Persona 5 Strikers: Finest Personas to Have on Your Staff

Persona 5 Strikers: Finest Personas to Have on Your Staff

Though it performs in a different way than its predecessors, Persona 5 Strikers remains to be a Persona recreation via and thru. Gamers are suggested to learn up on a Persona 5 story abstract earlier than hopping in in the event that they haven’t performed Persona 5 already.

Regardless of wanting like a Dynasty Warriors recreation, Persona 5 Strikers remains to be largely a Persona recreation, and which means searching down and fusing highly effective Personas is the secret. Clearly, a well-balanced staff of characters, and the Personas they bring about, are essential; it is also essential for Joker to have a superb roster. To that finish: listed below are probably the most highly effective Personas that Joker can have on his staff.

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One thing to bear in mind is that these are late-game Personas  — the most effective of the most effective. They’re highly effective, and it is essential to plan for gaining them to Joker’s roster as quickly as doable. Some Persona 5 Strikers professional suggestions for doing this are to grasp bonds, persona fusion, and boss fights. That final one is essential as a result of a number of of those Personas should be defeated as mini-bosses earlier than they are often fused.

An especially highly effective Persona, Yoshitsune, has probably the most highly effective Bodily methods within the recreation, together with Courageous Blade. On high of that, he blocks each Elec and Bless harm, whereas resisting Bodily and Fireplace harm. Be warned, fusing him requires Siegfried, who should first be defeated as a mini-boss.

Comparatively simple to get, and lower-level than different Personas on this listing, Seth is probably the most highly effective Gun-centered Persona within the recreation. Seth can study Riot Gun, the strongest Gun talent within the recreation, which eliminates the necessity for a few of Joker’s Grasp Arts. He requires defeating as a mini-boss first.

Mara deserves particular point out right here for a number of causes. For starters, Mara should be overwhelmed as a mini-boss first. Second, it requires Yoshitsune and Alice (additionally on this listing) collectively to fuse. For all that bother, Mara provides highly effective defensive, bodily, and hearth skills, however is extra essential for a later fusion.

A returning and iconic Persona, Black Frost requires not solely his personal mini-boss to be defeated however King Frost as nicely, who’s required for the fusion. Black Frost has probably the most highly effective Ice skills within the recreation, will increase the percentages of inflicting standing illnesses, and might steal SP from enemies with these illnesses. His mini-boss is present in Wonderland after gamers defeat Alice in boss kind.

Unsurprisingly, that is the strongest Electrical Persona, dealing huge harm with Elec assaults. No mini-boss is concerned along with his summoning, which is unquestionably a blessing. All that energy will assist when combating to create bonds with different characters.

The strongest Wind Persona within the recreation, Norn can be a particularly highly effective healer. Not solely can it heal a teammate totally, however it may well additionally revive teammates with full HP. All through Persona 5 Striker‘s story, therapeutic is paramount, making Norn invaluable, all the time.

Simple to make use of, with highly effective, wide-range bodily assaults, Kali can be the strongest Psychic Persona. This makes her use considerably restricted, however very helpful when mandatory. Be warned, she requires Cerberus to fuse, who should be bested as a mini-boss.

The strongest Nuclear Persona within the recreation, Mot, can deal a large quantity of injury. Amplifying Nuke harm and wielding Cosmic Flare, the sport’s strongest Nuke talent, it may well additionally increase all of the social gathering’s stats concurrently.

This is among the massive ones. Requiring a post-game mini-boss to unlock, Metatron does all of it. Highly effective harm, debuffing all enemy stats directly, and doubling evasion towards most magic. Metatron additionally brings Salvation, which totally heals and cures the entire staff.

Alice assaults an angle many Personas don’t: immediate loss of life. With the highest-chance insta-kill talent within the recreation and a passive talent that additional will increase its probabilities, she will be able to reduce down most foes immediately.

That is it, the most effective of the most effective. Lucifer is a monster to get, requiring a fusion of Black Frost, Mara, Metatron, Alice, and Yoshitsune. If these names sound acquainted, it is as a result of all of them are on this listing, and Mara can be a fusion of Yoshitsune and Mara itself. For all of that, Lucifer is an utter beast, decreasing or negating harm from the whole lot besides Bless harm. It offers immense harm, bodily and magical, wields the strongest Almighty assault within the recreation, and might get well SP when damaging foes at its highest stage. With Lucifer there’s nearly no want for different Personas, as enemies will discover themselves extra trapped in a nightmare than the participant.

Persona 5 Strikers releases on February 23 for PC, PS4, and Change.

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