of their setting. The Hunter kills and stuffs every thing in sight. The Instructor is an excessive authority within the college, and The Physician is brutal. Every little thing they do was twisted out of proportion, taken to an inhuman stage, exhibiting the uncooked aggression behind all of those characters. It is a loud message within the sport and performs a giant half in all the plot.

8 The Music Field

The music field is one thing that’s not persistently current all through the sport however is pivotal within the plot. The music this field performs connects to the primary sport the place Six hums the identical tune. This music is almost definitely her coping mechanism in an ocean of traumatic occasions.

Six is first seen with it within the first scene when Mono helps her escape from The Hunter. As Large Six, she’s listening to the field simply as to start with however appears to be engulfed by it, addicted. Ultimately, after she betrays Mono, she hums it whereas escaping town. Within the first sport, this actual tune is named “Six’s theme,” as a result of she hums it so typically.

7 Connection To The Maw

Little Nightmares 2 is crammed with hints to the primary sport, serving to followers put collectively the timeline and full story. Within the second sport, Mono stumbles right into a room that has a portray of The Woman and a porcelain doll that he can break simply as Six breaks them within the first sport.

At one level, Mono sees a wall filled with masks which are acquainted from the primary sport. These masks are worn by the deformed humanoids, however right here, they’re simply being created and ready. The myriad of portraits can also be crucial. As an illustration, a portrait of The Instructor might be discovered within the first sport. And crucial hints are those instantly linked to The Maw. There are advertisements of The Maw all over the place, briefcases, and extra. There are crowds on the road, seemingly ready in line for one thing (perhaps boarding the ship to the maw?), and behind Large Six, gamers can uncover the identical actual briefcase she begins out in within the first sport.

6 Hangin Man And Bell Boy In The First Recreation

An enormous a part of the messages within the sport are shadows and shadow-figures. In Little Nightmares 2, Mono standing in entrance of the TV casts a shadow behind him that appears so much just like the Bellman within the first sport.

Additionally, the notorious hanging man from the start of the primary sport seems to be frighteningly like Skinny Man and is discovered above the identical stool, a really acquainted doorway. These all trace in the direction of the tragic ending of Mono’s story. The query is, will the creators save him from this doom?

5 TVs

Little Nightmares 2 builds all the theme of escapism round TVs. The message behind TVs and escapism is a mirror to society, and a option to brainwash the residents of Pale Metropolis. Every resident on the road is faceless and drawn to all TVs. They’re additionally a option to present Mono’s connection to the TVs and finally Skinny Man, whose powers are used to assist brainwash everybody within the metropolis.

Each individual finds completely different meanings behind the TVs within the sport. Some revolve round brainwashing, others round communication, and a few round propaganda and the all-seeing eye, however nobody will really know till additional video games share the key.

4 Fight

Little Nightmares 2 is way more combat-oriented than the primary sport. However one factor lots of people are beginning to notice is that Six by no means makes use of instruments to struggle. Aside from when serving to Mono shoot the shotgun, she by no means picks up a hammer.

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One notorious scene involving that is when she kills a porcelain baby along with her personal fingers. Whereas Mono gladly makes use of instruments and traps to struggle, Six leaps onto the kid and breaks its head along with her fingers. Then she lingers ominously for a second, her fingers as if realization hits her. That is the primary second of uncooked, exaggerated aggression from Six, and it looks like she did not thoughts, hinting that she’s already ascending in the direction of insanity.

3 Precise People

Within the Little Nightmares universe, there are seemingly no regular human beings. However in Little Nightmares 2, within the space of The Physician, gamers can see precise people beneath blankets, and human-sized physique components. Additionally, in The Instructor’s workplace, within the jars, it appears to be human physique components as a part of a biology lesson perhaps.

So this may imply that people are, or the place part of this universe, or perhaps the monsters are literally people, they’ve simply deformed due to the affect of The Eye.

2 Six’s Future

Little Nightmare 2 cleverly makes use of the data in its predecessor to tease the viewers with some new information. There are hints to the previous and current, placing the sport right into a timeline, but additionally, within the Tower, the previous current, and future appears to intertwine.

Firstly of the sport, gamers see drawings made by Six on the partitions of her jail in The Hunter’s home. From proper to left, this places happenings in chronological order, beginning with the loss of life of the little lady within the yellow raincoat in Tiny Little Nightmares, persevering with with a clean area (the current), and ending with the lifeless Geisha. However within the Tower, there is a glimpse of the longer term as properly. Behind Large Six, there are three portraits: The primary is of younger Six, the second of the lifeless Woman, and the third of a distorted monster. So perhaps the sport is hinting that if nothing modifications, Six is a grim future similar to Mono.

1 Six And Mono

The names of the pivotal characters have a vital message. These speculations haven’t but been confirmed, however the which means of the names is loud and clear. Mono means “one, solely, or single.” This might discuss with his place within the Pale Metropolis because the Skinny Man. He is irreplaceable, a key factor to the horrible actuality.

Whereas working in the direction of the door within the TV, the quantity six is seen on it. This proves that not solely is Mono a key story within the lifetime of Six, however the different approach round. Six is a catalyst for the creation of the Skinny Man. Six is, in fact, additionally a quantity, which might discuss with the variety of her variety or the variety of instances this loop has been accomplished.

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